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When the condemned life of a Virgin Slave is left at the mercy of a Prince, her mortal enemy, what happens?…

His groin responded, making a bulge in his wet pants, she killed him the more and made his ache for her heighten by repeatedly rubbing her thigh against it. He groaned and shuddered for she wouldn’t stop neither would she let his lips go for a moment. In their fierce battle of kissing, one of the straps of her gown came loose and fell off her shoulder, slipping down her upper arm. Kissing her the more, his hand found her firm exposed breast first before he tore his mouth from hers and tilted her head backward while he kissed down her neck to her chest, aiming for one goal.

He suddenly seized the nipple in his mouth and she let out a prolonged moan as he sucked her so hard just as he had made her like it. He licked around the shrunk areola and pulled her nipple into his mouth again while both his hands gripped her buttocks and his hand slid into her short undergarment while one of his fingers slid into her opening from behind, making her quiver and hold onto him for dear life. She pressed her breasts closer into his face as if she just couldn’t get enough of his demanding mouth and ushered him to take her whole.

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