Man in Uniform (5)

Violet reached the bar and ordered for her usual drink- Smirnoff Ice. As she began to sip it, she stiffened when she felt a hand on her bare lower back and when she turned to see who had had the guts to touch her that way, she realised that it was no other person than the very tall guy whom had caught her eye and had spoken to while she pole dancing- Stephen. She was in the mood for some flirting tonight, but it wasn’t going to go beyond that and if the young man had any crazy expectations because of what had transpired between them a few minutes back, then she was more than ready to dash his hopes.

“Hey you…” She smiled a bit then said firmly. “I’ll really appreciate it if you got your hand off my body… I don’t like people getting all touchy with me.”

Stephen reluctantly obeyed her by withdrawing his hand, then stood next to her with his elbows on the counter as he ordered his fourth bottle of beer for the night. He had never drank this much at a go before but for what he was about to do, he needed all the alcohol he could get to help kill his conscience for tonight. “It’s strange how you were flirting with me back there with your hands all over me, but now you can’t seem to tolerate my touch… How classic.”

Violet scoffed, her teeth looked really white from up close and he noticed how bright her eyes shone through her black mask which made him begin to imagine what her face would really look like under the mask. “I was only flirting with you to spice up my game, nothing more…” She said with a coy smile as the flirty smile returned to her eyes again.

“How disappointing…” Stephen said, clicking his tongue. “So, all that was just for show and for the fun of it? Well, I feel used and I think that I should be compensated for being led on.”

Violet smiled smugly as she answered now: “Well, it’s not my fault that you let it get to you. Your getting an erection was totally the doing of your own dirty mind; and I guess that your assumptions got the best of you.”

“And need I remind you that it takes two tango. My dick wouldn’t stir if no one roused it. And come to think of it, there I was thinking that we had something going between us, not to mention that the chemistry was one of a kind…” He said in partial disappointment.

“Newsflash newbie, it’s obvious that this is your first time in this club. I think I should be nice enough to tell you that I’ve never done with anyone else before what I did with you tonight. If anything, you should consider your self privileged. If you noticed, I made you an object of envy among the other patrons.” She said.

“More reason I should be buried deep inside you right now.” Stephen said bluntly now without taking his eyes off the shelf of drinks beyond,  as he brought his bottle of beer to his mouth to take a swig while Violet suddenly spat out hers in shock after he said the words.

She wiped her mouth with the back of her arm and turned her head to give him an offended look. “What did you just say to me?”

Stephen turned his body to face her now, his elbow on the counter, then with the same boldness as the first, he looked her in the eyes and stated: “I want you screaming out my name, Violet, while I’m deeply lost inside of you. I want to feel you moan ecstacy while I move slowly within you.”

She stared at him in disbelief. The nerve! “I don’t know how intoxicated you are right now but you must be out of your mind.” She hissed, all traces of a smile completely gone from her face to be replaced with a look of utter disdain.

Stephen only smiled. “That’s why I’m going to say this again; Ki fada kudin ki. (State your price.)”

Violet turned to face him too with a hard look on her face. “I believe you were not deaf the first time I told you that I’m not a prostitute. I meant it then, mister, and I still mean it now- my body is not for sale!” She sounded livid. She was infuriated with the fact that all men seemed to think that all strippers and pole dancers were objects of sexual pleasure- whores.

“C’mon, stop playing so hard to get, Violet. Despite how you try so hard to act like you are not into me, you and I know both well that we yearn for each other’s bodies.” Stephen pressed, despite the scowl on her face. “Where would you want it? My place, yours or the restroom? I’m up for a dirty and exciting quickie.” He added.

Stephen believed that there was a bad bitch in every woman waiting to be unleashed and all he had to do was press the right buttons and this stripper would be crawling all over him and begging him to help her reach an orgasmic peak in no time. No longer was he wooing a woman for love anymore, he was now in the era where all he would do was state what he wanted from a woman, had sex with her, get it done with and move on to the available next.

She gave a tight smile now and told him as a matter-of-fact: “I’m not playing hard to get… I’m serious; ni ba karuwa bane. (I’m not a prostitute!)” She said assertively.

“Yet, you display it so wantonly on stage.” He gently countered her.

“Well, I didn’t show you my titties or my coochie like the other strippers did, did I?” She retorted.

