After a week or so, Kingsley was returning from school when he decided to stop by at his friend’s house to play video games when he noticed a familiar pair of feminine slippers next to an unfamiliar pair of masculine shoes in front of one of the doors in his friend’s compound. When his friend turned and realized that he was lingering in front of the door instead of following him, he asked:

“Guy, na wetin you dey look for? You don forget where my door dey?”

Kingsley glanced at him and then down back at the pair of familiar slippers. “Does my mother come to see anyone in your compound?”

His friend smiled and approached him. “Which kind question be that?”

“These are are slippers.” Kingsley pointed.

His friend laughed this time. “Na only your mama get this kind of slippers for Lagos?”

“No, but I’m telling you that I’ll recognize my mother’s footwear anywhere if I see them. This is hers!” Kingsley said with conviction.

“Well, don’t jump into conclusions yet, Kings, they might actually not be your mother’s.” His friend replied.

“Does she have any friends in this compound?” Kingsley pressed.

“Well, I don’t know but on the few occasions that I have seen her while going out or coming in, she was either just leaving or just arriving. I really don’t know whom she comes to see.” His friend answered.

“Then whom does this room belong to?”

“Papa Ejima… Though his wife is not around. She travelled to the village three months ago and hasn’t returned since then.” Then he gave a skeptical chuckle. “But guy, I don’t think your mother will want to have anything to do with Papa Ejima o. Have you seen this man? He’s as fat as a cow. He go press your mama like soft bread na.” When Kingsley shot him an angry look, his smile instantly vanished and he quickly muttered an apology.

“Well, to confirm if my mother is in this room or not, I have to see for myself. Where’s the window?”

“At the back…but the back is quite messy o. Our soakaway don burst since last week Tuesday and shit don dey leak since. Landlord no gree fix am o.”

“I’ll go anyway.” Kingsley insisted.

“No problem but I no go follow you o. The last thing I want is scrubbing shit off the soles of my new sandals.” His friend said.

“Just show me the way!” Kingsley said impatiently and his friend pointed out the direction he should take. Meanwhile, inside the room, Eliza was slowly untying her wrapper as she stared at the man on the bed who was eagerly watching her undress. She was in no mood to sleep with this man. He had a round bald head, a double chin and was overweight. His paunch was so big and seemed as if it contained quadruplets. His chest was hairy and his breasts were saggy. The most repulsing thing about him was the small dick he had and Eliza wondered if that little crayon will even go anywhere inside of her. She could bet that he couldn’t even see his own tiny penis because of the paunch obstructing his view. At least, if she was going to cheat on her husband, it would be wise to do it with someone who would make her pussy shudder.

Eliza was actually doing this because this fat pig of a man was her regular customer and because he was also very generous. Although, she had an ulterior motive too and that was to teach his absent wife who was always gossiping about her a lesson to mind her business. “Papa Ejima, I hope you’ll give me what you promised me once we do this?” She asked, seeking reassurance.

Spawled on the bed, he gave a belly-deep laugh and his stomach heaved. “Have I ever failed you, Eliza? I give you my word that you shall have it immediately we are done, not a minute late.” He assured her.


Exhaling, Eliza braced herself for what she was about to do. It wasn’t that this was her first time sleeping with a man besides her husband, in fact, she had lost count of all the men she had slept with, but fat smelly men were definitely not her taste.

“My dear, you are taking too much time, come and lie down so that I can climb you!” The pig said eagerly, patting the little space that was left on the bed.

“No!” Eliza quickly countered, trying to hide her disgust. If she let this man lie on top of her then today might be her last day on earth and she definitely didn’t want to have to explain to her Maker that she had been suffocated to death by a fat man who was almost dickless. She glanced down at his small member again and noticed that the tiny crayon had come to life and was slowly twitching against the big bags of balls underneath it as if calling out to her.

Why do men with small dicks always possess big balls as if it was the balls that would do the job? Eliza asked herself. Taking her panties down her legs but leaving her blouse on, Eliza approached him now, got on the bed and slowly and reluctantly lowered herself on him. Since his member wasn’t long, she had to guide it with her hand towards her bushy vagina. She felt it slip in a bit and watched the owner groan out loud in pleasure.

When Eliza fully swallowed the tiny thing up, she felt nothing. It was as if someone was only tickling her inside. Her vagina walls couldn’t even grip it and it made her angry and despaired. How had this stupid man managed to father four children with this useless thing he called a penis?

“Oh, that’s warm… Start moving, baby.” The fat man told her and Eliza grumbled under her breath and began to move up and down. Just as she had sex with the pig who had less than enough dick to stroke the insides of a woman in a good way, Eliza looked up at the window behind the bed and froze when her gaze locked with the gaze of the least person she had expected to see.

“Mama!” She heard her son gasp in shock, his eyes wide in disbelief. She knew that even though he couldn’t see their sexual organs which were thankfully concealed by papa Ejima’s potbelly, the stupid boy knew what was going on.

Getting off the fat man and stormed to the window and angrilly. “Will you get out of here, my friend!” She snapped at her son and instantly yanked the curtains shut. Papa Ejima who had managed to get in a sitting position, turned his head with some difficulty and asked: “Was that not your son?”

“And so?” Eliza sounded indifferent and unremorseful.

“You had better leave here immediately! What if he goes home to tell your husband and he comes here to deal with me?!” The man asked in fear. “What if he decides to disgrace us and let everyone in the compound know what has happened? All these gossips are sure to tell my wife and I don’t want her wahala when she returns from the village!” He apprehensively said.

