She was nervous. She took a sigh and took a bold step into the class then greeted the teacher seated at the desk. Rahila felt like melting when the noise suddenly ceased and all eyes riveted to her.

She was shy and wished she could just go back but it was too late, there was no going back now. Even though she had cried and begged that she didn’t want to attend a boarding school, her business-busy mother had insisted and here she was in a girls-only school.

The teacher smiled and announced to the class. “Class, this is Rahila and she is a new student. I will want you all to make her feel at home and show her the ropes.”

“Of course we will show her the ropes.” A girl said from the back and Rahila locked gazes with her. The girl smiled. She seemed friendly. Beckoning to Rahila to come share her seat with her, the girl shifted and let Rahila settle on before stretching a hand towards her. “Hi, I’m Naomi.”

Rahila coyly shook her hand and smiled. “I believe you already know my name.” Glancing around, she noticed that the other girls were giving her weird stares and some were even whispering to each other. Rahila cringed when she locked gazes with a girl. The girl look was cold and it made Rahila shiver.

Naomi noticed and said: “That’s Tabitha, don’t let her bother you. She is always like that to new comers.”

Rahila nodded and swallowed hard as she began to scribble her name and subject on the notebook she was to use that morning. Throughout the day, Naomi was helpful, took her around and gave her a tour, told her what to do, how to act to avoid being bullies, where to go at specific times and the girls she was to avoid.

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Rahila soon felt comfortable and was no longer in despair about being in a boarding school. She was 15 and was in SS1 and Naomi was a great friend who had her best interests at heart.

During one of the breaks, the girl who had been glaring at Rahila approached her and said: “I wouldn’t feel too comfortable if I were you. Naomi is a wolf in sheep’s clothing and she’s out to devour unsuspecting preys. She did to me and dumped me and she does the same to every new comer, do not say that I didn’t warn you.”

Before Rahila could inquire more, the girl left. Rahila decides to ignore her and continued her wonderful friendship with Naomi. Well, all that changed when Rahila walked into the dormitory one afternoon to find Naomi sniffing her undies.

Shocked, she carefully approached, confused about what she was seeing. “What are you doing?”

Startled, Naomi sprang to her feet, turning around and hiding the panties behind her back. “Hey, what are you doing here? Thought you said you’d be busy in the library.”

“Well, I forgot a book and decided to come back but why are you sniffing my undies?” Rahila demanded.

“Nothing.” Naomi said evasively, dropped the panties and quickly hurried out, leaving Rahila dumbfounded.

Just when Rahila thought that things couldn’t get any worse, three days later, she woke up to find Naomi fondling her and trying to suck through her night dress. Springing up in alarm and panting, Rahila gaped at Naomi, bewildered to find her stark naked.

“What are you doing on my cot?” Rahila demanded.

“Relax…” Naomi said, trying to still reach for her chest when Rahila slapped her hand away. “Don’t be so upright, you are beautiful and I fell in love with you the very first day I saw you.”


Appalled by what she had just heard, Rahila snapped: “What! Have you lost it?! Are you nuts?! See, if you don’t get off my cot this minute, I’ll raise an alarm and wake the others up!” She threatened.

Unfazed, Naomi scoffed. “Do you think they care? Look around, I’m not the only horny one.”

Just then, Rahila looked around and to her great dismay and utter disbelief, she could hear moanings coming from every angle of the room. There were two girls each on almost every cot, sexually stimulating each other. Some were even having a threesome and she gasped when she saw a girl inserting a candle into another one. She couldn’t believe her eyes. Only few girls were still asleep and perhaps oblivious to the sodomy going on around them and Rahila guessed that they were either the devout Christians and Muslims who couldn’t be coerced into such lesbianism act.

“What the hell is going on here?” Rahila was visibly stunned but instead of answering, Naomi tried to kiss her. Disgusted, Rahila shoved her off, scrambled off the bed in a bid to make for the door and alert the house mistress when she stopped short. There were two bigger girls who were stark naked blocking her path.

“I told you that she would be stubborn!” One of them hissed.

“I know.” Naomi stated, rising and Rahila was trapped between them. “That’s why we have to use plan B now. Grab her!” She ordered.

The two girls grabbed Rahila and forced and pinned her to the floor. She tried to scream but the other girl clamped a hand ove her mouth, muffling her screams while Naomi stood above her.

“She’s a virgin.” Naomi informed the other girls then said to Rahila. “Let’s get rid of that so we can begin. I’ll make sure you never forget me.” She chuckled wickedly. Rahila panicked but her struggles were futile. She suddenly screamed as she felt Naomi shove a candle into her before they all devoured her and left her on the spot.


Feeling humiliated and defiled, Rahila curled into a fetal position and wept into the night.

Well, or didn’t stop there, the girls ravished her almost every night until they didht have to force her anymore. She became compliant and began to masturbate or go after new comers too. It’s eleven years now, Rahila is done with secondary school and university but she can’t shake off her past. It has eaten so deep that she only feels attracted to her fellow females and men repulsed her. A good girl gone bad.

Note: Do you know that boarding schools and single gender schools are often the Genesis of homosexuality. Parents might not be aware but by the time they are, it’s already too late to help that child. Homosexuality can be found in the force (amongst soldiers too) and moat times, these people who were once victims cannot help themselves no matter how hard they really want to stop. And there are bisexuals too: those who are sexually attracted to both genders.

Do not be mean to them. You don’t know their story. Pray for them and love them. They are humans too and your hating them can’t undo their pasts. Most men only married to hide this flaw while secretly, they still lay with fellow men.


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