This is for those who go to the villages to take children from their comfort zones only to enslave them in the city and to all ignorant mothers who think that once their children are in the cities, they are happy and also living better lives. Do not trust anyone, even sisters, brothers or uncles can be monsters!

The man grunted. Although, I couldn’t see his face in the dim room which my red bulb couldn’t brighten up but I could see his silhouette. I watched him jerked at every thrust as if he was trying to reach the deepest part of me that led to my uterus. I was emotionless, I did not moan nor squirm in pleasure. I only watched him while I held my legs up to my chest like he had instructed me to. The 1500 naira he had paid me, laid on my small table which most of my toiletries were arranged upon. At each thrust I was jerked up and I could feel his upper thighs slamming against the back of mine while his droopy but heavy balls repeatedly slapped my anus each time he plunged into me. His first sweat dropped on my cheek as he continued to fuck me as if he was on a mission. I had my blouse on and my breasts were still concealed under it. The only thing I had taken off was my bum short. I would have taken my high heels on but he had told me to leave them on and that he liked to fuck a woman with her shoes still on. It was sexy and drove him wild, he had said.

I tried to tune out his grunts and occupy my mind with something else. I focused on the noise coming from outside, I could hear Wande Cole’s iskaba-iskebe song coming from the mini club outside. I could hear more cars approaching. I could hear my colleagues, the other prostitutes calling out to men to pick them and trying their usual tactics to win him over. I could hear Onome, my best friend, screaming her brains out in the next room. Poor Onome, she had found herself a man who was obsessed with her and would come every night to pummel her pussy. Onome had told me that the man had such a big dick and he took too long to cum. When I had asked her why she couldn’t turn the man away when he had come a second time, she had told me that he paid good money, almost triple the amount we charge each customer.

I was shocked after a week and I found Onome calling the man on her phone to come that night. When I had asked her if she wanted to die from a battered pussy, she had smiled shyly and had told me that no one had ever fucked her that good before and also, that she was beginning to have feelings for him. I had been appalled. How could she do such?! Onome had been the one to introduce me to prostitution and her number one rule had been, “Never you have any feelings whatsoever for your customers. It’s bad for business.” But now, who was breaking that ultimate rule?! Her loud trembling screams disrupted my thoughts and I turned my head towards the wall separating our rooms. The way I could hear the sound of wet flesh slapping against wet flesh up close now, I could tell that the guy was now now fucking her against the very wall that I was staring at. When another drop of sweat hit my chest, I turned my head to look at my customer who was still grunting on top of me. When was this idiot going to be done? I asked myself. I need to go out there and catch more customers since the night was still young. Unable to keep mute anymore, I reached for my Nokia torch phone and checked the time on the screen then I turned to my customer and asked,

“Oga, na when you go finish, you don dey fuck me now for almost fifteen minutes. I go charge you for extra time o. (Mr when will you be done? You have been fucking me for almost fifteen minutes now. I’ll charge you extra.” I threatened.

“No vex.” He grimaced as he buried his cock deep within me and rolled his waist. “I don beg you say make you let me see the bobi, I no dey fit cum quick if I no touch bobi. (Don’t be offended. I have begged you to let me see your boobs. I find it difficult to cum quick if I don’t touch the breasts.)

“Bobi no be for free. Na toto you pay for. If you wan touch the bobi, bring 500 naira. (My boobs are not for free. It’s the pussy you paid for. If you want to touch my boobs, bring 500 naira.) I told him.

“Ha, I no get reach 500 naira for my pocket. Make I pay 200. (Ha, I don’t have up to that amount. Let me pay 200.)” He bargained with me.

I gave him a scornful look. “Ehn, for where? You dey craze? Na my bobi you dey price 200? And na this your King Kong hand you want take massacre am so? (Ehn, seriously? Are you crazy? Is it my boobs you are pricing for 200? And it’s this king Kong hands of yours that you want to use to massacre them?)

“Abeg na… (Please).” He pleaded.

“I no gree. (I do not accept).” I stood my ground.

