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“How old are you? Two and twenty? You pretend to look strong but in here…” He tapped her chest with a finger and she flinched. “You are weak…all women are. I could turn you over and take you right here on the grass and there’s nothing you’d be able to do about it except thrust your arse back at me like the lustful maid you’ll become in time.” Her face contorted in anger at his presumptions. “You women pretend not to want what you all crave in within your very souls but when given the chance, you all are like wildfire.”

“I’m no part of them and I tell it to your face now that I do not desire you!” She huffed with growing irritation.

He smiled. “Stubborn and resolute, aren’t you?” Then he suddenly slipped his hand behind her back and grabbed her arse then pushed her against himself, making her gasp aloud, his unruly behaviour was shocking, and her eyes grew rounder when she felt his erection pressing against her crotch. His eyes never left her face. “You see what you do to me, little Maid? Not even Lady Kristine could make me that hard or even cajole my cock to rise a second time and yet it grows rigid from just watching you stand before me in a torn dress.” He said quietly to her face.

With everything happening too fast, her nervousness heightened and she grew agitated. “I warn you to release me this minute, your grace!” She grated, stiffening in his arms and trying to pry herself away from his still-growing warm erection.

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