Yvonne was busy in her office when she heard a noise outside her door in the secretary’s office. When she looked up from what she was doing, her door opened and Tafida came striding in while her secretary followed him quickly from behind, trying to stop him.

As Tafida fixed his gaze on Yvonne, Veronica quickly curtsied to her boss and said apologetically with a little frown. “I’m sorry ma. He barged in before I could stop him.”

“That’s alright, Vero, you can go.” Yvonne answered, dismissing the helpless Secretary and Vero curtsied and exited the office. When she was gone, Yvonne leaned back into her chair and glowered at Tafida. “You sure have a lot of nerve showing your face around here.” She told him.

“Well, I had to.” Tafida answered then sat down on one of the chairs in front of Yvonne’s desk.

“I didn’t ask you to sit!”

“You needn’t ask me. It’s only proper for me to sit.” He simply replied.

Yvonne glared at him for a moment then asked: “What do you want?”

“What I want?” He sighed then lifted and bent his right leg over his left knee, his arms on the armrest. “I came to see you.”

“I’m not going to change my mind about having you expelled from this school if that’s what you are here for.” She resolutely stated.

“You are not that heartless, are you? You are not going to ruin a young man’s life all because of a little altercation that should be a thing of the past.”

“You disrespected me!” Yvonne snapped.

“And that’s why I’m here to apologize.” He informed her. “I’m sorry, Yvonne.”

Her eyes narrowed now to two angry slits. “Did you just address me by my maiden name?”

“Yes.” He nodded. “Or what would you rather I call you?!”

“It’s Dr. Suleiman to you and every other person, young man!” She retorted.

“I think I’m just fine with Yvonne.” He smirked.

“That’s it!” Yvonne sat up now, holding herself back from slapping that smirk off his face. “Get out of my office!”

“I figured you’d say that…” Then he reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out a black box with a red ribbon tied around it which had a bow on the top. Leaning forward, she placed the box on the desk in front of her.

Yvonne stared down at the box in confusion. “What’s this?”

He smiled now, revealing his pearly white teeth. “What does it look like? A gift of course.”

“What for?” She asked with a frown.

He glanced from the box to her with a surprised smile. “Damn! You don’t know what today is?”

“And what’s so special about today? It’s just a Friday.”

“It’s Valentine’s day; Love day, does it ring a bell?”

“And this gift is a Val’s gift?”

“Yes… It’s just a little something to go with my apology for calling you a bitch the other day.” He said and she could sense the remorse in his voice but she wasn’t going to be swayed by this act.

Yvonne gave him a suspicious look now as she leaned forward, placed her elbows on the desk and locked her fingers in front of her. “Did somebody put you up to this?” Her tone was laced with accusation.

He gave her a puzzled look now. “What do you mean?”

“I want to know where you got such guts from or who even gave you the feeling that you can indirectly hit on a lecturer…and not just lecturer at that, a Head of Department. Are you a gigolo?”

Tafida laughed now then shook his head slowly. “I’d not start jumping into conclusions if I were you. I’m not hitting on you, Mrs. Suleiman and I Never will. This is just an apology and I won’t be blamed if you think there’s anything more to this than a mere item of remorse.” Tafida stated and rose to his feet then he placed his hands on her desk and leaned down on his arms, hunching his shoulders as he stared into her eyes. “And I heard you reported me to the Dean. That was a very good description of me you gave there in all the vile words you could think of…” He said ironically. “…But trust me, if you are going to succeed in getting rid of me, you’ll have to bring the best weapons in your arsenal or if not, I’m here to stay.” He turned and started for the door when she spoke:


He paused with a hand on the door handle and turned to look over his shoulder in surprise. “Oh! She knows my name!”


“Don’t flatter yourself!” She said coldly then gestured at the gift by glancing down at it. “Your gift.”

“What about it?” He asked.

“Take it with you. I refuse to be bribed.” She stated.

“Who said anything about bribing you H.O.D.” He emphasized on the abbreviation. “Like I said before, it’s only an apology gift…and lest I forget; your hair, fix the damn thing, woman. Your natural hair is gradually breaking. Visit a salon and get it treated and just in case you have no idea of where to go, I’d recommend Pearl’s Beauty Haven… and, Happy Valentine’s Day once again.” Before Yvonne could say another word, Tafida opened the door and walked out.