“Okay, you sef moan small na. You just lie down like that as if na wood I dey fuck. Moan small na so that you go ginger me. (Okay, you should at least moan a little bit. You are just lying there as if I’m having sex with a log of wood. Moan a bit to urge me on.)” He told me.

“Moan on top wetin? If them say make people wey get dick raise hand, you sef go raise hand? People dey collect cucumber from God, na im you go collect carrot? Na me tell you say make you get small prick? Abeg fuck your fuck make you commot from my body jare! (Moan for what? If people who have big dicks should be asked to raise their hands, will you also raise yours? Men were collecting cucumbers from God, but no, you went for a carrot instead. Am I the one who told you to have a small penis? Please just fuck quickly and get off my body!)” I snapped.

He paused and scared that I might throw him out if he didn’t cum soon, he said, “Okay, abeg, make I just pay 200 naira to see your breasts, I no go touch am. (Okay, please, let me just pay 200 naira to see your boobs, I won’t touch them.)”

I hesitated as I contemplated over his request. Sighing, I reluctantly dropped my legs and then pulled my blouse up my chest to reveal my full and perky breasts to him and I could see his eyes light up. Immediately, he began to pound again with his eyes never leaving my breasts. It seemed that the sight of my breasts jiggling on my chest encouraged him the more and to my relief, he started to fucking harder and faster and started to groan out loud as he ejaculated within me. He collapsed on my body and I simply pushed him away.

“Abeg, commot your prick from my yansh! (Please, remove your penis from my pussy!)” I snapped.

He reluctantly lifted his upper body up and when I realized the way his eyes were droopy, I quickly said, “Abeg, no sleep here o. Here no he hotel. If you wan sleep, go your house. No come pursue my other customers for me.(Please, do not fall asleep here. This place is not a hotel. If you want to sleep, go to your house. Don’t chase off my other customers.)”

He reluctantly pulled his flaccid dick out of me, rose to his feet and rolled the condom off his dick. He tied the end of the condom to prevent spillage of his sperm then he threw it on the floor. I sat up and went to a bowl in a corner of my room. I had a bucket of water close by so I squatted above the bowl, straddling it then I scooped some water with a transparent take-away plate and washed my vagina properly into the bowl then I straightened up, grabbed a towel and wiped my pussy clean then also his sweat off my body. After adjusting my blouse, I picked my panties, slipped into it then wore my black bum short. Turning to him, I stretched an open palm towards him. “Oya, my money. (Now, my money).”

He went for his jean trousers, dipped his hand into one of the back pockets and pulled out a dirty 500 naira note. He handed it to me and I went to my purse, brought out 300 naira change and handed it to him. He soon put on his clothes and walked out of my room. Immediately he was gone, I picked the condom from the floor and dropped it into the waste basket containing close to sixteen other used condoms. I redressed my bed and sprayed the room with sweet-smelling air freshener. Next, I sprayed myself some perfume again, arranged my hair before the mirror, grabbed my purse where I kept all my earnings for the night. I always took it everywhere with me because the other prostitutes were chronic thieves.

As I stepped out, a little fresh air hit me and glancing around, I sighted the errand boy, Saliu. I called him and when he came over, I handed him a 500 note and said, “Go buy gold circle or kiss for me.”

“Aunty Regina how many make I buy? (How many should I buy?)”

“Two.” I indicated with two fingers and he went away. Saliu was the errand boy in the brothel and in exchange for little tips, he ran errands such as buying us sanitary pads, condoms, detergent, bathing soaps, bread and other things. Some prostitutes went as far as fucking him just to avoid giving him a tip and yet, he was only seventeen.

Checking myself for the last time to be sure that everything was in the right place, I attempted to go to Onome’s door but from the screams still ensuing from within, it was obvious that the guy was still digging her. Onome was right, this guy surely do not cum quick. Changing my mind, I decided to stroll out of the club to win myself another customer. There were other prostitutes loitering around the front of the brothel/club and one of greeted me with,

“Ashawo, you don fuck finish? (Prostitute, are you done fucking?)”

“You dey craze. Na you be ashawo. (You are crazy. It’s you that is a prostitute!)” I bit back.

