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Kayode rode his motorbike to a stop in front of a house and the young lady behind him got down from the bike, firmly holding her empty pot of beans and mini bucket of yams which still contained a few slices.

“Thank you…” She smiled.

“You don’t have to thank me every time that I bring you to your house, Preye.” Kayode answered.

“Na so my mama train me, so thank you no fit finish for my mouth.” The girl smiled sweetly.

“E good. You come from a good family then.”

“Na true o…” Then a small awkward silence ensued between them before she nervously broke it and asked shyly while pointing a finger over her shoulder at the house. “Shey you go come inside?”

It was not the first time that she was inviting Kayode into her room but Kayode’s answer had always been in the negative. “No…” He answered politely yet again. “You no say e no make sense make married man and single girl dey behind close door. Wetin people go talk?”

“But e no mean na. I only wan entertain you small na.” She urged.

“Maybe some other time, Preye. But for now, make I go house go rest.” Kayode replied and immediately kick-started his motorbike. But as he turned around to go down the way he had come from, she quickly followed him and flagged him down.

“Bros Kay! Bros Kay, wait!” She said aloud.

Kayode stopped and turned to look at her. “Na wetin?”

“My oil don mistake stain your shirt for back.” She said sheepishly, cupping her hands over her mouth in shock as she stared at the stain.

Kayode strained to see the back of his shirt and indeed, he noticed that the red oil of her beans stew had stained the lower part of his shirt and it was very obvious.

“Abeg, no vex for me.” She began to plead, occasionally bending her knees in remorse. “I swear to God, na mistake. I go help you wash am now-now make e dry.” She told him and Kayode had no choice than to park his bike and follow her into her room.

Her room was small and the walls were painted blue. There was a dirty wide stain in parts of the ceiling, probably caused by rain water from the leaking roof. There was a small mattress on the floor and her old carpet was torn in several places. There were some yams near a cupboard containing her pots, utensils and other food ingredients such as salt, a keg of red oil, a container of seasoning cubes, some cloves of garlic and ginger, tins of ground pepper, curry and thyme and other things he could not really figure out, and there was a big bucket of beans near the cupboard too. After she set down her pot and bucket by the wall, she quickly hurried to attend to him as he was unbuttoning his shirt.

“I go help you wash am now-now inside this bucket.” She pointed at a small bowl near the wall. Since it was getting darker in the room and there was no light, she quickly lit a candle, let it burn for some seconds before she poured some liquid wax from the top of it to the floor and stuck the bottom of the candle on the hardening wax to hold it up. “Abeg, heat dey, remove your trousers too. No vex, NEPA dey hardly give us light for this area.”

Kayode was reluctant but since he had no ulterior motive, he complied. He sat on the bed with his back to the wall while he watched her squat opposite him near the wall, sprinkle some klin detergent on the stained part of his shirt and began to watch it in the bowl. But by the time she finished, Kayode who was very tired from the day’s work had already fallen asleep. She hung the shirt on her door and tried to wake him by calling his name several times and when he didn’t wake up, she sat down on the floor and watched him for a moment with admiration as she thought within herself:

“And this man na fine man o… Na suffer just make am dey like this.”

Her eyes moved down to his boxers now and she could see the outline of his limp dick lying on his thigh. Deciding that she had to make good use of this golden opportunity which she might never have again, she stood up and stripped herself bare then she carefully approached him. After carefully pulling his dick through the peehole in his boxers, she lowered her head and began to suck on it with an intention to make him erect but her plan was disrupted when Kayode suddenly sprang awake.

“What are you doing?” He asked in shock.

“Oga Kay, calm down na… You been dey sleep and I just say make I give you small enjoyment so that you go sleep well-well!”

“Do you realize that I’m a married man!” Kayode was disgusted.

The girl flinched her mouth in an indifferent manner. “Na today? You know how many married men dey beg to fuck me? I just like you that’s why I wan do am with you.”


As she tried to resume sucking his dick which was already getting hard, Kayode batted her hand away. “Will you get off me?! What nonsense is this?!” Kayode jolted to his feet now. “Do you realize that you are still a very small girl? You’re not even twenty yet!”

“I be small girl for age, I gree, but my toto don mature.” She said with a slight frown. “Why you dey do like this na? You no like me? See how I carry big breasts and big yansh wey men dey craze for and yet you dey vex say I dey suck your prick. Your wife dey suck your prick?! How many married women fit even suck their husband prick sef?!” She angrily asked.

“That’s none of your business! Now, listen good, I’m almost old enough to be your father! You are only five years older than my son! Do not try this rubbish again, Preye! I’m highly disappointed in you!”

She suddenly lunged at him and gripped his boxers. “Come, you no go go anywhere o. You must fuck me today! You think say e easy to dey fantasize about you every time for busstop? You think say e easy? Now wey be say my prayers don come true, you wan kon leave me like that go when my body don already wake up? No o, you must fuck me today! If you no fuck me, you no dey go anywhere!” She stated firmly.

“Let me go or else!” Kayode threatened.

