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Andrea Heston, a skilled thief born with a silver spoon witnesses a murder and since the culprit is determined to silence her forever, her worried parents decide to do the last thing she would expect them to- betroth her to a man she has never met in her life- A cruel mafia Lord whom they think will not only be able to protect her from the murderer but also reform her life but hell is let loose when Andrea gives her guardian hell and in return, he makes her life miserable in order to make her succumb, for Dante Salvatore never accepts a NO for an answer and you dare not break his rules.

What was he doing? Why was he being so nice and caring? He was mad at her! Yes, he was, but now she couldn’t understand why he had suddenly changed towards her. He knew how dangerous Dante was and if he was doing this, perhaps he only meant to harm her and hide her body, if not, he would have given the cab driver a destination.
With the lower part of her face hidden in the erect collar of the jacket, she mumbled in trepidation. “You are going to kill me, aren’t you?”
He lowered his eyes to look down at the top of her head since he couldn’t see her face in the half darkness of the cab which was only occasionally illuminated by the street lights, building lights and the headlights of other cars coming from the opposite direction as the cab drove.
“Yes.” He quietly answered in a sober tone and he felt her shudder in his arms.
“Don’t make it hurt.” She whispered after a few seconds of silence, already resigned to die.
A subtle smirk lifted the corners of his lips and he groped for her left hand, when he found it, he began to soothe her soft palm by caressing it with his thumb, and then slowly, he interlocked his fingers with hers, bringing her soft and smooth palm against his hard and callused one. It felt like joining a pure soul with a hard and damaged one. At first all they could hear was the rushing wind as the cab sped, the soft humming sound of the cab’s engine and their breaths softly syncing with each other.
After what felt like a long silence, he spoke. “You drive me nuts, little Heston.” His voice was so soft and husky that even the cab driver wouldn’t have heard. She didn’t reply and when he paid a closer attention to the rhythm of her breathing, he realized that she had fallen asleep.


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