The problem was although we knew who we were quite alright but none of us would openly accept to the other that we were prostitutes. I pulled a rough pack of cigarettes out of my purse, pulled a stick out and stuck ot between my lips then cupped my hand over the end and lighted it with a cheap lighter, and soon I was smoking and puffing out smoke into the atmosphere. As I stood, waiting for a customer, my mind zoomed into a flashback of how I had ended up here. I’ll begin with, My name is Regina, I’m from Edo state and this day that I’m about to start from was the beginning of my nemesis.


I was crying and stomping from one foot to the other, trying to disrupt the conversation between my mother and her younger sister. I was crying profusely but they wouldn’t listen to me. They kept discussing as if I wasn’t even there.

“I promise you that I will take care of her.” My mother’s sister was assuring my mum for the umpteenth time.

“You know that she’s my only daughter…” My mother was saying. “Ejiro is old enough, if only you’ll take him along with you to Lagos, Regina here is just thirteen years old and she is about to enter JSS 3.”

“Sister, you worry a lot. Ejiro is a boy, Regina is just perfect. I have told you that you have nothing to worry about. I’ll take care of her and I’m even ready to sponsor her to the university. I really need somebody to help me in my shop. All the girls there cannot be trusted. Despite how good I’m to them. They keep robbing me of my little income. When I realized that I couldn’t cope with it anymore, I fired most of them and decided that why not come back home and take Ejiro, eh, she’s a very good girl. I know that you trained her well and she’ll never steal my money.”

“Mama, I don’t want to go… I don’t want to go…” I cried, mucus blowing bubbles out of my nose. Not that I was not eager to see the city that most people had always talked about but I didn’t want to be away from my mother or my friends. Besides, I was even the head girl in my junior school. I was the most brilliant girl in the school and I was enjoying my stay in the village very much but this woman just appeared unannounced, requesting to take me away with her to the city. Didn’t she have own children? Couldn’t she put them in her shop? Why must it be me? Besides, there was something about my aunt that was unsettling. Right from when I was much younger, I would hide behind my mother’s leg, clinging to her wrapper, anytime she came visiting. I had thought that I would outgrow it but that feeling still lingered.

“Regina, your aunty has promised to take care of you, what more could you want?” My mother asked. “Don’t you want to see how Lagos looks like?”

“I don’t want to go!” I wailed. “I’ll go to Lagos when I’m rich, not now.”

My aunt laughed and said. “You can’t be rich in the village. You’ll have to go to the city for that. Look around, most of your friends and their elder sisters have all gone to Italy and they are making cool cash over there. Who do you think took them there? A well-to-do person in Lagos of course. When you grow up, don’t you also want to go to Italy?”

I hesitated but could come up with no answer since I was indecisive. If Italy was abroad, of course I wanted to go but not for anything else but to see the snow. I loved the snow and wanted to play in it even though it never snowed in Nigeria.

“Oya, go inside and pack your clothes.” My mother told me.

“I washed my clothes yesterday and it is still drying.” I quickly said, hoping that excuse would change my mother’s mind or perhaps delay my leaving with my aunt immediately.

“Don’t worry, go and pack the dry ones, I’ll buy you a lot of beautiful dresses when will arrive Lagos, hmn?”

I stared at her but said nothing and not intending to move from my spot. My mother finally snapped at me and I reluctantly dragged myself inside the house to do what I have been told to. Thirty minutes later, I was ready. My mum began to sob as she hugged me tight and watched my aunt take me away. My brother wasn’t there to see me leave because he was at the farm. I was crying too as I followed my aunty, holding my red and white Ghana-must-go bag on my head.

Soon, we boarded a car and we were squeezed in the back with two other adults. When we reached the park, we took a bus and surprisingly, my aunt refused to pay for a seat for me. She simply asked me to sit on the spot behind the driver’s seat and hell, it was so hot as if the engine was right on that spot. It was a six hour journey to Lagos and my aunt bought some oranges, a small bunch of bananas, some groundnuts, a loaf of bread, a bottle of cold swhepps, some walnuts from hawkers who always rushed to the windows whenever we were caught in a traffic or we stopped, but she only gave me little. I was squeezed in the bus, and besides the hot, dirty spot that I was seated on, I could not feel my legs anymore.

