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A terrible incident wakes up a vengeful ghost who died from being strangled and buried in the woods by her boyfriend and her body was never discovered. On a certain night, something went wrong and she was released from the prison of the other-life where she was trapped after selling her soul to the devil. Now she seeks a new life for herself at the detriment of a group of teenagers, leaving a trail of death at her wake…

“It hurts, it hurts…” She whimpered, blinking several times to steady her increasing breath as she squeezed her eyes shut.

“Shrrr…” He hushed. “Don’t talk, just feel. It will feel better in a moment…” He said still focusing on getting his dick through. “…all I need is just a little penetr….” He pushed again.

A sob escaped her lips as she dug her nails into his back unintentionally. When she opened her eyes, they widened as if she had suddenly remembered something.

She looked up at Brent as a drop of his sweat landed on her collar bone. He was so carried away trying to penetrate her that he was not aware that she was looking at him.

“Brent?” She called softly.

“Hmmm?” He replied, his hand around his shaft, trying to aid his thrust.

“Are you wearing a condom?”

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