“No, you didn’t but that doesn’t make you any different from the others… I know what you are doing though and I think I like your style. You keep your admirers guessing what lies behind that mask and underneath those undies…and I must tell you that I’m that curious too…” He said in a husky tone, his eyes slowly running down her body in a lustful manner. “And it keeps me wondering just how many men have been privileged to revel in the nectar of your flower after breaking through your defenses. You enjoy the chase, don’t you?”


Glaring up at him, Violet took her bottle of Smirnoff from the counter now and drew back. “Once again, I’m going to tell you that I’m a more of a pole dancer than a stripper!” She said stiffly now. “My being a stripper doesn’t mean that I sleep around! I tease men with my body in order to earn some money doesn’t mean that they have any right to it!”

Stephen smiled in skeptical way and she could see the obvious doubt in his eyes and it seemed to make her more livid. “Fine, I’ll pay you double of whatever it is that you charge.” He insisted then added: “And I assure you that I won’t bother going raw. Just go home with me for the night and I promise that I’ll be gentle. I’m patient enough to slowly peel away every piece of clothing off you till your shuddering with mutual need.”

Violet shook her head in disappointment now as she leaned away from the counter in anger. “Know what? I was wrong to think that you were a gentleman, but your being drunk is already beginning to reveal your ugly side and also the asshole that you are. So, how about, you get the fuck out of my face.” She said, took her bottle and angrily walked away while his eyes followed her with an amused look on his face. He was determined not to give up on her though.

As Violet went to sit somewhere else to continue sipping her drink, the patron who had been lustfully eyeing her while she had been on the stage, focused on her now. Violet soon got bored so she pulled out a cigarette, lit it and began to smoke, with her arms folded under her chest, and her knees crossed. Her eyes occasionally wandered towards Stephen and she would quickly look away when she found out that he was still staring at her under his brows in a predatory manner from the bar. On one occasion, he even lifted his fifth bottle of beer in a toast towards her and with the way he smiled and the way his eyes were dazed, she could tell that he was already stone drunk, so she ignored him yet again by looking away.

She saw a stripper approach Stephen now and began to caress him and rub her body against his. This stripper was only clad in panties and heel shoes and she kept pressing her naked breasts against his body. Violet expected Stephen to tell the stripper off but instead, she saw him slide a free hand down the waitress’ back to squeeze one of her buttocks hard, and as he did this, his eyes never left Violet as if he was expecting her to react, but Violet remained rooted to her spot, smoking, drinking and glaring at him through the haze of smoke; she knew that he was only trying to spite her.

She watched the stripper turn to gently push her big ass against his groin then began to roll her waist slowly and she saw how Stephen encouraged the stripper, probably whispering dirty words to her ears. Violet’s attention on Stephen was suddenly disrupted when a waitress approached her now.

“Violet.” The waitress beamed, placing one of the most expensive bottle of wine on the table in front of her. “Someone wants you to have this.” The waitress said.

“Who?” Violet asked and when the waitress turned to point at a man who was smiling at her from across the club, Violet indifferently said to the waitress: “Send my thanks.”

“Sure will.” The waitress replied and walked away.

Violet was in no mood for wine, especially from men whom she was certain were only after her body. As she discarded the cigarette stub and began to light another one, a shadow suddenly blocked out the light and she looked up to see that her unwanted admirer had finally decided to come to her himself.

“I’m in no mood for small talk tonight.” She instantly told him dismissively. Stephen, a total stranger, had succeeded in putting her in a fowl mood and she really wanted no other company.

“Small talk ain’t my thing too, lady.” Without asking for permission to join her, the man sat down now awfully close to her and stretched a arm on the headrest behind her then crossed his legs. “So…is that man over there your companion?” He asked, gesturing towards Stephen’s direction with his hand.

Violet glared at Stephen as she replied the man. “I don’t know him from Adam.” Somehow, she felt a pang of jealousy watching him run his hands around the stripper’s body and the feeling was rather strange. Why would she get jealous over a man whom she barely know and also had an uncouth mouth.

“Good, which means that I’ll just go straight to the point then… I like you…very much…” He said, grinning lecherously at her and Violet turned to give him a look of contempt, hating the smell of his cologne and the cockiness she saw in his eyes.