Finally, we arrived Lagos and I was awed by the sight of it. It was too crowdy, too noisy, too busy and also overpopulated but I got to see tall houses, companies and other wonderful places. Unlike the village, there were more houses than bushes or trees and the exhaust fumes of trailers and tankers were almost suffocating. She lapped me all throuhh till we got to her house which was a two bedroom flat. As I walked into her house, very tired, hungry and pressed, I sat down while she opened her door wide to let the fresh air in since there was no light. As she say, sprawled on the old and worn-out couch, she looked at me and asked,

“Regina, are you a virgin?”

Although surprised by the question, I slowly nodded.

She laughed. I didn’t like the sound of her laughter. “You can’t be a virgin in Lagos. It’s bad for business. There are some things that you’ll have to learn in life but for now, to help you ease whatever pain that you’ll feel later when you begin to work for me, there’s something that I must do.” Asking me to wait, she rose, walked into her kitchen and returned with a candle that was a bit fatter than my thumb. She sat down again and said to me, “Come.”

I stood up and reluctantly went to her. She reached under my long flair skirt, pulled down my panties which I had sewn in several places then she asked me to lie down on the floor in front of her and spread my legs. I refused but the stern look she gave me chilled me to the bones and I reluctantly obeyed. As she brought the candle close to my vagina, she said as she observed, “It’s a good thing that you were not circumcised like your mother and I. Have you started your menstruation?” She asked.

“No.” I answered then watched her break an inch off the fattest side of the candle and then coated it with her saliva. I winced in pain as she slowly pushed it into my vagina, leaving part of it out as if trying to wedge my vagina open. Then she told me to get off the floor. I was confused and the candle within me made me feel so uncomfortable, and worse, it hurt. It was as if something weird was stuck within me. Realizing my discomfort, she warned me not to take it off or I would never be able to give birth when the time came for me to then she assured me that she was doing this for my own good and I was never to tell anyone. She convinced me that every mother in Lagos, did this to her daughter. I carefully picked my pant off the floor and slipped it back on but I was scared to sit down.

To Be Continued…


Later in the evening, after eating some soaked garri and dried fish which I had brought with me from the village, I fell asleep on the couch. I woke up with someone tapping my shoulder harshly and calling my name. When I woke up and sat up, I realized that it was late already and it was dark. The only thing brightening up some parts of the sitting room was a lantern. My aunt told me that I could not sleep on her couch and when I slipped to the floor and attempted to sleep again, she told me that she couldn’t let me sleep in her parlour either. She said that the last thing she wanted was urine smelling in her living room. I assured her that I stopped bedwetting when I was five but she refused and asked me to stand up and followed her. Obediently but tired, I followed her and she led me to her small kitchen, gave me a rolled-up mat and asked me to sleep on it. I stared around at the dirty kitchen and asked if she really wanted me to sleep there and she nodded and walked away. I could smell rotten food coming from the waste basket and I could see cockroaches crawling in the shadows or flying like ninjas from wall to wall.

I was appalled by the sight of the kitchen but there was nothing I could do. I spread the mat on the floor beside the stove after pushing the waste basket far away from me then I laid down on my side, folding my arms together as a pillow under my head. Soon, I drifted into sleep once again but it was disrupted when a cockroach landed on my leg. I quickly kicked my leg, shaking the insect off. I had not slept far again when a black ant crawled into my blouse and bit me on the waist and I jumped up, shaking my blouse to get rid of the ant. Its bite was so painful that it felt like fire was spreading around the spot. The more I scratched it, the more painful it became and I began to squirm. I could not sleep for fear of more ants dealing with me tonight so I simply sat down, placed my arms on my raised knees then placed my forehead on my arms. The spot I had been bitten still hurt like hell and it took hours for the pain to die off.

In the morning, I woke up with the sound of my aunt noisily walking into the kitchen.


