Tunde had been invited to spend the Christmas with the Okafors. He was pretty excited for he would finally get to spend time with and win the heart of his soon-to-be in-laws. He went shopping with his fiancee Cynthia and brought every possible thing he could for each member of her family. Well, he had the money and he wanted to impress Cynthia’s family especially when it there was a popular believed that Igbos had a weakness for wealth and their girls were very materialistic. He wasn’t sure if Cynthia’s parents would accept him because of his tribe but he had a feeling that he had a chance of winning them over since he was rich.

Well, by the time he reached the house and drove into the compound, he was amazed. He was surprised to discover that Cynthia came from a very wealthy family and she never said anything about it nor acted like it. His eyes swept over a dozen very expensive cars as he drove through the compound looking for where to pack. When he finally found a spot under one of the pavilions, We got down and he saw a couple of guys in their early twenties, late twenties and early thirties gathered in a thatched outdoor rest place around a round table discussing. They were close to seven in number and looked real good. He asked Cynthia who they were and she told me that some of them were her cousins while the others were just family friends.

They said hi to them and moved on and as they walked towards the house, they saw a few women gathered together gisting or painting their nails. When they saw Cynthia, they all got up and hugged her one after the other after a loud girly scream that made him flinch. Tunde was introduced to them and the girls simply acknowledged him with a smile or flutter of fingers and he politely acknowledged them too. When they left that spot, he asked Cynthia why there were so many people in the house and she told him that they had all come to spend Christmas with them. Soon, they went into the house and found Cynthia’s parents in the living room watching TV.

Cynthia rushed to hug her parents which after she introduced Tunde to them as her fiance. Her mother welcomed him while her father shook hands with their prospective son-in-law. Tunde was just admiring the lovely sitting room when he heard a scream that made him flinch. He turned to see that the scream had come from a very beautiful girl whom looked very much like Cynthia. The girl dashed across the living room and flung her arms around Cynthia’s neck as she hopped and continued screaming in excitement. When the two ladies finally parted, it dawned on me that the new girl was Cynthia’s younger sister from the way Cynthia spoke so tenderly and lovingly to her. As the two ladies conversed, he scrutinized the younger sibling. Shit, her ass was round, full and perfect and she was dressed in a green camisole and black bumshots. His eyes travelled down the back of her legs and he saw faint stretch marks at the back of her knees and his eyes continued down to her slender ankles of which the left one had an anklet.

“And who’s this?” She asked, turning to look at me.

“Carol…” Cynthia began. “This is Tunde my fiance, Tunde, meet Carol my younger sister.”

“Wow!” Carol’s eyes shone then she folded her arms across her chest and gave him a scrutinizing look. While he seized the opportunity to also look at her front view since he had already checked out the back.

Carol had no bra on but her breasts were not as ample as her buttocks and through the material of her green camisole, he could see the shape of her large nipples staring back at me. He swallowed hard and he felt a tingling in her groin. Remembering that he was in public and before his fiancee’s parents, he quickly controlled his thoughts by thinking of the last football match that he had watched.

“Well, he looks good!” Carol finally said with an approving smile.

“Put those nipples in my mouth!” Tunde wanted to tell her too but he held his tongue. The last thing he wanted was being thrown out of the Okafor’s house and his relationship with Cynthia, severed.

Cynthia’s father suddenly cleared her throat to get our attention. “Well, son you are welcome… Merry Christmas in advance… Carol will show you to your room.”

“Room?” Tunde asked and threw his fiancee a questioning look.

“Yes…” Her father continued. “I don’t care what you guys do in your own apartments but there’ll be no doing any uncouth thing under my own roof… Besides, it’s wise to keep this Christmas holy! Isn’t it, darling?” He asked his wife with a smile and they both shared a knowing laugh which the children understood besides Tunde.

Tunde didn’t like the idea of sleeping apart from his fiancee but he had no choice than to respect her parents’ wish. “Come with me please…” Carol touched my shoulder and beckoned to me to follow her. I reluctantly obeyed after Cynthia gave me an apologetic smile. As Carol led me up the stairs, I watched her backside moved and this time, I couldn’t stop myself from getting an erection.

“There are almost eight rooms upstairs in this wing of the house.” She told me over her shoulder and down a long hallway. “That’s my room!” She pointed with her thumb at a door as we walked by and he noted it for future purpose.

She finally stopped and opened a door to reveal a beautiful room then said: “You can take this one.”

He immediately counted within me how many doors to hers and realized that he was four doors away then he asked: “What about the one opposite your room? Is it occupied?”

