The Nun


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The Nun: A Sicilian Mafia Romance Novel

After a bad breakup, Sarah is trapped in a women-trafficking society in the guise of a convent and auctioned to the highest bidder. Sarah finds herself at the mercy of Stefano Franchetti, a mafia boss who is unfeeling and has a knack for murder and crime but never would she have guessed that she would be his kryptonite.

“Look at me, Sarah.” He appealed softly and lifted her chin with a curved finger and she reluctantly lifted her head and looked into his eyes.

His head slowly descended and he captured her lips. She couldn’t do anything, she just stood there and let him run his hands down her body, especially the sides. His kisses were soft and tender. The taste of liquor was still on his lips and demanding tongue and the smell of tobacco still lingered on his breath.

He wrapped his arms around her slim form, bringing her body against his and kissed her deeply but passionately, running both hands up her back to under her neck to lift her full curly hair and feel the smooth texture in his palm.

Despite all this, she didn’t respond to him. She was rather too stunned to even return his kisses and his demanding caresses. Sensing her reluctance and her non-responsive attitude to his kisses, he stopped kissing her and stepped back.


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