“Oya, get up. We need to go to the shop soon. Sweep the house and go across the street and fetch us some water to have our bath.” She said to me.

My tummy was growling in hunger and I wondered if my aunt had forgotten that she had not fed me at all since our arrival yesterday. Without complaining, I picked a broom leaning against the wall and began to sweep. Every trace of the roaches were gone, including the black ants too. I swept the entire house and when I was done, I got a bucket from the bathroom and my aunt led me outside to show me where to get water from. Standing in front of the gate, she pointed down the street where there was an old manual pump. I walked down the street and as soon as I grew nearer, I realized that there were about more than 20 people on the queue waiting to fetch water. The frustrating thing was some had more than one buckets or kegs. I stood behind the last person, hoping that my turn would soon come. I had never seen such a pump before so I paid close attention to it. I noticed that whoever wanted to fetch some water would place their buckets, bowls or kegs right under the mouth of the tap then go behind the tap to start pulling a long lever up and down and the more the person pumped the lever, the more water gushed out of the tap.

Some water would escape though and run down the street continuously. I watched the people on the queue shove, yell, snap and quarrel about who was next or who left the line earlier and wasn’t recognized anymore or when someone else who was just coming tries to cut in. I was on the line when a huge girl suddenly cut in front of me and stood in her place then I heard her beckon her friend to come stand behind her too, pushing me two persons back. Without saying a word, I simply left the line, went around the girls and stood in front of the huge girl. Suddenly, she shoved me away. I staggered out of the line and quickly regained my stamina. I turned and glared at the girl for a moment. I attempted to get back in front of her but she wouldn’t let me but yet shoved me again. This time, I placed my bucket on the ground and shoved her with all my might. She staggered out of the line and landed heavily on her buttocks and the others who had noticed, turned and erupted in laughter. The girl was so embarrassed and enraged that she got up and charged towards me. She seized the from of my dress and pulled it up close to my shin and I managed to do the same to her too, even though I was smaller. We began to shove at each other when an old man with complete grey hair came out of the next compound and bawled at us,

“Hey! You Little rascals! If you fight there, I’m going to deal with you severely! Bloody civilians!”

“Heyyyyh!!!! Old soldier, old soldier-old soldier! Old soldier never dies!” Most of the crowd hailed him but he ignored him and said to us,

“Now, unhand each other now before I whack your behinds! Little niccompoops!”

Reluctantly, we let each other go but we were still fuming and glaring at each other. After waiting for like thirty minutes, I fetched my water, placed the bucket on my head and went back home. My aunty was furious that I returned late but I told her that there were too many people there. She had her bath first and I had mine with a local Ghana soap that was reddish and brownish in colour and had no exact shape. That was the kind of soap my mother used in the village and I had come to Lagos with some.

After having my bath, I dressed up and we trekked to her shop which was several seats away. When we arrived, I discovered that it was a mini- restaurant (buka) and several chairs and tables were arranged the large fore-part of the shop while two women served over a counter at the rear. As soon as my aunty stepped into the shop, the men who had come there for breakfast began to hail her and she greeted them, grinning from ear to ear. My aunt quickly left them and assigned me to the oldest woman there, telling her to instruct me on what to do. I was assigned to wash the dishes and sometimes serve the impatient customers. Things were going a bit fine until I was asked to go serve a bald man who had just come into the shop and had a piece of broom stick in his mouth. From the way he looked and smelled of grease, I instantly knew that he was a roadside mechanic.

After serving him his wraps of four fufu and Vegetable soup, I turned to go when I felt someone smack me on the buttocks. I gasped, jumping in fear and I spun around to glare at him and found him grinning at me as he began to unwrap one fufu.

“Oga, what is the meaning of that?” I asked coldly.

“You are a fine girl o and this yansh too big for your age.” He said.

“You must be very very stupid.” I told him and he stared at me in surprise, his hands pausing on the fufu.

“Na wetin you say?” He asked with a start. “Na me you dey call very stupid? See this small girl o.” He flared now, his hand on his chest. “Na me you dey tell say I dey stupid?” The other customers turned to look at us now while I was fuming, my hand clenched on the steel tray by my side, ready to strike him should in case he hit me.

