Note: This story is not to entertain but to educate, enlighten and inform people about common misconceptions about virginity, so please if it doesn’t sit well with you, simply do not scroll down, if you do, you do so at your own risk.


My husband pulled out of me and went to switch on the light and I immediately covered my face with my hands in shame. It was my wedding night and being a virgin, I was so shy that I had pleaded with him that the only way that I would more comfortable consummating our marriage was only if he switched off the lights, although he had complained about being one who liked to see everything he was doing and touching during sex, he reluctantly replied but now after several minutes of deflowering me and giving me nothing short of painful and unpleasant sex which was not in any way pleasurable, he had withdrawn from me even without ejaculating and had gone to switch on the lights to my detriment and chagrin.

He returned to the bed and began to check the sheet between my thighs and under my buttocks. Curious about how keen he was on checking the bed sheets around the lower part of my body, I asked meekly from between my fingers. “What are you looking for?” I asked meekly.

“I am looking for the blood stain.” He remarked with an impatient edge to his voice.

Confused, I gently propped on an elbow, holding duvet to my chest to cover my nakedness. “What blood?” I asked.

“What kind of a stupid question is that?!” He snapped at me and I flinched in fear. He had never shouted at me before and I wondered what he was so upset about. “Are you not a virgin?!” he continued icily. “Aren’t you supposed to bleed after I entered you?!”

My brow furrowed in confusion and I shifted, lifting one of my buttocks up to check under for any red stain on the white bedsheets which my husband had purposely purchased for this special night. “There’s no blood.” I confirmed.

“Of course, there’s no blood!” He rose and gave me a disgruntled look. “Which automatically mean that you are not a virgin like you claimed!” He accused.

“What! Ben, me?” I placed a hand on my chest, deeply hurt by his words.

“Do not Ben me!” He retorted. “All these time that you had to make me wait was only to deliver this rubbish package to me! Your boobs are not firm! You are as dry as wood and yet you fooled me into believing that you were a virgin!”

I stared down at my chest. My boobs were not perky quite alright but I was busty and women with busty boobs were prone to partial sag because of the weight but I knew that I had beautiful breasts anyway. A tear slipped from my eyes. “Ben, why are you saying all these to me? What have I done to you this night to warrant this, what?!”

“Don’t you shed any crocodile tears! You think that I’m a fool? You think that I’ll be moved by those fake tears?! And to imagine that I spent 10 million naira on our wedding and even gifted your parents 1.5 million naira because you were a virgin, not knowing that you were only fooling me into anticipating how I’d be the first man! You are an utter disappointment! Shame on you!” He spat. “Now I understand that you must have planned this with that stupid pastor of yours who convinced me I marrying from the be choir department but now that the truth has come to light, you are leaving my house this night! Imagine, no blood! Not even a drop! You’re an imposter and should be publicly disgraced and stoned!” He said in disgust as he angrily put on his boxers.

I quickly scrambled to the floor and grabbed my husband’s boxers, letting the sheets fall from my body as I got on my knees and began to cry. There was no use being shy anymore not after all the insults and accusations that has been heaped on me but I was innocent.

“Ben, please, please, don’t just leave like that!” I pleaded amidst tears. “Let’s try again, please. Maybe you did not get it right the first time.” I begged desperately, ready to endure the painful sex again.

Out of nowhere, a heavy slap landed on my face and I fell to the floor as he yelled above me. “What insolence?! I didn’t get it right? What are you trying to say?! That I’m not man enough? You stupid bitch!”

Note: Not all virgins bleed. Some women are born without the hymen. And the hymen which causes a woman to bleed can wear out with time due to some forms of exercises like climbing trees, riding bicylces, splitting, etc.

Some women who do not bleed on their first sex end up bleeding on the second, third or fourth and these can vary by days. Do not demean a woman because you saw no blood, it doesn’t make her any less a virgin.

It’s also important that you know that even women who masturbate by inserting their fingers or objects into their vaginas are still virgins, they only stop being virgins once they have penile penetration not candle or cucumber penetration. Be smart, knowledge is power.

©Angela Okoduwa



“My mother married my father while still a virgin, so that means you also must be a virgin.” He said.

“Why?” I asked as I listened to him. We were at an eatery and this was the third time we were hanging out and every single time we hung out, he never failed to mention the word ‘Virginity’.

“Because virgins make the best wives of course!” He remarked. “Do you know how proud a man feels when he is the first?”