She glanced at the door then hesitantly answered: “Yes, by a family friend, Austin.”

He caught a hint in her eyes that he didn’t understand yet. “Can I share that room with this family friend?” He asked.

She hesitated as if contemplating it then nodded. “Yes you may.” Then she led him back to the door opposite her room and opened it. “If you need anything, just let me know.” She stated and walked away.

After keeping his bags, Tunde quickly went in search of his fiancee. After asking a maid where he could find Cynthia, he snuck to her room and found her undressing. Immediately, he rushed her eagerly kissing her but she reluctantly held him back with her hands to his chest as she shook her head in refusal. “Babe, are you okay?” She asked him, surprised at his action.

Tunde paused. “Cynthia, I’m so hungry for you right now…” He began to unbutton his shirt.

Cynthia shook her head and stepped away to put some gap between them. “Tunde I’ve told you that I’ve been celibate for two years now. I don’t want to have sex until we are married, why is that so difficult for you to abide by?”

Tunde’s finger paused over his fourth button. “But babe, I’ve held on for so long, for nine months now… This is Christmas, can’t you just at least make this season and exception? Like, make this a Christmas gift? Just this once and I promise I won’t bother you again until our wedding night.”

“Tunde, sex is not a gift.” Cynthia stated. “I was serious when I told you before we started dating that it would be a platonic relationship and you agreed to it, why are you trying to ruin it now?!”

Tunde grimaced, his erection was beginning to hurt so he squeezed it through his pants and said pleadingly. “Babe, this no-sex policy of yours is doing more harm than good to me. it’s killing me! I’m a man and sex is very vital if you want me to think straight. The past nine months had been very frustrating. It’s really not easy! Can’t you just reconsider and let me have your coochie just this once?! Just once and I’ll be refreshened and willing to wait till we are married, please.”

Cynthia stares at him disbelief. “I can’t believe you are acting like this!  But you knew this from the beginning and you accepted to date in me despite my no-sex policy!”

Tunde was angry now. “You have no idea what you do to me! I’m dying here!”

“And since when did sex become oxygen?!” Cynthia gave him a disgruntled look as she folded her arms across her chest. “…or are you cheating on me already? Maybe you didn’t even wait all these nine months. For all I know, you could have been secretly sleeping around.”

“I wish! But I’m yet to do that because I love you and trust me baby, you are pushing me to it gradually and I don’t know for how long I can continue to hold back! Can’t you see that you are being selfish here? Have I not proven myself enough? Nine months! Nine fucking months and you won’t still let me touch your boobs not to talk of tasting the honey!”


“See, I’m not going to go into an argument with you. It’s Christmas Eve and the last thing I want is creating a scene. Please leave, when you are calm enough, you can come back so we can talk like two mature adults!” Cynthia snapped.

“Really?” Tunde asked quietly. “You are asking me to leave your room?”

“Yes, I’m.”

“Fine!” Tunde let his crotch go; his erection had already died from his anger. “Fine! He stated again, turned and stalked out of the room while Cynthia slumped down on the foot of the bed, heaved a sigh and buried her face in her hands. She was no virgin but she had made a vow to herself that she would never have premarital sex again. Her last boyfriend who had deflowered her had dumped her and had travelled to the UK and when she had confronted him after seeing pictures of him with his new girlfriend on Facebook, he had broken up with her. That had really hurt her because she had loved her Ex so much and they had dated for five years which she had done several abortions for him.

After this sad incident, she had made up her mind that she wouldn’t allow any man into her paradise until she said “I do” on the alter. Meanwhile, she knew that Tunde was a nice guy but she had kept her past away from him. She was just learning to love again but she knew she would never love any man like she had loved her ex- Jonathan.

Tunde was angry. In fact, angry was an understatement, he was furious. Had he not be patient enough? Common coochie that was rampant and easy to get in the country and yet his fiancee had been denying him sex for nine months. He decided to stroll the grounds and go in search of a private place where he could sulk alone. As he neared the garden at the back of the house which had lots of trees and flowers, he heard voices and paused as he drew close to a corner. He moved stealthily along a wall then peeked into the corner and he was surprised when he saw Carol and a guy beside a clump of banana trees. They had their hands all over each other as they kissed passionately. When they finally paused to catch their breath, he heard Carol ask: “Austin, that took you so long? I’ve been waiting here for the past ten minutes!”