Immediately he was gone, she rushed to her wall mirror to take a look at her hair, running her palm down it and wondering how he had known that her hair was breaking. Realizing that he was right and that she had to really visit a salon to treat her hair, she sighed and returned to her seat. Her eyes settled on the small box now and she stared at it for a moment, contemplating what to do with it then finally reached a decision to ditch it. Taking the box, she threw it into the waste basket. She didn’t care to open it because she didn’t care what was in it. Besides, what could a common student probably buy her that would impress her?

Also recalling that he was aware that she had reported him to the Dean, it baffled her now. But how had he known? Whatever she had written to the Dean was supposed to be confidential until it got to the Senate but Tafida had known about it all the same. Who really was this boy?! She had never seen anyone has daring as he was ever since she was born. He had waltzed into her office like he owned the place and not only had he even had the guts to address her by first name, he had also bought her a Valentine’s Day gift like she was some girlfriend. Like, who does that?! How exactly was she supposed to teach this boy a good lesson so that he knew his place and never to overstep his boundaries?! He was cocky and impudent and she had to get rid of him ASAP before he made her life more miserable.

After work at 4p.m., Yvonne left her office and walked towards the parking lot. As she drew closer to her car, she began to rummage for her keys in her handbag when she realized that somebody had tucked a folded paper under one of the wipers on the windshield of her car. At first, Yvonne paused then glanced around to see if the person who had kept the paper there was still in sight but she saw no one suspicious or familiar. She began to suspect that Tafida might be the one since he could be very persistent and annoying. Reaching out and plucking the paper from underneath the wiper, she slowly unfolded it and saw some words scribbled in it which read: “Why not divorce him already, you hoe! You are delaying my future with the one man I love and my daughter needs to see her father often!”

Shocked, Yvonne, opened the door of her car and sat down sideways with her feet still on the ground as she tried to digest this short note from the anonymous sender. From the words, she could tell that this message was from no other person but Suleiman’s girlfriend, Lara and her heart began to race in her chest. At first, Yvonne placed her elbows on her knees and clasped her hands around his head for a moment, squeezing her eyes shut and trying to reread the message in her mind. The name-calling didn’t hurt her as much as the fact that Suleiman already had a child with his girlfriend had hurt her. It was as if the world was spinning around her but she tried to pull herself together so that she didn’t break down in public. Making up her mind that she wouldn’t let this ruin her mood because she was looking forward to having a good day with Suleiman, she took her phone out of her handbag and began to dial her husband’s number. She dialed and dialed but got no response.


Since Tafida had reminded her that today was Valentine’s day, Yvonne wanted to have some fun with her husband. She couldn’t remember the last time she had celebrated Valentine’s day and she was eager to relive the moment with her husband, and perhaps today would be so full of love that he might actually make love to her for the first time in seven years. She tried his number again but got no response. After trying four more times and leaving a total of ten missed calls, Yvonne decided that she would simply go home, prepare a surprise dinner for him, decorate the dining room and bedroom then don one of her sexy nightgowns to entice him. Concluding that today must be a very good for her and not letting the stupid note ruin her mood, she crumpled the paper in her fist and threw it on the floor of the adjacent seat. Slamming her door close, she started her car and drove off, planning how tonight would go in her head and fantasizing already.

Meanwhile, while Japheth’s phone was vibrating on the bedside table from Yvonne’s calls, he was in the bathroom having a bath with his girlfriend at her place. By the time the couple stepped out naked from the bathroom, Japheth had his arms wrapped around Lara’s wet body with his erection poking her hard from behind. The couple laughed as Japheth whispered something dirty in her ear. His girlfriend, Lara, was not as beautiful as his wife. The only advantage she had over Yvonne was her big bust and her wider hips. She was of average height and dark in complexion and only two years younger than Yvonne. She couldn’t be more happy that Japheth was actually spending Valentine’s day with her and she intended to make the best out of it by keeping him till very late and draining all his energy so that he wouldn’t have any to spare to his wife.

Japheth snuck his hands from under her arms and carried each massive breast in his hands which he began to fondle gently. He had given her more than enough foreplay and oral sex in the bathroom and now, what he needed was the real deal. They both got on the bed, partially damping the bedspread with their wet bodies as they kissed and fondled each other. Slowly, Lara turned on the bed to back him again then lowered her upper body on her elbows, presenting her buttocks up to him in a doggy position.