“Or else what?!” She asked defiantly. “Na wetin you go do?! You think say I dey joke? Oga Kayode, you no dey commot from my room if you no fuck me. Your prick wey sweet well-well for my mouth must enter my toto!”

Repulsed by her obscene words, he said now: “I can see that you are mad! They have sent you to destroy me abi?! So this has been your plan all along! Let me go now, Preye, I’m not joking with you!” He vehemently shook a warning finger at her face 

She began to struggle with him while he tried to free himself and they both fell on the bed. While they struggled, her free hand tried to seize every crazy position to slip his dick into her pussy but he avoided it all the time. Then she suddenly locked her legs around his waist after accidentally tearing his boxers through struggling, and as his partially erected dick dangled, she tightened her legs around his waist to pull him down against her body. Kayode couldn’t hit her to set himself free. He wouldn’t hit a woman, never! Her boobs were everywhere and he could swear that he had tasted it by mistake on several occasions as they struggled. In fact, a nipple would have slipped into his mouth if he had not quickly turned his head away. He could even feel the heat of her vagina against his groin and when she forcefully dragged him down, his dick found its way into her pussy, sinking half-way in. She moaned and tried to thrust her hip upward so that she swallowed all of him but he struggled and forcefully pulled his dick out of her even though her wet vagina had felt so good.

Prying her arms off the back of his head and twisting out of the grip of her legs, he sprang up to his feet. He could see the upper part of his dick glistening with her wetness but he knew that to linger any longer was to give her more room to attack again. Grabbing his pants and shirt from the door, Kayode quickly fled because the temptation was great. Thankfully, it was dark already and there was no one in sight outside the compound. Quickly slipping into his trousers first, he wore his shirt and without bothering to button it up, he got on his bike and turned it on.

“Oga Kay!” He heard her calling. She had a wrapper wrapped around her body while she held the ends together in a fist against her cleavage. “Oga Kay, abeg, no go! I use God beg you!” She pleaded but Kayode had had enough. He didn’t know that women could go as far as trying to rape a man just to get what they want. Without saying a word to her, he rode off as fast as he could, eager to keep enough distance between himself and her.

“But why didn’t you do it?” Kingsley asked now after his father finished narrating. “Maybe she really likes you.”

“Kingsley, doing that is committing adultery and I can’t do that to your mother.” Kayode replied firmly. “I might not be a Christian to the core but I really do fear God.”

“Then marry her! God won’t get angry with that and just maybe she will treat you better than mama does.” Kingsley naively suggested.

Kayode shook his head. “No, look at me! I can’t even take care of just you and your mother, where will I get the money to marry a second wife not to talk of taking care of her and the kids we are to have?”


“But why stay faithful to a woman who isn’t faithful to you? Why stay faithful to a woman who has no respect for you, papa?” Kingsley asked indignantly. This old man was always falling his hand.

Kayode only sighed then answered: “There are worse women than your mother out there and even though your mother has done a lot of wrongs to me, I believe she still has a good heart. If I keep praying, I know that one day, God will finally intervene and make her the loving and doting wife that I fell in love with from the beginning.”

Kingsley decided to stay quiet. There was no use trying to convince his father any longer because the man’s resolve was unbreakable. After eating, he cleared the dishes and went to wash them. His father summoned him and asked them to pray together in order to ask God for the forgiveness of the sins they might have committed in anyway. While his father prayed concerning sexual temptation, Kingsley kept peeking through one open eye at his father because he felt guilty about sleeping with Rhonda.

After the prayers ended, he went out to play football on the street but returned early to read his books. His father was already asleep on the bed when his mother finally returned from her shop that night. Kingsley reluctantly greeted her but she gave no response. She simply went to have her bath and then retired to bed too. After a few hours of staying awake, Kingsley locked the door and slept off on the chair where he had slept all his life. Although, sleeping on it had become uncomfortable because he had grown taller and the foam had weakened to the extent that he could feel the springs under it but there was nothing he could do but manage. His legs dangled at the end of the chair and that was better than sleeping on the floor where he would be terrorized by cockroaches and black ants whose painful bites could last for hours.

While everybody was asleep, Kayode woke up by accident in the middle of the night and noticed his wife sleeping next to him in her old white nightgown that had grown too small for her. She was lying on her side but had her back turned to him. He watched her shape sloping into her small waist and up into her full hips which had grown wider as she aged. Much to his delight, he also noticed that she had no underwear under the semi-transparent gown that she had on. Instantly, his dick began to wake on its own as he remembered the wetness of Preye. He had not had sex with his wife for three months and he wondered if she would let him now. He actually didn’t mind if he contracted the infection again, all he was in dire need of now was to bury himself in his wife, and knowing his wife to be a very sexually-active person, he doubted she would turn him away since he assumed that she might also be sex-starved as he was.

Looking down to make sure that the demarcation curtains had been drawn close so that his son didn’t get to wake up to find them copulating, he slowly loosened his wrapper to reveal his stiff dick. Pushing himself lower and closer to her buttocks, he gently took up the hem of her nightgown until he could see the lips of her pussy squeezed between her thighs. Holding his dick and gently caressing it against the flesh of her pussy, he soon found the opening and soon started to push his dick slowly into her, already moaning within him at how warm she felt as he pushed further. But suddenly, Eliza woke up, sprang up from the bed and immediately landed a powerful blow on his erect dick.