Violet stared at him as smoke seeped out through her lips and nostrils and floated towards his face, but the intruder of her privacy didn’t move away from her nor flinched like she had expected. “And I bet that since you have bought me one of the expensive wines in the club, you are highly positive of taking me home with you tonight, right?”

He chuckled. “Well, you’re right about that.” He said cockily as he placed a hand on her thigh and began to slowly caress it under the table while he lustfully licked his lower lips as his eyes lingered on her cleavage. “You know what women call me? The king of orgasm. By the time I’m done with you, your life will never remain the same again.” He boasted, not respecting social boundaries since his face was uncomfortably too close to hers.

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Violet scoffed, drawing her shoulders back to put some distance between them. “You know what I think?” She asked now. “I don’t care…now get your filthy hands off me and leave!”

“C’mon babe, don’t be so uptight.” The man even scooted closer, sitting sideways as he spoke to her. “For buying you a drink worth close to sixty thousand naira, the least you can be is to be friendly and receptive. I’m a big fan of yours and I’ll really like to get to know you better… ehn…if you know what I mean…” He flinched his brows at her with a lewd smile on his face and Violet could hardly contain her disgust.

When she noticed that he was still caressing her thigh with his fingers, she warned him again as she tried to adjust her legs. “Sir, please do not disrespect any further, kindly take your hand off me.” She said coolly but when he only sneered, she angrilly snatched his hand and bent his finger backward till it hurt so bad that he gave a cry of pain and quickly withdrew his hand from hers.

He was angry now and he glowered at her. “That’s not how to treat a very important patron!” He hissed, suddenly grabbing her face in his hand and pulling it towards his then dug his fingers into her cheek in a painful way. “I’m a very important person to the growth of this club! I’m only being a gentleman by trying to woo and convince you into spending the night with me, girl! If I wanted to have you without having to impress you with a drink, I would have simply gone up to see your manager and instantly request that you be given to me for the night!” He spat.

“Let-me-go-right-now!” Violet managed to say as she grimaced in pain. “You-are-hurting-me!” She struggled to pull his hand away from her face.

But instead of letting her go, the man yanked her face nearer and said in a demeaning tone against her face that she could feel the heat of his breath on her face. “Your lips is so perfect that I’m imagining it wrapping around my cock right now!” Then he forcefully captured her lips in his while she struggled to break free from his hold. She realised that he had already pinned one of her hands down on the warm erection which had already grown in his pants and he was also trying to forcefully make her fondle him. In defense, she jammed the burning end of her cigarette into his ear and he screamed out in pain, instantly let her go and quickly slapping off the burning cigarette sticking out of  his ear.

As Violet tried to scramble out of the seat, the man grabbed her arm and pulled her back on the seat, and since the club was very noisy and they were in a corner, no one really noticed what was going on. And even if anyone did, Violet knew that they wouldn’t think anything much about it because they would think that they were just like every patron and stripper trying to make out, which was also not a new thing in the club.

“You bitch! I’ll teach you to act right!” The man hissed, more infuriated that she had burned his inner ear with her cigarette. He immediately grabbed one of her breasts and squeezed it hard through her bra, then he thrust his head forward, trying to forcefully release her nipple so that he could suck it. Violet struggled with him, trying to shove him off her, but the man was not only determined to capture her nipple in his mouth, he was also stronger. As they struggled, he succeeded in snapping that strap of her bra and making the cup come loose on her breast, that she had to hold it to her chest to prevent it from revealing her breast.

Unknown to both of them somebody unsteadily approached the back of the couch and tapped the man hard on the shoulder. When the man lifted his head to look back in annoyance of being interrupted, he met the dazed displeased look of Stephen who suddenly grabbed the back of the man’s head and slammed his face down hard on the table. While he pinned the man’s head down on the table, Stephen snatched the expensive bottle of wine by its neck, carelessly shattered it against the nearby wall making Violet gasp and flinch in fear then he pointed the jagged end of the bottle at the corner of the terrified man’s eyes.

“Whenever you see her again, you keep your fucking hands to yourself!” Stephen warned. “You try to take her against her will and I’ll dig your eyes out next time!” He threatened, pushing the side of the man’s face harder against the table and the man quickly lifted his arms, immediately conceding defeat and acceptance of abstaining from further harrasment of Violet. Violet glanced around the club and realised that Stephen’s open interference had attracted the attention of others to them now. And did he realise that he had just wasted a drink of almost sixty thousand naira?! She wondered.