“No, tell me…” With my hand under my chin, I said indifferently as I sipped my drink. I was fed up of this topic already. If not because he was rich, I would have emptied my drink on his head, not that he was even good looking anyway and he was here talking about virginity as if he himself was one. I watched his facial features as he spoke and within me, I clicked my tongue in disapproval. He’s not fine but his money makes him attractive. I concluded as I subjected myself to the torture of listening to his sermon.

“I can do anything to get a virgin because I want a girl exactly like my mother. Virgins are very submissive because their husbands are the first, so they tend to respect him and live on his every word.” He continued.

“Must you have a woman like your mother? Every woman is unique in her own way.” I stated.

“Any woman who is not a virgin is a harlot!” He stated firmly. “My former girlfriends were not virgins but I took my share and dumped them because I knew they were definitely not the women I wanted to end up with.”

I cringed when he suddenly asked in a sober tone, taking me unawares, “Are you a virgin?”

I hesitated as I paused with my straw still between my lips. I contemplated whether to tell the truth or not. Of course, I was no virgin! I have had six men so far but if I tell the truth, I might just lose this rich guy. “Yes, I’m.” I said softly, trying to sounded convincing.

His eyes trailed down to my lap as if imagining how my hymen would look like and deliberately I squeezed my thighs together to feign shyness. He seemed to believe me and I can’t say how shocked I was when he proposed to me a month later.


Although, I didn’t love him but I presumed that I could learn to love him with time as long as he stayed rich. We began wedding plans and I went to my best friend and who used to be my school mother in the university for help. If there was problem needed to be solved, she had a solution. I told her I had to be very tight on my wedding night and she gave me some herbal drinks for consumption and gel to be applied to my private parts. To my surprise, the herbs worked like magic and I could hardly fit my middle finger through.

I told my fiance that I wanted to pick the date of our wedding. He refused at first but agreed when I reminded him how I had kept myself for long, just for him. Calculating my menstrual period to the month of our wedding, I made sure our wedding day fell on my third day of menses, so I would bleed on that night but not too much in order to fool him.

Our wedding night came, he was eager to consummate our marriage. I acted shy at first and even cried that I wasn’t ready. After much comforting, he went into me. I heard him grunt as he pushed into my tight tunnel. I whimpered every now and then, pretending I was in pain and soon, he released and pulled out of me. When he checked, he was stained with blood, so was the sheets. I wept and he pampered me even more, showering me with kisses.

What? Why are you giving me that look? I only showed him that I was smarter. How would a man measure a woman by virginity? Well, i don’t care what you all think! He wanted a virgin and I gave him one! What matters now is that I’m going to the Bahamas for my honey moon for being chaste.

Virgin my foot! I’m now wallowing in millions in my marriage as long as he doesn’t find out that six other men have been down that road before him. Nonsense!

To Be Continued…

Note: knowing how desperate some men can be, women have taken advantage of it. Some will go any length to get what they want. The common misconception that virginity makes a good wife is a common fallacy.

Men when you finally go into your wife and break her virginity, now that she’s without it does it make her less or more of a wife? Virginity is pride but a woman without character is useless. Unlike virginity which is broken with one penetration, a good character stays forever.

©Angela Okoduwa



I was seated on the toilet seat when a knock came from the door and I flinched as the unexpected knock startled me.

“Lilian?” I heard my newlywed husband call in a husky voice. “You are taking longer than usual. Did you eat something bad at the reception?” He asked in concern.

“No.” I answered, please give me five minutes. To convince him that I was actually busy in the toilet, I pulled down the lever of the WC tank and flushed the toilet I had not even used. I felt the water shurn and gurgle within as I remained seated on the toilet before it finally made a small whirlpool and raced down the drain.

What was I doing in the toilet? I was hiding away. Why was I hiding? I was very scared. Scared of what? Scared of being deflowered. Not that I didn’t want to have sex, but the whole process of deflowering had made me develop cold feet. My very close friends had told me how painful it was to be deflowered and I dreaded it.

Well, my husband had no idea that I was a virgin, he wouldn’t even suspect it because I was a dirty-talker and I had learnt that from watching too many pornographic movies and reading countless erotic books. There was nothing sexual that I wasn’t aware of. We had even sex-texted each other a lot of times, while he had a mind-blowing erection, I felt normal because I was already used to it.

Well, tonight was my big night and here I was hiding in the toilet and perhaps, hoping that he would fall asleep before I came out. We had had a long distance relationship and had only met a couple of times but all we had had were kisses and fondling and he had respected my wishes and didn’t press for more.

