Zainab, My Love (4)

As I was returning from the market with my elder sister, we saw Zainab drumming on a broken bucket and happily singing to herself and my sister paused in surprise to scrutinize Zainab.

“Bia, Chike, is that not my dress that I have been looking for that Zainab has on?”

I pretend to check. “Ehn… It looks like it.”

She gave me a disgruntled look. “What do you mean by it looks like it? That is my dress!” She pointed, absolutely sure.

I shrugged because I was the one who had stolen it from the line and had given it to Zainab. “Ehn, if you are sure, why not go there and tell her to take it off!” I suggested.
My sister’s shakara was too much and I had been waiting for such a day like this. I wanted to see her run and this was the perfect opportunity.

“What do you mean by that? Is she not your girlfriend? Go and collect my dress back for me, my friend!” She snapped.

“Mua?” I placed my hand on my chest. “Is it my dress? Or are you scared of Zainab, Oluchi, sebi you like forming power ranger and bullying other juniors, oya, go and order Zainab to take off your dress if you are not afraid!” I challenged her.

“The whole me?” She beat her chest boldly. “Fear Zainab? What can she do?”

“Go and find out first, Bruce Lee!” I urged her.

To be continued…

© Angela Okoduwa

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