Seizing this wonderful opportunity, Japheth, placed his splayed palm on one of her butt cheeks, wrapped his hand around his dick and pushed himself into her. Holding her waist now with both hands, he began sliding in and out of her while Lara moaned and gently met his thrusts too, her big ass jiggling like a balloon full of water. Amidst sex, Japheth would pull out his dick and tap the thick meat between her ass crack, against her anus before sliding back into her. Soon, he was fucking her hard and fast while Lara played with her clit to heighten the pleasure. The couple made love till they both attained orgasm and collapsed on the bed, completely dry now from their baths but reeking of sexual fluids now.

Yvonne who had set up the table with her husband’s favourite dish and some candles in a romantic way began to pace the living room now, occasionally glancing up at the wall clock. She had prepared dinner since 7:32 p.m. and this was already 10:19 p.m. and yet, there was no sign of her husband. Anytime she heard the sound of a car in the street, she would hurry to the window to check if it was him but would only sag in disappointment when the car simply drove past the house or turned into another house up the street. She had tried calling him five more times but all her calls had gone unanswered. She was about dialing his number for the umpteenth time, when a WhatsApp chat from him appeared. She clicked on it and saw that it was two images. Downloading the images and waiting for it to load, her heart sank to her stomach now when she saw that the first image was the image of her husband’s dick buried deep inside Lara’s pussy while the second image was of Lara’s breasts pressed against her husband’s sleepy face. Soon, another chat popped in with the words: “You like this, bitch?! Well, me likey because his dick is super hot and not meant for cold and dry vaginas like yours. I’m sure you must be beating yourself up already because you are probably sex-starved and losing your fucking mind. Growing any cobwebs down there yet?!藍 Well, be rest assured that you ain’t getting no dick tonight, hoe!”


Yvonne’s knees felt week now and she slumped down on one of the dining chairs. With her head resting on her hand, she tried to pull herself together. She thought of lashing out at Lara with a harsh reply but she refrained from doing so because of how much respect she had for her husband. Wishing she could unsee those images, she simply deleted them and the chat. A tear escaped her eyes now as she tried to pull herself together and several more followed to ruin her makeup.

She had already fallen asleep on the dining table when the sound of the opening door woke her up. Checking the time on her phone, she realized that it was 12:02 a.m. Quickly sitting up, her husband soon appeared in view as he made his way to towards the stairs then noticing her, he paused on the first step to look at her.

“Hi Suleiman.” She managed to say in a tired tone, avoiding looking him in the eye. The candles had burnt out and the ice in the champagne bucket had already melted into liquid.

“What are you doing?” He asked, looking at the table and the way she was dressed. Her mascara had run down her face which meant she had been crying but he didn’t care- the bitch cried a lot anyway.

“Welcome home. I have been waiting up for you.” Yvonne said in a tired tone. “Happy Valentine’s day by the way.” She tried to smile.

His expression remained the same. “Aren’t you too old to be celebrating Valentine’s day?!” He asked then added imperatively “Anyway, get those damn candles off my dining table before you burn down my house.” He stated then ascended the stairs without another word.

Yvonne heaved a sigh now and stared blandly at her wasted effort. As she stared down at everything she had prepared, a chat popped up on her screen. Thinking that it was probably Lara trying to spite her again, Yvonne was about ignoring it, when the name of the sender caught her attention. It was Tafida.

“Hey you, still awake?”

Yvonne stared down at the chat in surprise. How had this guy gotten her phone number?! Just who exactly was this guy and how did he manage to do things that other students would not dare to do?! Deciding that, he was the least of her troubles, because she had a table to clear and had to also dispose the delicious meal she had prepared which had gone cold since they hadn’t served their purpose, Yvonne rose groggily and set to work, and by the time she finished and went upstairs to the room, her husband was already deeply asleep on the bed.

Yvonne heaved a sad sigh now. She knew she dared not wake up Suleiman, especially for sex, so resigning to her fate, she fetched her dildo and returned to the living room to masturbate on Val’s day.
With her legs spread open on the couch, Yvonne began to thrust the dildo in and out of her while moaning quietly with her head  leaned on the backrest with her eyes partially closed. Just then, her phone vibrated beside her on the couch and also gave a notification sound as a chat popped in. Opening her eyes and staring down at her phone as she continued to masturbate, she saw the pop-up of a WhatsApp chat on her screen from Tafida which read: “I know you are still awake, Yvonne. I can sense it.”

Irritated by his persistence and the distraction of his chat to her masturbating, she grabbed her phone, pressed down on the power key with her thumb until her phone went off, then she set it aside and continued masturbating, closing her eyes once again and pretending it was her husband actually fucking her on the couch.

To Be Continued…

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