“Lilian!” I heard my husband call out again, a hint of impatience in his voice this time then his voice softened in a sultry tone as he asked, “Or would you prefer we start up in the bathroom, don’t worry, I’ll have gentle hands.”

“No, I’m coming out now.” I said as I braced myself for what was about to happen and opened the bathroom door. When I stepped out, he was seated on the foot of the bed, leaning back on his arms and the way his erection created a tent in his boxers made me tense.

He rose to meet me then without a word, undid my towel and let it drop to the floor. I almost covered my breasts with my arms but he beat me to it and had captured a nipple in his mouth. I weakened. He scooped me into his arms and carried me to the bed. Placing me on it, he quickly took off his boxers and tossed it away, letting his instrument of pain which I dread spring free and bounce a bit.

It was as if it was staring at me and I stared at it. In my head, I imagined it saying “I’m coming to get you and I’m going to make you hurt so bad” and suddenly bursted into tears. Confused, he came to me and began to ask what was wrong. At first, I couldn’t reply him as I sobbed like a baby, I tried as much to make sure that his erection was not touching me.

When I had quieted down a bit, I confessed. “I’m so scared.”

He gave a puzzled frown. “Scared of what?”

“That.” I coyly pointed at his manhood.

He scoffed. “Why? Why act like you have never seen one before?”

“Not in real life.” I mumbled.

He paused then asked, more confused. “What do you mean not in real life?

I lifted my eyes to meet his then managed to say in a guilty way. “I have never had sex before.”

He hesitated then chuckled in disbelief. “If this is your way of trying to get me to skip tonight, I’m not falling for it.”

“I’m serious.” I insisted.

He speechlessly stared at me for a while and when he realized that I wasn’t joking, he asked: “So all those things you said about making me go crazy till I cry for help were-”

“I was just bragging.” I sheepishly said.

“All those styles you put in my head?”

“Were only my imagination.” I answered. “I can talk dirty but I am actually a novice.”

“Why do you even try to pretend you are an experienced girl when you are not?” He asked.

“Because the society frowns on virgins. They make you feel like you are missing out or no man finds you attractive. They look upon virginity with scorn so I had to act like I belonged.” I explained.

“Right…” He nodded his head then sighed. “Well, I don’t care what the society thinks, all I know is that all those styles you promised me, I’m going to get them tonight.”

Before I could protest and beg him to at least wait after two days, so that I could mentally prepare myself, he spread my legs and sunk his mouth there and all I could blurt was “Oh my God!”


Hubby made me relax. As he devoured my flower, he twisted my nipples at the same time and soon I was shuddering under him. By the time he had given my buttocks love bites and stimulated my clit, I was anxious for the main thing. When he aligned himself with my body, he stared deeply into my eyes and whispered:

“From up close, your eyes look so beautiful.”

“Thanks.” I smiled with tears springing to my eyes.

“And oh God, those lines on your neck drives me crazy…”

“Awww babe…” I cooed unknown to me that he was actually trying to distract me while he positioned himself with his hand wrapped around his erection.

“These boobs are succulent that I can bury my face in them all day…” He added as he went for a nipple again.


“I’m going to make you go out of breath tonight, because I want to see you sweat and beg for more…” He said and that made put me in anticipation of having just that.

All of a sudden, I felt a slight pain and as I groaned, he went… “Shrrr….shrrr… I’m already half-way in…just relax and continue looking into my eyes. I still have a whole lot more to tell you.”

I was surprised. How was that possible? I was told men had to struggle a lot before breaking in but I was wrong, all I needed was a good amount of foreplay to help me get very wet, a relaxed mind to chase away my fears and dirty words to prepare my body and help me open up to him.

He took slow strokes until I had comfortably adjusted to expanding around him. And soon, I was the one begging him to pick up the pace. It hurt quite alright and at the beginning but not as much as my friends had told me it would. In the middle of it, I began to experience some pleasure and since his pelvic was brushing against my clit, I soon exploded in orgasm, screaming like a crazy woman as I tightened around him and within a minute, he reached orgasm too and collapsed on me panting.

I laughed in disbelief. I had been scared for nothing. I was actually lucky to have a man who knew just how to go about it and he had made my first night a wonderful one. I planted a kiss on his forehead then my eyes widened when I realized that he was beginning to erect inside of me again. Second round. He soon began to thrust again.