Reluctantly letting the man go, Stephen staggered backward a bit while the man quickly got up, scrambled from the seat and dashed off for his life without the slightest hesitation. Violet stared at Stephen now and he gave her a lazy smile as he unsteadily moved again indicating that he was really drunk. She felt grateful for being saved from such a pervert and was about to tell him so when the expression on her face changed to that of shock. A crimson stain was fast spreading on Stephen’s side, soaking that part of shirt.


“What?” Stephen asked in a partial slur but when he looked down at his side where her eyes were fixed he was surprised to see the blood stain and that was when they realised that when he had smashed the bottle, a fragment had flown into his side and had cut him deeply. Stephen pulled up his shirt slowly and had pulled out the fragment of glass, making more blood seep out of the injury, he looked up to smile at Violet then suddenly collapsed with a thud on the floor and in alarm, Violet scrambled on the seat on her knees to look over the head of the couch at him.


Several minutes later, Violet was staggering through the hallway of the club’s hotel reserved just for the strippers. As she supported Stephen by placing his arm over her shoulder and guiding his steps, she prevented him from falling over several times despite how uncomfortable his weight on her made her on her heels.

Although, Stephen was half-awake, he was murmuring gibberish and sometimes singing songs that made no sense to her but she had to tolerate his nuisance because he was disoriented and probably didn’t know what was going on or where he was even heading to. As she led him towards her room which she often spent the night in anytime she was not sleeping outside the club, several strippers gave them curious looks as they passed by but Violet ignored them. When she finally reached her door, she helped him lean his back against the wall next to her door to prevent him from falling then she glanced down the hallway to see the trail of drops of blood they had left behind. She didn’t let it bother her because she knew that the cleaner would clean it.

As she unlocked her door and helped him in, he was so unsteady that he suddenly staggered forward and fell down hard, knocking her over with his weight and falling on her. Violet groaned as he almost knocked the breath out of her and the back of her head began to hurt from colliding with the floor.

“When a man drinks like this, he’s either plain stupid and has a knack for misbehaving in public or he is only desperately trying to drain out his frustration, and I suspect it’s the latter.” She said more to herself then added when she realised that he had rested his face on one of her breasts which had escaped from her bra during the fall. “Though, I think that apart from being annoying, you’re still a tad stupid Mr. Stephen!” She uttered then pushed and rolled him off her body to the floor. She got up and quickly locked the door from behind because she was scared that the patron who had harrassed her might return with some thugs to even out the score with Stephen who was not even in his right senses to defend himself or ward off an attack in his present state of mind.

After locking the door, she leaned her back against the wall and exhaled sharply then she took the strap of her fancy bag over her head and hung it on the wall. After that, she placed her hands on her hips and stared down at her half-asleep drunk saviour, wondering what to do with him. Remembering the injury on his side, she kicked off her heel shoes, quickly fetched her mini first-aid makeshift-box, knelt beside him and began to dress his injury after washing off the blood and cleaning the wound. Then she placed some cotton wool on it and plastered it. After she had helped him take off his shirt and singlet with some difficulty, she noticed that he had so many scars on his body. Wondering what he was involved in that would have caused so many scars, she decided to leave the question for when he was sober enough.

She took off the rest of his clothes and left him in his boxers, then walking towards his head and placing her hands under his armpits, she managed to lift off his upper back off the floor and began to gently drag him on the floor towards her mattress. When she finally placed him properly on her mattress, she moved him close to the wall since she didn’t like sleeping close to it because it made her feel claustrophobic. Glad that the final part of the task was over, she decided to go take a shower because she was so eager to wash off the touch of the patron who had harrassed her at the club.

Completely stripping herself naked and finally taking off her face mask in the room after confirming that her unplanned guest was deeply asleep, she walked into the bathroom to have her bath, and as she soaped her wet body, she was least prepared for what that night held for her. Maybe if she had known better or could predict the future, she would have sent Stephen on his way home not minding that he was drunk and helpless. Perhaps, she wouldn’t have been moved by his valiant act by bringing him up to her room just to repay his kindness by treating his injury and also letting him pass the night in her room.

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To be continued…

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