“You know that I had to skillfully get away from the group na. The last thing we want is being discovered. I took this great risk of coming to your house pretending as a family friend. I’m sure that your father will never want a mechanic’s son anywhere near his beloved daughter.”

“That’s why I begged my cousin not to reveal your identity.” Carol replied.

“I think the dope clothes you bought me really made me fit in.” He said with a proud smile as he admired the new clothes he had on. “I could never have afforded this.”

“It’s nothing baby.” She pulled his beard playfully then put on a sober look now. “Austin, there has been a change in plans.”

“What?” He asked.

“We can’t meet in your room anymore at midnight.”


“My sister just arrived with her fiance and he has requested to share your room with you.”

“But why mine when there are other empty rooms?” He asked with a flustered look.

“Well I don’t know… Let’s just change our plan. Since my room is just across from yours, you can easily sneak into it when everyone else is asleep.”

“Isn’t that risky?” He asked with a skeptical look in his eyes.

“Not if you are careful enough and besides, no one will suspect me. As far as I’m concerned, my parents still think I’m a virgin so I don’t think they’ll be wary of me. We’ll just have that sweet long lasting sex you promised me for Christmas and you’ll be gone before anyone wakes up.”

“How many rounds?” He asked with a sultry smile.

“As many rounds as you can give.” She grabbed the front of his shirt, pulled him close and kissed him deeply. “And my lights will be off so come with Nokia phone so that you can see your way in in the dark. I don’t want anyone noticing anything through the window, so please be careful.”

“Of course I will and to show that I’m eager for tonight, let me give you something to light up your Christmas Eve.” He said and began to kiss down her chest. As if understanding what he was about to do, she relaxed and let him have his way as he continued down her belly with kisses. She slowly leaned her back against one of the banana trees as Austin quickly undid the button and zip of her bum-short and pulled it down to her knees. Then he parted her thighs and immediately captured her womanhood in his mouth while she placed a hand on his head, threw back her head, closed her eyes and moaned in pleasure as he sucked her labia and flicked her clit with his tongue before running his tongue up and down to her vagina to collect the sticky colourless juice that had seeped out of her glory hole.

Tunde flattened his back against the wall. His hands was already inside his pants squeezing his stiff erection and he licked his lips as if he was the one actually giving Carol head. He had seen Carol’s pussy but he needed to touch and taste it himself. If Cynthia would not let him make love to her, then he could as well do that with her younger sister since she would still be his sister-in-law but how can he get her to let him have sex with her? Not when this Austin of a guy was going to be a barrier. Tunde pulled out his dick from his pants and cradled it in his palm. He was endowed but this big guy had been rendered useless by Cynthia all because of her stupid celibate policy. Tunde was even beginning to doubt his sexual prowess. Since he had not had sex for so long, would he still be able to last in bed? Plotting out ways in his head of how to get Carol to have sex with him, he tucked his dick back into his pants and hurried away to want in the bathroom. He was determined to and was certain that he would have sex tonight at all cost and in order not to embarrass himself, he decided to go masturbate first in the bathroom he shared with Austin so he would last longer.

Cynthia was seated in an armchair facing her bed. She has her ankles crossed on the foot of the bed as she did some work on her laptop and sipped a glass of pineapple juice at intervals. Unknown to her, someone came up from behind and placed hands on her shoulder and began to massage it.

“Oh God…” Cynthia shuddered and moaned. “I needed that… Like I’m really stressed out…yeah…that spot baby…” She relaxed her back into the chair and closed her eyes to enjoy the massage. “Your hands feel so good… Yeah… A little to the side… Your massage reminds me of someone….oh… This is so good! I’m really glad that you’ve calmed down… Thanks for being so understanding, Tunde…”

But to her surprise, the hands slowly moved down towards her chest, slipped into her blouse and began to twist her nipples. Cynthia had let out a moan before she realized what was going on. “Tunde, please stop!” She started to sit up now.

“And who’s this Tunde?” A familiar voice asked and Cynthia gasped and jolted out of the chair but caught her laptop and placed it on the bed before it fell to the floor. Her eyes widened when she realized that Jonathan was the one who had been massaging her since.

“Youuu…” She hissed.

“Yes me! Tada!” He exclaimed with a smile and open arms.  “Surprised?”

“What are you doing here?” She asked without smiling.

“What else?” He placed his hands on the head of the chair. “I came to spend Christmas as usual with you and your family and if you care to know, I returned four days ago… I decided to surprise you since your sister told me that you’d be coming for Christmas.”

“And what exactly gave you the right to come into my room and touch me like that?!” She barked.

