Moon’s Call (2)


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Book 2

She could feel her pelvic bone pressing hard against his erection but she didn’t care, she would still have it anyway. Soon. Untangling her arms from around him, she stepped back and undid the strings and buttons that held her clothing together and soon it was slipping off her shoulders but it stopped at her waist since her hips were too round to allow a slippery fall without some help. When she looked up at Lycidas, he was smiling at her. It seemed this dress was going to be a little bit of a obstruction and she needed to get rid of it, it would only be fair if she was as naked as her mate. As she reached for it with her hands, he stopped her and said in a sultry voice. “Leave it be, it is erotic. It keeps me thinking about what the dress doesn’t want me to see yet.” Without warning, he bent and suddenly scooped her up in his arms, making her gasp in surprise. The cold sea draft coming from a big crevice in the roof of the cave suddenly assailed her body, causing goosebumps to break out on her skin and also making her areolas shrink and her nipples, hardened.

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