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“You needn’t placate me…” He said without emotion. “I’m sure Mr. Barrett must have informed you all that I’m a very hard man to please.” And a knuckle head…she wanted to add. “But…” He continued, raising one of the fingers holding the cigar to his lip. “I could consider you on just one condition.”

“What?” She anxiously asked with hope lighting her eyes.

He turned slightly and gestured with the cigar at a door and finally said. “Down that hallway, lies a bedroom…” He saw her stiffen and he smiled smugly within himself. “The bed is quite large and very comfortable…” He said, still in his usual steel voice that was humorless.

“What exactly is your point?!” She almost hissed.

“Oh!” He sipped from his whiskey again and said bluntly. “I’d like to see your naked self on the sheets…”

“I can’t sleep with you!” She hissed.

“You don’t need to sleep with me…” He replied. “I’ll do the screwing… All you have to do is lie back and enjoy it then tell me how exactly you want me to keep the pace and most importantly, how deep you’d want me to go but I can’t promise to be gentle.”

She felt like clawing at his face.

There are some things you shouldn’t do: Do not insult strangers and do not do so twice. Rosalie Earnshaw’s life took a wrong turn when she got into a quibble with a stranger in a mall over a bottle of wine, and on her second encounter with him in the elevator in her place of work, her tongue was quick to demean and ridicule him. Not until it felt like the world has just been dropped on her head when the stranger was introduced to the entire staff as the CEO. If she could crawl into a mouse hole right then, Rosalie would have but not when he had his gaze fixed on her with a sly smile that promised her hell.

Donald Hamilton, a multi millionaire is determined to humiliate Rosalie for her insolence by making her life a living hell, but what happens when he finds himself falling in love with a woman who would not return his affections no matter how hard he tried to win them, and when things were just about to get better, she is kidnapped by a serial killer who is obsessed with her and would kill any one who comes in his way.

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