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“Hey, calm down. You and I know that you have always loved being massaged.” He said softly.

“Not anymore! Especially by you! Look, Jonathan, I don’t know why you came here but it’s over between us, I have a fiance now!”

“Who?” He scoffed. “The dude you came in here with? Gosh! That guy doesn’t even measure up to me! If you were going to move on, I expected better, girl. That guy don’t know shit and he sure can’t treat you like I used to.”

“Yeah, that’s the point! He is treating me like you treated me! If anything, he respects and treats me right and unlike you, he is not focused on having sex all the time!” She spat.

His eyes slowly moved down her belly to her crotch in surprise. “You mean, he hasn’t been down there?”

She folded her arms now and looked away. “It’s none of your business!”

“Girl, you kept yourself for me?”

“You must be out of your mind if you think so, Jonathan! What are you doing here by the way? Shouldn’t you be with your new girlfriend or what?”

“What girlfriend?” He asked, feigning ignorance.

“Oh don’t play dumb with me Jonathan! The girl whom you broke up with me over of course!”

“Listen sugar, I don’t know what you are talking about but if this is about Paige, we are long done, I couldn’t go on with her because I’m still in love with you…and I know that you still feel something for me too.”

I swallowed hard. I knew that he was right. I still loved him very much but I have moved on now and I wasn’t going to jilt Tunde for Jonathan. “Get out!” I pointed at the door now. Just the sight of him was bringing back memories and his familiar cologne was beginning to awaken my sexual urge again. Gosh! Why was Jonathan still my sexual weakness?! “Get out Jonathan! Now!” I yelled.

“Fine…” He lifted open palms to call me. “Jeez, take a chill pill! I actually came back hoping that we could fix things and make it work this time but it’s clear that you are still hurting. I love you, Cynthia and I can’t wait to have you in my arms once again. I have never loved anyone the way I love you and I don’t think I ever will. I feel there’s more to us than you know and I don’t want to lose this, us…”

I swallowed hard and clenched my hands at my sides to stop myself from grabbing the front of his shirt and kissing him deeply. Gosh, I have missed him and he looked so different since he got back! So handsome and attractive! But she had to stand firm. She couldn’t let herself to be ditched then fooled again by his charms and most importantly, she definitely wouldn’t cheat on Tunde.

“How about we meet tonight when everyone is asleep?” He asked with those his sexy eyes staring into hers.

She hesitated as if indecisive of the answer to give him then shook her head and stated. “No. Leave. I don’t want to have anything to do with you now or even again! Get out Jonathan! Get out now!” When he hesitated, she grew furious, pushed him out of her room and slammed the door shut then she slid down against it to the floor and wept quietly. She still loved this man so much and it was killing her.

When the family and their guests gathered in the big dining room to have dinner, Tunde sat beside his fiancee as they all ate and discussed at the table. Although, he didn’t notice that she was exceptionally quiet because he kept sneaking glances at Austin and Carol who communicated secretly with facial gestures despite sitting far apart from each other. Unknown to him, Jonathan was also checking him out while he himself kept looking gazes with Cynthia who was trying so hard not to look at him. He knew that she still loved him and he was determined to get her back, engaged or not. He was even glad when he heard that she didn’t share a room with Tunde so he was determined to try his luck tonight. If Cynthia still loved him as much as she once did, then that pussy that has been dormant for months was going to get some sweet attention tonight.

After dinner, they all dispersed. Tunde quickly befriended Austin and they began to gist and know each other better. Soon, when they retired to their bedroom at 11p.m., Tunde brought out a bottle of alcohol and offered Austin to drink with him. Austin stated that he didn’t like alcohol because he couldn’t handle his alcohol well but Tunde cajoles him to take just a cup. Austin kept texting and receiving messages on his Nokia phone and Tunde knew that Carol was probably reminding him about their plan, but as they gisted into the night, Austin had more alcohol to drink since Tunde barely sipped any and let the younger man finish the whole bottle. Austin began to slur and soon collapsed on the floor where he had been sitting near the bed. When Tunde checked the time, it was eleven minutes past midnight. He got up, lifted Austin’s arm several times and when it fell limply, he was convinced that Austin had fallen into a deep sleep.

Tunde carefully took the Nokia phone which laid in his open palm then he snuck out of the room. He paused in front of Carol’s door and took a deep breath. He was just in my boxers and my erection had grown so hard that it had created a tent in his boxers. Without knocking, he took the handle and slowly opened the door, slipped into the dark room and closed the door behind him.

