Unknown Bride


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“You can yell all you want but I know you enjoyed it.” He said, still smiling.

She turned a deeper shade. “Enjoyed what? What the hell are you talking about?” Her eyes grew wide and round as it dawned on her. It only took great restraint from reaching out to her private and feeling out for any sign, just any sign. “Huh…did… Did we do anything?” She asked in warily.

He smirked. “Almost…” she almost sagged in relief then glared at him when he added; “Not yet though.”

“…and what’s that supposed to mean?” She frowned.

“You were all over me, Eunice! You stripped both of us of our clothes.”

She looked shocked, placing her hand against her chest, her eyes dazed as if she was trying to remember last night when his now serious tone interrupted her thoughts. “Did you take any drink from any stranger at the party last night?”

She gave him a bewildered look. “…and where is this question coming from? Did I come home drunk?” She then flashed a contented smile. “…because the party was so much fun.”

Richard continued glaring at her. “You’re certainly too naïve to be out there on your own, especially a gathering.”

“Hey! Don’t you call me naïve or lecture me on how to live my life, I’m not the one who brings sluts home!” She fired.

“You were drugged god-damn-it!” He spat. “Someone in the party drugged you, spiked your drink with two different stuffs, one to knock you out, the other to heighten your sexual libido.”


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