“Na wetin dey happen o? (What’s going on?)” My aunty asked, walking out of the inner shop towards our direction.

“Madam, I no know where you bring this small girl from but she no get respect at all! (Madam, I don’t know where you brought this little girl from but she lacks respect.)”

My aunt glanced down at him and then up at him. “Na wetin happen? (What happened?)” She asked the man.

“I just dey follow am play, na im she just tell me say I’m very very stupid. Imagine! (I was just playing with her and she told me that I’m very very stupid!)”

“Ehn?!” My aunt shot me a glare now. “Regina what sort of nonsense is that? So it has come to where you disrespect adults, ehn? Is that how your mother trained you? I brought you here to come and help me in my shop not to chase away all my customers with your insolent attitude!” She snapped.

“But aunty, he touched my buttocks.” I grumbled.

“And so? Are you the only one with buttocks? What’s so special about your buttocks that you have to insult my customer simply because he admired it!” She countered hotly and I stared at her in shock. Then she turned to the man and put on a smile. “Oga Monday, abeg no vex. Na small pikin dey do am. You know say she just come Lagos. She never know how we take dey do am here, abeg no vex. (Mr. Monday, please do not take offence. She’s just too naive and you know that she only just came to Lagos. She doesn’t know how we run things here yet. Please do not be angry.)”

“I don almost vex finish. I be no wan chop this fufu again. Make you just warn am well well, I no be her mate. If no be say you be my correct madam, I for don vex commot go chop for another place. (I have almost gotten completely angry. I almost lost my appetite for the fufu. Just warn her seriously because I’m well older than she’s. If not that you are a great woman, I would have angrily left this place to eat somewhere else.)”

“Oga Monday-Monday!” My aunt hailed him. “No worry, she go come apologize to you later.” Then she flinched her brows knowingly at him. “You know the usual na…” She said and the man smiled and sat down once again to finish unwrapping the fufu. “Shey make I add more soup?” She tried to placate him even more.

“No…” He indicated by raising his hand. “This one don do me. Just bring cold purewater come.” He soon began to eat.

My aunt turned and looked at me now. “What are you still doing standing here? Will you go and get him the purewater before I smack you?”

Unable to say anything, I simply walked away to do as I had been told. A few minutes later, I was in the backyard washing the dirty dishes in a black bowl of soapy water when I heard my aunt calling me. I rinsed my hands in the other bowl of clean water and hurried to meet her. I found her standing close to one of the two toilets she had made for her small canteen for the usage of her staff and pressed customers.

“Yes aunty.”

“Oya enter.” She opened one of the toilets’ doors and pointed into it. I glanced into the toilet and saw the mechanic waiting inside.

“Somebody is inside, auntie.” I told her.

“Did I tell you that I’m not aware. Enter now.”

“But why auntie?” I was more confused.

“Don’t ask me stupid questions, enter there!” She suddenly grabbed my ear, twisted it and pushed me into the toilet and I almost collided with the mechanic. “If you like don’t do what he tells you to. I’ll make sure you get nothing to eat today. Stupid girl!” My aunty snapped and slammed the door shut then I heard her hook it shut with the bent nail outside.

I began to panic. What was this all about? Why would my aunty lock me in here with a man who had touched my buttocks. I wanted to scream or hit the door but I suspected that she was still standing outside. I turned to find the man bringing his dick out of his trousers and I stared at him with wide eyes.

“Oga, what are you doing?” I asked, pressing my back against the door.

“No pretend like girl wey never see prick before. I know say you village girls don spoil well well. Just touch am. ( Do not pretend like you have never seen a penis before. I know that you village girls are very immoral. Just touch it.)” He said to me.

I shook my head vigorously and felt tears swelling at the back of my throat. “Auntie!” I called out, unable to take my eyes off his dick. I washed it grow from being limp to strong and long. I felt disgusted by the sight of it, especially the bushy hair surrounding the base of it. His balls were dangling and drooping and I realized that he only had once sac. “Auntie!” I called out again in fear as the man came towards me holding his dick in his hand. I heard my aunt speak in Edo language that she would deal with me seriously if I made her come in there.