“Great!” He heard Carol’s soft and excited voice in the dark. “I was beginning to worry that you had slept off. Come to the bed.”

He obeyed without making a sound. The tiny flash light of the Nokia phone was on so he made my way to the bed, switched off the light and then got on the bed. She quickly threw her arms around him and pulled him close. Thankfully, she didn’t notice anything. Maybe because his build was only slightly different from Austin’s. Tunde was taller.

“Take that off!” She stated as she quickly began to push his boxers down his waist. Before he could say Jack, she was on him, with her mouth swallowing up his dick and hungrily sucking it while he moaned as he grew even harder in her warm and wet mouth.

Somewhere in one of the balconies upstairs. Cynthia couldn’t sleep. She leaned with her elbows on the banister as she stared into the swimming pool below while she heard a cup of alcohol in one of her hands. She was clad in her night dress but sleep had eluded her. She just couldn’t get Jonathan off her mind no matter how hard she tried. She was still thinking deeply when she felt someone come from behind her before hands held her waist and a hard dick rubbed against her buttocks. “I knew I would find you here.”

Startled, she gasped and spun around to find Jonathan smirking at her. Instantly, she slapped him. “You have got to stop sneaking on me and most importantly, stop touching me!”

“Shrrr…” He said. “You’ll wake up everybody!”

“I don’t care! Just leave me alone! Why are you here by the way?! Shouldn’t you be in bed like everybody else?!”

“I couldn’t sleep.” He answered as he moved to stand beside her. “I kept thinking of you.” He said softly.

She looked away. “I really came here to be alone, so please leave.”

“Cynthia…” He placed a hand on hers. “Just please give me a chance. I’m now the better version of me and I want to make you happy.”

“Do I look sad to you?!” I snapped. “Jonathan, I’m happy and thanks to Tunde for that!”

“Then why aren’t you with him right now? Shouldn’t he be the one conforting you if he really cares?”

“Well, he’s asleep and doesn’t know that I’m out here.” She said feebly.

“Right… A man who’s in love will never sleep comfortably away from the woman he loves… Remember when we used to sneak to see each other? We mattered so much to each other and you still matter to me till now… Cynthia, if I really loved Paige, I won’t be here right now. Anytime I make love to her, all I see is your face. Instead of moaning her name, I moan yours. Can’t you see how much I love you? I am burning with passion for you and I can’t bear to think of another man laying his filthy hands on you.” As he said all these, he kept pulling closer till he was a breath away and before she could blink, he leaned down and captured her lips. Helplessly, she placed the cup on the banister and threw her arms around his neck. They kissed feverishly, fondling, squeezing and grabbing each other in every place they could. After a long hot kiss, she snapped out of it, tore her lips from his and suddenly shoved him away, panting. He staggered backwards, panting heavily from the kiss they had just had.

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“What? Did I do something wrong?” He asked in surprise.

“No…” She swallowed hard as she started shaking her head. “No… I can’t do this! This is wrong… I can’t do this Jonathan! No!” Tears welled up in her eyes.

“But sugar…” He drew closer and was about to touch her when she got pissed, grabbed the cup and tossed the drink at his face.

“Stop using my weakness against me!” She snapped and without a word, he stared down at his white vest, turned and angrily walked away.

Carol finally released Tunde’s dick from her mouth and he instantly attacked her boobs, sucking and grabbing them like his life depended on them. Those big nipples he had been dying to suck were finally his and he intended to suck the living daylight out of them. She moaned in his ears as his hands also got busy between her thighs. He sucked her nipples so hard because he knew he would never got such an opportunity again and he wanted the taste of her to last long enough. By the time he had rendered her nipples sore, he quickly dived down between her thighs. He needed to taste her there too.

As he lapped her up and worked his way into her with his fingers while his thumb rubbed her clit or she could do was moan and clamp her thighs together, trapping his head but that didn’t deter him but only spurred him more. He licked every inch and every hidden spot till she was covered in the wetness of his mouth.

“I can’t wait any longer…” She said to him… Just do it… Please do it already…” She pleaded.

He happily obliged and without wasting time, he lifted and placed each leg on his shoulders and in that way, he carefully slid into her while she made uncomfortable sounds in the dark.

