Yvonne was on her bed, lying on her side. She had her closed palms together placed between the pillow and her face and she looked distressed. From the lightning that occasionally flashed through window curtains, she knew that there was an impending rain. Her eyes moved to settle on the bedside clock which read 3:27 a.m. in green light. Why was Yvonne awake? One ultimate reason. She was horny and yes, she was married too, so satisfying her sexual urge was not supposed to be a problem but in her marriage, it was one of her biggest problems.

Yvonne has been married for seven years but had no child to show for it. Not because she was infertile but simply because her husband simply didn’t want one with her. She could still remember the first day she had told him that they were having a baby and instead of the happy reaction she had expected, all she had gotten was a cold look and then an order to terminate the pregnancy. Ever since then, Yvonne had terminated three more pregnancies without letting her husband know since he had made it very clear to her that he didn’t want her to be the mother of his children- those words had cut Yvonne deep and she still couldn’t heal from them.

Yvonne Isaac was a 33 years old lecturer in one of the prestigious universities in Nigeria where she not only the Head of the English and Literary Department but also taught Literature. Yvonne was a reserved woman but was strict. She she knew most people did not like her, especially her undergraduate students but that didn’t bother her because she didn’t care what anyone thought about her. She was very harsh and strict that she was feared more than she was respected. She had given many students an ‘F’ for one offence or the other in the two courses she took, and she did not only do this because she had the power to, she did this due to transferred aggression from her unhappy marriage. She was angry that she had to teach other women’s children when God had given her a cold-hearted husband who had forbidden her from having any of hers.

Yvonne was not only frustrated and depressed from not having any children, she was incredibly lonely and sad. Her life was miserable but she hid all her pains well so that no one could break through the walls she had set up as a fortress around her. She had lost count of how many times she would pull over to the shoulder of the road and cry her eyes out on the steering of her car, and when she had lessened a little weight of her sadness, she would simply dry her tears, put on a bold face again, slip on her glasses and continue her journey like she had not just had an emotional breakdown.

Why was Yvonne in a loveless marriage? It was never like this from the beginning. Her husband used to look at her in such an adorable way that made her heart swell. He used to desire her so much, but now, he was cold and mostly indifferent towards her. Even though it had been an arranged marriage between their parents, she had made up her mind that she was going to try her best to be submissive, loving and loyal towards him but nothing she ever said or did was ever enough for him to be kind towards her. He had completely changed after the unfortunate incident that had happened during their honeymoon; which however was not her fault but his. Although, her husband had not divorced her, but from all what she was going through in her marriage, she would have preferred a divorce to his cold attitude towards her.

He hardly touched her and never made the first move at sex. She was the one who engaged their sex and she was also the one who had to get fuck herself on his dick; that’s if she was even lucky to be obliged in the first place. Frustrated, Yvonne had ordered for a dildo online but no matter how much she masturbated, it could never measure up to the warm kisses and the caressing touch of a man. There was an incredible way a dick flowing with warm blood felt in the vagina compared to a lifeless dildo. Yvonne had even considered cheating on her husband but she had never been bold enough to go through with it because of she didn’t want to hurt his feelings or be tagged a slut, so she had had no choice than to discard the vile thought as quickly as it had come.

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A distant rumble of thunder disrupted her thoughts now and Yvonne shifted her gaze back to the window. The end of the double curtains were already floating while the rest of it rippled and fluttered from the cold breeze. Yvonne laid there awake and still as she felt the cold sweep into the room, envelope her and made her nipples harden.

Her husband was lying right behind her on his back, although with a significant gap between them since he hated having unnecessary body contact with her. Even though her back was turned to him, she could tell from the light ensuing from the screen of his phone which brightened his part of the bed, that he was very much awake. Yvonne didn’t need to take a wild guess to figure out why he was still awake because she already knew what he was doing on his phone.

She also didn’t need to take a peek at his phone to know that he was on Facebook and was definitely chatting with his ex-girlfriend whom he had reconciled with two years ago after she was jilted by her own husband and had come crying to him for comfort, well, that has simply triggered and rekindled their sexual relationship. Chatting with his girlfriend every night had become a ritual which he did before finally sleeping off. Yvonne knew her husband wanted her to know that she was cheating and that was why he never bothered hiding his infidelity from her. She was helpless because she didn’t have a say in her marriage. Her husband cheated with such freedom while all she could do was cry and hope that someday, he would recognize his mistake and come seeking forgiveness and a second chance.

Yvonne could recall the very first time she had gone through his phone while he had been in the bathroom, and what she had seen in his WhatsApp and Facebook chat had completely broken her heart. Her husband had been exchanging nude pictures with his girlfriend. Their chats contained dirty talks, sextext and a picture album of nude private body parts. She even saw a video of her husband jerking off as he growled in pleasure and released a thick liquid of semen, letting it flow down his penis as he brought the camera closer so that his girlfriend could have a better look at it while he told her: “This cream is all for you, baby. All for you and nobody else…”

And she had replied: “I want that dick now, baby, I want to lick up every drop of you… Come over this evening let’s make the best of the night.”

Unable to continue reading their chats, Yvonne had quickly put down the phone then rushed downstairs to the living room to cry in private. She pretended like she knew nothing and had never confronted her husband about his infidelity because it was no use. He wouldn’t show any remorse and might simply snap at her for going through his phone in the first place. The man didn’t care about her and somehow, it was as if he was waiting for her to get fed up with the marriage and leave by herself but Yvonne had stayed for two reasons. Firstly, she was scared of what her family and the society would say if she left her loveless marriage and secondly, she still held on to the faint glimmer of hope that if she was patient and determined enough, her husband’s love would some day return and she’d get to live the happy-ever-after she had always dreamt of as a teenager.