Note: Not all girls who talk dirty are actually dirty, most are oblivious to what lovemaking actually feels like or other sexual activities. The society has looked down on virgins so much that most of them find it difficult to admit to the public thar they are chaste.

This story was not written for the purpose of corrupting your minds, it was written for the sole purpose of educating and enlightening you, so please, DO NOT JERK OFF!

©Angela Okoduwa



I was still in secondary school when I lost my virginity, precisely SS2. I was a commercial student then because I was aspiring to be an accountant when I graduated from the university. Trust me, it was never my intention to just give it away like that but the peer pressure from my classmates had become unbearable.

In my class, I was one of the girls who was insignificant. I was too shy and I sat at the rear of the class with a class mate called Ego. We were not allowed to make our hair and one of the strict rules of the school was keeping a neat low cut. Well, unlike other girls, low cut didn’t quite fit me. I felt like a boy and I also felt unattractive.

It was an all girls school and unlike other girls who stylishly cut their hair to make them more attractive, I had no say over the style of low cut I wanted, not when my father was very strict and kept us confined indoors which contributed to my coyness, low self-esteem and ignorance concerning a lot of topics my peers were already enlightened about.

The other girls slim-fitted their uniforms to hug their figures which was a combination of white shirt and blue pleated skirt. Mine on the other hand was too big for my skinny figure and I bet if I had jumped from a high building or jumped into a swimming pool, my big skirt would have kept me afloat.

My next problem was the fact that I didn’t have nice sandals like the other girls who could wear three different sandals in a week. I had just one which had cut several times and my mum would give it to a shoe maker to mend it with thread and sometimes replace a broken or bad buckle. My socks was another problem, it had worn out on the heels and had holes on the big toes. Most time, to conceal this embarrassment, I’d would shift the torn spots so they were hidden in my sandals. Other girls wore two socks at a time, the one they walked from home to school with and the one they used while they were in school.

After school, these girls would bring out their makeup kits out of their school bags and begin to brush their hair, some would apply powder and lip gloss, and God, I was so envious of them and wondered how they managed to be this bold and had almost everything that I didn’t. Then, if a girl knew how to sing the popular songs that were reigning, they became popular. I wondered how they knew so many songs sang by Westlife, Back Street Boys, Beyonce, Rihanna, P-Square, Celine Dion, R-Kelly, Usher, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston and the likes until I realized that the secret was a music lyric book and almost every girl had it.

Well, to the main gist. While all the girls in my class were already experiencing puberty by developing breasts which I wanted so bad, having wider hips and pubic hair and sometimes, pimples, I was as flat as a slate. Nothing at the front and just a bumbum meant for sitting. While the girls who had full-blown breasts wore bras of different colours, I was only entitled to a white singlet.

Anytime they discussed their menstrual flow and the kind of sanitary pads they were using, I wanted to experience the same thing so bad, even though I saw a classmate always crying and writhing in pain every month whenever she was experiencing her flow, I didn’t care, I just wanted to see that blood too.

Whenever we had inter-house sports and boys from other schools were allowed into our school, they noticed and flirted with the other girls but as far as they were concerned, this skinny flat girl in a parachute skirt was invisible to them. Some of the boys were so into the girls that they even fought over the house Queens, especially Yellow House Queen. Not that the girl was fine, she just had a plastered gelled hair on her round head and had the assets I didn’t.

All this made me dejected and I felt that I was very unlucky. One day, a fat girl called Ola who had bullied me on several occasions began to tell some girls who cared to listen that a doctor told her that keeping one’s virginity for too long could cause fibroid. I was stunned and out of curiosity, I joined in. She added again that these days, most men were not attracted to virgins anymore but to girls who were already sexually experienced.


I blurted, “Hmmmn, you can lie!” before I could stop myself and she turned angry eyes on me.

“Look at this broom!” She said tersely. “So you don’t know that the reason you are all bones and flat is because you are still a virgin? Breast, you no get, ass nko, na bone dey there. See, let me tell you, if you want those things to grow faster and bigger, better go and tell one uncle to break it for you because if that hymen should get stronger, it will block your hole and your husband will never be able to enter. In fact, you’ll need surgery to break it.”

I was so terrified by her words and the fact that the other girls were laughing at me caused tears to spring to my eyes. I went home and wanted to discuss it with my parents, but I was scared of their reaction, especially what my father might do to me if I dared to ask such questions.

From that day onward, I decided to do just what Ola had asked me to do. After all, I was desperate to experience puberty and I also wanted to share my choice of sanitary pads with the other girls. I believed that if I broke my virginity, my body parts would bloom and boys will also find me attractive and even fight over me.