“Aisshh! Austin when did you grow bigger?” She asked in the dark as he sank into her inch by inch. He didn’t dare reply because he knew his voice would give him away. Instead he got down to work and began to thrust in and out of her in a push-up position and she made it worth his time by playing with and twisting his nipples which made him moan and fuck her faster and deeper. She was soaking wet and the penetration was smooth soon enough. Tunde pounded his soon-to-be sister-in-law, unleashing all the sexual urge that had built up in nine months. The room was so quiet that he could hear his droopy balls slapping against her ass crack as he fucked her. He tried every sexual position he knew and held back from cumming till he had fucked the living daylight out of her and her pussy was hot.

When he couldn’t hold it anymore, he moaned out as he cummed inside of her, twitching deep inside and spurting threads after threads of semen. When his dick had completely emptied itself inside of her, he pulled out slowly and collapsed right behind her, leaving a trail of semen on her inner thigh. She quickly snuggled up against him and fell asleep from exhaustion. He on the other hand couldn’t sleep yet. He felt guilty but the pleasure he had just gotten soon buried his guilt along with his remorse and he decided that he would stay back a little while and perhaps wake her up with another round of hot sex before departing to his room. He knew that Cynthia would never find out and he was determined to cover his tracks and that would be very possible since Carol had mistaken him for Austin.

Meanwhile, Cynthia who had felt guilty for being so unkind and rude to her Ex had gone after him. And while her fiancee was just catching his breath from sleeping with her sister, she was on her hands and knees in Jonathan’s room, moaning while he fucked her from behind on the floor. She hoped Tunde would never get to find out because he would feel betrayed that she had started him of sex for so long only to offer it to her Ex in a platter. She was ashamed but she had missed her Ex so much that it had been so easy to let him seduce her. She loved the feeling of his dick and the way it stroked herself and he whispered a merry Christmas in her ear as he leaned over her and suck deeper, reaching under her to stroke her clit.

Before dawn, Cynthia quickly got dressed and snuck to her room and after having a second hot round with Carol, Tunde also snuck back to his room undetected. Thankfully, Austin was still knocked out on the floor and was snoring away. When morning fully arrived, Austin woke up with a start. He glanced around and realized that he had slept off and he bit his lip in regret. They were all informed that dinner was ready and as he stepped out of his room after having a bath and getting dressed, he came face to face with Carol who had just stepped out of her room too, beaming with smiles.

Austin couldn’t look her in the eyes. He knew that she would be very mad at him that he had ruined their plans. He was about to apologize to her and promise to make up for it when she whispered to him: “Thanks for the sex… I loved it!”

“What!” He stared at her in a perplexed way. “What sex?”

“The one we had at midnight… You gave it to me good. It’s something I’ll never forget in a hurry, though my nipples are still sore.”

“Wait, Carol, I never had sex with you. I fell asleep… I was going to apologize for that.” Then his eyes narrowed. “Wait, you had sex with someone else?!”

Quickly composing herself, Carol quickly said, “Wait, I must have slept off too… It was perhaps a dream…” To throw Austin off being suspicious, she pretended to be angry. “I think I must have slept off while waiting for you then dreamt that we had sex! I’m so mad at you right now! How could you stand me up?! Do you know how long I had waited hoping that you’d come?!”

“Baby, I’m sorry. I got drunk! I promise I’ll make it up to you.”

“You had better!” She stated and walked away.

At breakfast, Carol couldn’t stop thinking about whom she had had sex with. If it wasn’t Austin then it meant that someone had snuck into her room last night and had taken advantage of her. The sex was great but who was that person? She thought as she scanned the faces of all the guys at the table and never for once did she even glance at Tunde. She suspected that he could have been with her sister last night.

Tunde was in high spirits and he ate without a care in the world while unknown to him, Cynthia was sad. She had been told by her mother that something urgent had come up and Jonathan had had to leave immediately. She was still eating when she received a text which read:

“Thanks for the sex. Needed to get a taste of that honey pot once again before I finally settled down. By the way, I have gone back to the UK. My fiancee called and I can’t wait to be with her. Thanks for the great sex once again. Merry Christmas Sugar.”

Cynthia felt used and she forced herself not to cry. Gow could he do this to her again. She had thought that he was back for good but he had only come back to play on her weakness and sexually take advantage of her. Swallowing hard, she turned to her fiancee and whispered: “Let’s have sex after breakfast.”

Tunde stared at her in surprise, held her hand and give it a soft squeeze then replied: “No babe, I’m fine. I have decided to go on waiting. Let’s just leave that till we are married.”

Cynthia sighed in despair now and stared down dumbly at her plate. Well, Tunde never had to know that she had cheated on him with her Ex. It was a secret she’d have to keep forever. Merry Christmas to her coochie!

The End


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