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Now, she heard her husband chuckle softly behind her and she knew that it was directed towards whatever he had read from his girlfriend. Yvonne heaved a sigh now as she braved herself for what she was about to do. Her hands slowly ran down her chest to brush her hard nipples and she felt her vagina moisten up in response to her own touch. It began to rain now. A drizzle. She could hear the soft splattering on the roof of the house and the rain seemed to make her even more horny.

Finally making up her mind to go for what she wanted, since that was the only solution that could sate her sexual arousal, she slowly turned on her other side to face her husband. He simply threw her a bland glance then returned his attention to his chat.

Yvonne swallowed hard then softly called, restraining herself from reaching out and touching him, but scared to incur his anger because he was always lashing out at her, she simply folded her fingers into her palms. “Suleiman.” She carefully pronounced his surname. He had warned her on several occasions never to call him any pet names and had mandated her to only address him by his surname even though his first name was Japheth. Her husband was very wealthy and he hailed from Southern Kaduna while she was from Delta State. In fact, she still used her surname with her husband’s name included at the end, so her full name was Yvonne Isaac Suleiman.

“What?” He asked, his voice tinged with irritation.

“I want to have sex.” She softly stated even though the term she would have loved to use was ‘make love’ but the sound of that only irritated Japheth.

“Hmm…” He grunted without looking at her then after a few minutes, when Yvonne had almost given up that she’d probably turn her down, he finally replied her. “You know what to do. I’m not leaving this chat because you want sex.”

Yvonne understood properly. All she had wanted in the first place was nothing but his permission because that was the only option she had had in their almost seven years of marriage. Her husband never initiated sex with her which happened once in two months and if she was lucky enough, she could a bonus of an additional round. He never touched her and not did he ever moan or groan but she did everything herself and pretended she was masturbating since that was the only way she could get off.

Getting up on her knees on the bed now, she crawled down close to the foot of the bed and stopped at his waist. Slowly, she removed his pyjama pants and was greeted by his flaccid penis which was lying limply on his left thigh. This was not new to her. It was her duty to wake the little man up.

Yvonne lowered her head and began to suck his dick on her knees and he betrayed no emotion apart from a few twitches. He was fully focused on his chat with his girlfriend. Yvonne sucked, licked and stroked her husband with her hand till he was hard, erect and bobbing. Taking off her panties from under her night robe, she began to rub her clit to get herself wet as she continued to suck him and prepare her pussy for the self-invasion. When she felt that she was wet enough and that her husband’s penis was hard enough not to bend when she sat on it, she carefully straddled him, positioned his dick at the entrance of her vagina and slowly sank down on his shaft till her buttocks were touching his thighs and his full balls pillowed her ass.


This was crazy but Yvonne was already used to it. If she was going to get any sexual attention from her husband, this was the only option she had- to fuck him herself. Her husband didn’t love her anymore and neither did he care about her sexual needs. Whenever he needed his satisfaction, he simply went to his girlfriend’s house and passed the night there. Yvonne began to slide up and down her husband’s dick and at the same time, crazily continued to rub her clit so that she could attain orgasm by herself.

She knew that she had to make this sex quick or her husband would simply shove her off and that would be the end of the sex, which meant that she would have to wait for another six weeks or more to get a chance of feeling a live dick inside of her.

As she began to fuck herself faster on his dick, she couldn’t help moaning at the pleasure she invoked in her body. Not liking the fact that she was moaning, her husband moved his head to the side now to scowl at her from behind his smart phone. “Do me a favour and stop moaning like a bitch! I’m trying to chat here!” He grated. “Lara doesn’t know we still have sex and I’d love to keep it that way!”

“Sorry.” Yvonne sheepishly whispered and then slowed down the pace with which she was sliding on his dick which was already wet and shiny with her vaginal juice. To avoid offending her husband any further, she instead focus on stimulating her clit faster. Soon, she felt her orgasm begin to build and as she exploded within minutes, she quickly clamped her hands over her mouth to stifle any sound that might escape her mouth and offend her husband. After she had calmed down, she gently got off her husband’s body, wiped him clean with a tissue then wore back his pyjama pants. Her husband didn’t even acknowledge her, he simply smiled at whatever was on his screen, pulled down his waist band, took a picture of his still-erect dick then sent it to his girlfriend with the caption “Baby, I’m so hard for you right now.”

Yvonne, being the meek and docile wife went into the bathroom, undressed, stepped into the shower and turned it on. As she let the water run over her, she couldn’t hold her emotions anymore. She crumbled. Her shoulders shook and she suddenly burst into tears. She placed her forearms on the wall and placed her forehead between her arms. She began to weep quietly so her husband would hear her while the water ran down her naked back and down the back of her legs. How long would she continue like this? How long would she continue to play the fool? How long would her husband continue to treat her like she didn’t exist?! All these questions ran through her mind but because she knew that she had no answers to them, she resigned to her fate that she would perhaps continue like this till her old age, after all, she had promised to be with Japheth Suleiman for better or for worse and this was the worse. As she remained still, a big glop of blood dropped on the wet tiled floor between her feet. She looked down between her legs as another big drop of blood followed and she sighed when she realised that she had started her period.

To Be Continued…

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