“Listen, Papa Ejima, my husband is not home and will not be home for another three hours since he’s busy riding his useless okada all over Lagos. If this is your plan not to give me that money, you must be joking, cuz as long as that thing you called a dick has entered my puna, you must pay me my money!” Eliza said sternly.

“But, my dear, I’m not trying to cheat you here. Try and understand, I’m only concerned that that boy might go and-“


Eliza didn’t let him finish, she shoved him back to his former position on his back, sat on him and pumped faster till all she could hear were his moans. She was determined to collect what was rightfully hers and not even her son catching her red-handed would change her mind.

Meanwhile, without even bidding his friend goodbye, Kingsley had been so shocked by what he had seen that he had gone home immediately. When he got home, he changed out of his uniform and began to pace the room without bothering to eat lunch while he waited for his father to return from work. Anytime he heard the sound of a motorbike, he would immediately step out of the room to check only to be disappointed when the bike rode past his house. He was anxious to tell his father what he had seen, hoping that this would make his father finally man up and send his whore of a mother packing.

Restlessly, he continued to pace the room, sometimes, hammering his fisted hand in his other palm as he occasionally glanced at the old wall clock. Soon, he heard footsteps and his eyes brightened in hope, but as he dashed outside the room to welcome whom he thought was his father, he came to an abrupt halt and froze when he realized that it was no other person but his mother.

“Oh! You thought it was your father, abi?” She said with a sneer. “So, you really want to rat me out, isn’t it? That’s your plan; to disgrace me in my husband’s house and in this street! Well, your plan will not work! I actually came back home to tell you that whatever you are planning to tell your father about what you saw this afternoon will not work!” Then she seized the front of his shirt in her hand and pointed a warning finger at his face. “Now, listen to me, you brat! If a word of what you saw me doing in papa Ejima’s room gets out to your father or anybody else, I’ll know that it is you and I shall make your life miserable! That useless father that you so much love, I’ll make sure he goes to the grave early too! If you know what is good for you, you had better keep that mouth of yours shut or I’ll deal with you mercilessly!” Having issued her threat, she shoved him away and he staggered backwards but immediately regained his stamina.

Walking into the room, she sat on the old couch, pulled her purse from under her arm, pulled out a wad of cash which Papa Ejima had given her and began to briskly count it while she lubricated her fingers with her saliva. When she was done, she called Kingsley into the roon and threw two thousand naira at him while she returned the rest into her purse. “That’s your share of my hustling, so know that you know that we are in this together! I know that you need money to support your useless father! Now that I’ve given you out of the money I generated with my body, if I’m going down, I’m taking you with me! I’ll tell your father that you have been collecting bribes for every man I sleep with!”

After saying this, Eliza moved towards the bed, pulled the curtains demarcating the bed side from the chair side which was a makeshift living room close, then she changed her clothes, dressed her hair before the mirror, redid her makeup and went out again.

When Kayode came back from work. Kingsley told him nothing. Now that he had thought deeply about it, he concluded that his father might not do anything after all if he told him that his mother was sleeping with other men and he had caught her right in the act a few hours ago. He had a feeling that telling him such might only worsen his predicament in the hands of his mother than do him any good at all. So Kingsley decided that it was best to keep the secret to himself since it was obvious enough that his mother was the head of the family.


As they quietly ate the concoction rice he had prepared that evening in the absence of his mother, Kingsley watched his father closely. The man seemed weary of life. There were tired lines on his forehead and his eyes looked sunken from lack of enough sleep and good food. Even though he tried to act tough, Kingsley knew that his father felt helpless and hopeless but what he was grateful about was the fact that his father was finally cured of the gonorrhea that had tortured him for weeks. No more did he experience pain nor did he scream in pain during urination.

“Kingsley?” His father’s voice broke through his thoughts now.

“Yes papa?”

“Why are you this quiet tonight? Is something wrong?” His father asked in concern.

Kingsley hesitated then swallowed hard. “No papa, I just had a rough day at school, that’s all.”

“Okay… Well, I want to tell you something. I would have shared this information with a friend if they all hadn’t deserted me when I lost my job as a Bank Manager. What I’m about to tell you is actually too mature for you but I guess the situations surrounding us has already robbed you of your childhood and has made you grow up so fast.”

“What is it, papa?” Kingsley asked.

“Promise me that you won’t tell your mother.”

“I promise. I don’t even gist with her in the first place.” Kingsley assured his father.

“Good… I’ve a confession to make and I want you to know as my son.” Then he paused and continued after a moment. “I almost slept with a teenage girl today.”

Kingsley’s eyes slowly widened. “Papa, that’s against the law. I was thought in school that one could get arrested for sleeping with a minor.”

“I know but she’s not really a minor per say, she will be twenty in two weeks time.” He said.

“Where did you know her from?”.

“From the busstop where most bike men park their bikes waiting for customers. She is from Delta state and she sells Ewa agoyin and yam. The bike men including I patronize her daily, but with time, she stopped taking payments from me and began to give me food for free.”

“Does that mean she likes you?” Kingsley asked.

His father smiled for the very first time that evening and he almost looked young again. “Yes, she likes me. She told me so, but she really looks bigger than her age. One would think she is twenty-five.”

“Oh!” Kingsley uttered then asked. “Then how did you almost sleep with her?”

“She made it a habit that I must be the one who drops her at home after she closes for the day. And to repay her kindness for giving me free food, I make sure that I take her to her house for free too.” Then he cleared his throat and adjusted on his seat. “Well, I was only that tempted because your mum has refused me my right as her husband for the past three months, ever since she gave me that infection. Anyway, Let me tell you what happened, so that even in the future, you might be able to resist temptation too, because desperate women will always try to lure you with bed and some are so dangerous that they will do anything to get you to sleep with them.”

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To be continued…

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