The man drew closer, grabbed my hand and forced it on his dick. It felt warm and weird and I quickly withdrew my hand but he was not ready to give up. He simply grabbed my hand again and forced my fingers to wrap around his dick. I was still lost in my past life event when I felt someone touch my cheek. I snapped out of my flashback to see my friend grinning at me.

“What are you thinking about?” Onome asked. Unlike other prostitutes, Onome and I communicated in English. We only used pidgin with customers, in a hot quarrel or with other prostitutes. Some times, our customers were surprised that we spoke good English.

“Done having your brains fucked out?” I asked as I lit another cigarette after throwing away the stub of the previous one.

“Yes.” She was practically glowing. “See what he gave me…” She secretly showed me a bundle of cash. “No one has ever paid this much.”

“Well, lucky you.” I said drily as I puffed out more smoke into the atmosphere through my mouth and nostrils. “I’d advise you get your heads out of the clouds. The earlier you stick to the fact that we are nothing more than prostitutes and men only approach us cuz of our bodies, the better for you.”

“Well, I don’t expect you to understand. This guy is different. He might take a awful long time to cum but he treats me in a different way.”

I simply handed her the cigarette and said nothing. She took it too her lips and dragged on it. I knew that my friend was bad at savings. She simply lavishly spent her money on clothes. We were still standing there when a car slowly pulled to a stop in front of the club and immediately, the other prostitutes dashed to the car to display their fleshy wares and try to win themselves a customer. From the numerous male voices I heard, I knew that there were at least four guys in the car. Unlike other prostitutes, Onome and I never dashed to cars and it gave us class. The other prostitutes tagged it pride or even accused us of using fetish means to get more customers but we didn’t care.

“I’m going to sleep. I can’t take any more customers tonight.” Onome said to me with a tired sigh then walked away without returning my cigarette.

We could hear the guys coming down the car and trying to make their way through the teeming crowd of eager prostitutes. I listened and heard one of the guys say, “Kay, you no go come down?”

The next voice I heard had a non-nigerian accent to it. “Told you guys I ain’t in for this shit!”

A third guy laughed. “Guy, better stop that nonsense language. You don enter Niger o. Speak better thing jare. (Guy, you had better quit the accent. You are now in Nigeria so you had better speak like one.)

“Abeg, leave am. Na who tell your papa make he no rich send you abroad?” A fourth guy chided the third.

“Na Kayode I dey follow talk no be you. (I was talking to Kayode, not you.)” The third guy snapped at the fourth.

“Dude, you can stay in the car. Just come in and have some fun with us. Loosen up man!” One of the guys said.

“You all just go in. I’ll stay put in the car.” The guy with the accent said again.

I watched the other three guys maneuver their way through the crowd of pesty prostitutes who were trying to get their attention at all cost. They walked into the club with the prostitutes following them and stopping at the door before turning back to go to the car.

“Oga, come down na.” One of the prostitutes said to the last guy.

“Oga, I no dey charge much o.” Another said but the guy ignored them and simply put on his headphone. This act seemed to displease the prostitutes and they began to make unfriendly remarks as they reluctantly walked away from the car.

I stood there as minutes ticked by. I was waiting for one of my regular customers but none were forthcoming. I caught a glimpse of lightening in the clouds and realized that there was an impending rain then I presumed that might be the cause of their delay. No one wanted to get stuck in a brothel till daylight. Sighing deeply, I don’t know why I did it, but I found myself breaking one of my strict rules and approaching the car. The guy was seated in the seat next to the driver’s and the window was wound down.

“Hey, got any cigarette?” I asked.

At first he turned to look at me then held away his headphone. “I already said that I’m not interested. Don’t you get it?!” He snapped.

“You don’t have to be rude, all I want is a cigarette.” I said.

He paused now, giving me a surprised look then he let his headphone wrap around his neck. “Did you just speak English?”

“What? Got a problem with that?”

