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“Resa?” He called her softly. “I can’t steal your innocence…” He started to stroke her cheek as she mustered courage and finally locked gazes with him again. “But let me steal something else. Permit me to steal just tonight. You don’t have to do anything or pleasure me in return, just submit yourself wholly to me. I couldn’t ask for more.”

“What if I want more than you are ready to give?” She asked in apprehension.

He replied after a slight hesitation. “It’s your call but I won’t do anything to hurt or make you feel bad. I’ll stop when you want me to. My word as a Guardian.” He placed his hand on his chest in a pledging manner.

She stared at him for a while, mulling the situation over and over in her mind. She slowly unlocked her fingers from his and stood up. He let her this time then he watched her walk several feet away from him to back the window. She began to slowly peel off her clothes with the ray of the moon behind her and making her silhouette that of a heavenly being, forming a Halo around her head. The long tresses of her hair fell around her upper body with some of it enticingly obscuring her round perky breasts. The ends of her hair dangled just below her abdomen, while at her back, it skimmed the upper part of her naked buttocks.

Book cover by Claudia.

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