Kayode screamed out in pain, clasping his hand over his aching dick that shot streams of pain into every part of his body, especially his brain. His scream was so loud that it disrupted Kingsley’s sleep and made him jolt to a sitting position wondering what was happening, and just then, he heard his mother’s angry voice.

“Oh! It has gotten to this abi?! It has gotten to the extent where you want to rape me, ehn Kayode?! Who gave you the right to take advantage of me in my sleep?! Or is it because I’m still sharing the same bed with you?! Is it because I am still coming to this useless house?! Who told you that wretched men like you are allowed to use their dicks at all in the absence of money?! Don’t you know that you do not deserve any kind of pleasure if you cannot take care of your woman, and yet, you had the right to put that diseased thing inside of me?! You want to give me gonorrhea abi?! Or you think that I don’t know that you got it from those shameless prostitutes you hang around with at the bus stop?! You think I don’t know?!”

Through his pain, Kayode kept gesturing with his hand to his wife to keep her voice down. “Eliza, please, don’t let the neighbours hear us, it’s midnight already!”


“LET THEM HEAR!!!” Eliza yelled. “Let them know that my husband is trying to rape me and infect me with gonorrhea! Let them hear!”

“But Eliza, I don’t have it anymore. I have treated myself. Besides, you are the one who gave it to me. I can swear to you that I’ve known no other woman besides you since we got married.” Kayode said in a whisper.

“May God punish you there!” Eliza snatched her pillow and flogged it on his head. “May thunder destroy that mouth of yours and twist your dick like a vine! Who gave you gonorrhea? Mua? You must be mad! Oh, you are looking for who to pin the result of your infidelity on abi?! Or is it because I’ve been keeping quiet and acting the fool?! Is it because I have chosen to remain a faithful wife to a man like you?! In fact, from tonight, I’m not pretending anymore! I’ll show you who I’m! I’ll show you, Kayode, just watch and see!” She grabbed a wrapper and began to wrap it around her chest.

Kayode managed to sit up, a hand still clasping his aching dick which had instantly gone flaccid after the undeserved assault from his wife. “Eliza, where are you going to?” He asked, as he watched her. “It’s more o… It’s not safe out there.”

“Just wait and see, you’ll know very soon.” She said.

Kayode quickly scrambled off the bed and got on his knees before her. “Eliza, please, don’t go out this night. It’s very dangerous! Please stay back and I promise that I won’t touch you anymore! If you even want me to leave the bed for you and sleep on the floor, I’m ready to do it, just please do not go out! I can’t tell what I’ll do if something was to happen to you! Please, Eliza!” He implored.

“Get out of my way, jare!” She kicked him away. “From now on, I cease to be your wife! I’m now every man’s wife! If you want me back, go and do what your mates are doing, Kayode! Go and make cool cash or better still use this stupid boy you call a son for money rituals! Just do something! Anything! I’m tired of suffering and I’m also tired of being the wife of a poor man!” As she started to leave, Kayode who was still begging her on his knees tried to hold her wrapper but she knocked him on the head, scratched him on the face and shoved him away. After she stormed out of the room, Kingsley heard her knocking on the door of a neighbour next door. It was a bachelor who was very promiscuous and had been hitting on Eliza for a long time. He worked in a factory and was a chronic weed-smoker.

Eliza had actually turned down his advances because she felt he was way too young for her but after being tortured with the small dick of papa Ejima, Eliza was willing to have something big stroke her insides in order to spite her husband. The door finally opened and the neighbour let her in. It didn’t take five minutes before Kingsley and Kayode could hear the sounds of flesh hitting each other and the voice of Eliza crying out in pleasure as the stupid neighbour fucked her hard against the wall separating the two rooms.

Kingsley was enraged. He expected his father to dash out and beat up the neighbour but the man didn’t even get off the floor. Groaning in pain as he placed a hand on his chest, Kayode crawled back into bed with some difficulty and lay on his back. Concerned, Kingsley approached him and tried to find out what was wrong with him but he shooed Kingsley away and told him that he wanted to be left alone. Angrily returning to the chair and placing a pillow over his head to block out his mother’s cries of pleasure, Kingsley soon fell asleep while Kayode helplessly remained on the bed with his hand on his chest while tears streamed down the side of his face to his ears. He couldn’t believe what he was hearing and he hated the fact that he could do nothing about it. He listened to his younger neighbour fucking his wife till he began to grunt out loud as he ejaculated. Kayode tried to stay awake through the severe pain he felt in his chest and the lingering one in his dick.

He waited, hoping that Eliza would return so that he could properly beg her and apologize for trying to sleep with her without her consent, but she never returned, she slept in the other room and passed the night in the arms of another man, and before Kayode finally closed his eyes after an hour or so later, he did so, hearing his neighbour fuck his wife a second time in one night and that was all it took to set his heart ablaze.

To be continued…

© Angela Okoduwa

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