“No…” He muttered, still giving me an amazed look. And as if remembering what I had asked, he answered. “And about the cigarettes, no, I don’t have any. I don’t smoke.”

“Fine…” I rolled my eyes in disappointment and turned to leave when I heard him say.

“Wait!” When I turned to look at him, he asked. “I didn’t catch your name.”

“I never threw it.” I replied.

He chuckled, revealing briefly his white set if teeth. “Fine, let’s do it this way. How about a proper introduction? My name is Kayode but I prefer being called Kay.”

I hesitated. This was weird. I never did things like this. “Regina.” I simply said.

“So…what are you doing here all by yourself?” He asked, throwing a glance at the club.

“I work here.” I simply answered.

He scoffed. “What do you mean you work here?” Then it slowly dawned on him. “Wait, you are a…” He trailed off unable to finish the words.

“Yeah!” I said boldly. “Got a problem with that?”

He opened the door and got down of the car now and I realized just how tall he was and he had a build like a basketballer. He was wearing a baseball cap and ash hooded sweater and he had his hands tucked in the linking pocket of the sweater in front of his stomach. “Where did you learn to speak like this?” He asked.

“What?” I scoffed. I had perfected my English language from reading lots of silhouette and Harlequin novels and I wasn’t about to tell him that. “You believe all prostitutes are lousy illiterates, don’t you?”

“Well, I won’t dispute that but you don’t seem to belong here.”

“Well here I’m and so you know, I don’t care what you think.” I turned to leave again.

“Wait.” He stopped me yet again.

“What?” I almost snapped. The mildly strong breeze of the impending rain was beginning to gather up dust and dirt.

“Let’s talk.” He said, leaning his back against the body of the car.

“I don’t talk, I fuck. My time is money.” I said bluntly.

“Fine… I’ll pay you… Let’s just talk.”

“Who pays for talking?” I asked wryly.

“Well… Me?” He gave me a look.

“I’ll pass.” I said, turned and walked away. The least thing I wanted was making friends with random people. It was bad for business. I never discussed with my customers. They just slid into me, fucked to their satisfaction then leave and I was not about to dwell on the opposite. I walked into my room and closed my door. If none of my regulars were going to come tonight, I could as well just sleep off than talk with some rich kid from abroad.

As I slumped sideways on my bed with my arms spread, I drifted into my past again. Well, in just a month of my stay with my aunt. I stroked too many dicks of men of all ages and profession and by then, I understood why my aunt had more customers. Most of the other girls had to do it too and some of them enjoyed doing so because of the tips they got from these perverts. I even caught the oldest worker who cooked the meals having sex with one of the men in the toilet. Soon, I got so used to these that I did it without complain even though it still felt disgusting

I was thankful that my aunt didn’t ask me to go far by sleeping with any of them but I had a feeling that she was preparing me for just that since she wouldn’t stop inserting a piece of candle into me every night before I went to bed. I couldn’t tell if I was a virgin anymore but after stroking too many dicks, having different textures of semen spurted on me, I didn’t feel like a virgin anymore. I continued to endure all these and anytime I brought up the issue of going to school with my aunt, she would shun me and increase my tasks. She claimed that I was too idle and that was why I still had space in my head to think about going to school.

Everything was going almost well until my aunt’s only child and son, Osaze returned from the university on holiday. He was tall like his mother but almost lanky but I didn’t like the way he always stared at me despite the fact that he was my cousin. He would leer at me or would deliberately sit in front of me so he could stare at my breasts through the wide neckline of my blouse anytime I bent down to sweep the compound. On several occasions, I had caught him standing by the bathroom door as I came out of it after having my bath and I suspected that he was always peeping and watching me bath but each time I was about to come out, he would pretend to be listening to music or just walking by. I grew wary of him but there was little I could do. One night, he had bumped into his mother inserting a piece of candle in me but had quickly withdrew out of the room after his mother had yelled and scolded him of not learning to knock before coming into her room. That night, while I slept in the kitchen, wrapping my wrapper tight against me to vainly prevent mosquito bites, I felt someone touch my ankle tenderly as if to test if I was deeply asleep.

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