After Adanna had left the principal’s house, she decided to go check on Oscar whom her mother had told her about. But as she neared the gate of the house, she paused when she saw the gate keeper pushing the gate open and then a nice-looking car slowly drove out and turned towards her direction. […]


Due to the habit of her mother and sister always sending her suitors away, Nene gave up and didn’t even bother going into any relationship anymore. She decided that if she would, it would only be when her sister was probably engaged or married. She continued her schooling but led a single life by turning […]


The sitting room was occupied by the genuine smiling faces of several men with an exception of a woman who pretended to be happy as she sat next to her husband. Her name was Ginika and this was the fourth time she was receiving guests who were interested in seeking her second daughter’s hand in […]