One night, when I was sent to buy Imperial leather soap for my dad, I snuck to a nearby barber’s shop. He was twenty five and had been asking to date me for a while now, but I always avoided him. That night, I decided to be bold. I called him aside after he finished cutting an elderly man’s hair and I told him that the only reason I would agree to date him was if he slept with me and broke my virginity.

At first, he looked shocked then asked if I was serious, when I nodded, he asked when I wanted it and I told him that I wanted it then and there. I asked him how long it would take to deflower me and he begged for just ten minutes. Immediately, he led me into his shop, switched off his generator, switched on the torch of his Nokia phone then locked the door from inside.

He asked me to take off my clothes and lie down on the long sofa on which customers who were waiting their turns to have their hair cut sat. I was anxious and I quickly discarded my clothes. Soon, he was naked on top of me with a jar of Vaseline in his hand. He scooped a lot of petroleum jelly it with two fingers and applied it around my innocent headquarter and he did the same to himself.

Uncle was ten years older than I was. He usually visited the local gym made whose gym equipments were made from iron and concrete and his muscles were pumped and his body ripped. His six packs were eye-bulging. I don’t want to begin to explain the kind of weapon he had between his legs and I wondered if he was gyming it too.

Soon, he was trying to enter my paradise. He did not even take it easy, he was far from gentle. Uncle tore through me with such a force that I screamed and tears came rolling from my eyes at the same time. He quickly covered my mouth with his hand and continued plowing away not minding to ask if it was painful or not.

Ola was wicked! She never told me that it would be this painful! Uncle destroyed me down there and when he was done emptying himself in me, he gave me 500 naira and in pain, I limped off to buy the soap. I tried very hard so that my parents wouldn’t notice my discomfort. I bled seriously but quickly changed my panties and skirt and hid them when I got home which I secretly washed and dried on the line.

Sometimes I would sneak to the bathroom just to fan down there. It was as if it was on fire. That night I slept, expecting to wake up with full hips and breasts, but much to my dismay, the next day I was still flat. I almost cried. I went to school and told Ola and she laughed and told me that they would only appear if I did it regularly, so it became a habit for me to sneak to the barber’s shop to be slept with.

Uncle liked it o. Every night, he would give me 500 naira and I saved enough to buy my own powder, lip gloss, new pairs of earrings, socks and sandals which I hid from my mum. In fact, I even bought a new school uniform which I slim-fitted to fit my figure. I would leave home with my shapeless uniform and on my way to school, I’d enter a corner and slip into my new uniform then repeat the same process on my way back.

Four weeks later, my menses came. I was so elated that I immediately went to buy Always pad without even telling my mum. During my period, I did not go to see uncle but after it, I was back to my routine. Each time uncle finished with me, he ejaculated inside and gave me some tissue to clean some of the semen that dripped out.

I continued this way until I woke up one saturday morning and rushed to the bathroom to vomit. My mother was surprised and asked if I was sick but I shook my head. I didn’t know what was wrong with me. This morning sickness continued for long until our old landlady who could never mind her business secretly went to tell my mum that she suspected that I was pregnant.

Mum was devastated. She threw herself on the floor, tore her scarf and tied it around her waist as she wailed. She demanded to know who was responsible and when I wouldn’t say anything, my father gave me a resounding slap which almost knocked my tooth off and gave a sound as if a distant TV was being switched on. Immediately, I burst into tears while rubbing my hurting cheek. The slap was too hot. I told them everything and my dad rushed to uncle’s shop.

When uncle saw my dad coming after him with a machete, he took off on his heels and was never seen again. My dad was so enraged that he sent me to live with his mother in the village. I stayed with Grandma until I put to birth. Ola never told me that I could get pregnant and I guess I was too unserious in biology class to pay close attention to the teacher’s words on the reproduction topic.

Ola didn’t hesitate to tell everyone in school that I was pregnant. I became a laughing stock at the age of fifteen and it was all because of the lies I was fed with concerning virginity and also because of my desperation to feel accepted by my peers. Well, I have learnt my lesson the hard way and I intend to make sure that my daughters do not fall victim to the same lies and desperation.

Note: I’m sure most of you can relate with this story very well. A lot of girls who are ignorant simply because their parents would not discuss sex education with them have fallen victim to the pressure from peer groups and sexual predators. Enlighten a girl child today and no one can feed her ridiculous lies. Thank you.

©Angela Okoduwa

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