“I wasn’t joking when I said that I’m not going.” Cassandra resolutely stated as she slipped on her shoes.

Monica frowned. “What’s wrong with you? Why are you even making a big deal out of this?”

Cassandra glanced up at her as she wiggled her toe in her shoe to make herself more comfortable when she walked. “I have told you times without number that I don’t like that guy. There’s just something rather unsettling about him.”

“You are always paranoid. All I’m asking is that you accompany me to his place so that I can return his charger which I borrowed and from there, we’ll go to school, is that asking for too much?” Monica insisted.

“I’m not going to be late for lectures all because of a charger which you can return later in the afternoon. Wait a minute, is this even why you came to my hostel this early? To ask that I accompany you to a guy’s house whom I find repulsive?”

Monica hissed. “Just to drop a charger and you are making all these drama, Cassie.”

Cassandra sighed and then turned to look at her after picking my handbag off the wall where I hung my handbags. “Five minutes, nothing more.” Cassandra finally said.

Monica suddenly smiled and Cassandra simply shook my head at her. “Sha come out so I can lock my door.”

Happily, she grabbed her purse off my bed and hurried out. Cassandra saw her typing something on her phone but read no meaning to it. Monica and Cassandra had been friends since first year in the university. While Cassandra was the serious type, Monica’s priority was to date every popular guy in school and attend every show or party. She never wrote lecture notes and she was pretty popular on Instagram having up to 9000 followers compared to Cassandra’s 561 followers.

Cassandra was of average age, curvy and light-skinned while Cassandra was tall, slim and dark in complexion. She was not in a relationship, not because she didn’t want to but because all the guys who came her way didn’t appeal to her in any way. Monica had close to 7 boyfriends and she was quick to get a replacement once she broke up with any.

Monica was flashy and had all the good things many girls in her peer group would envy but they had only be amassed from her numerous boyfriends. She changed her hair regularly and shopped almost regularly but she was only a bimbo and paid lecturers in kind or cash to get good grades. She added a lot of weight during her escapades and soon began to tone her skin to make her lighter but Cassandra was pretty contented and pleased with the way she was.


All efforts by Monica to get Cassandra into a relationship had failed woefully because there was always one thing or the other that she didn’t like about the guys or men. A lot of men had tipped Monica to talk to or convince Cassandra to go out with them but it had all be in vain.

After a 150 bike ride to their destination, Monica knocked on a black gate and soon the gateman opened the gate and admitted them in without any questions. Monica walked to the door of one of the flats at the rear and pressed the doorbell and it was immediately answered by the occupant- Bayo. Bayo was sturdy and perhaps to show up his muscled chest and biceps, he had deliberately refused to wear a shirt. Licking his lower lip as he stared at Cassandra, he ushered the ladies in.

Cassandra wondered why Monica couldn’t simply have given Bayo his charger at the door so that they could leave for the campus. Without complaining, she followed her friend in while Bayo shut the door and followed behind them.

“Bayo, I brought your charger since you will not let me rest.” Monica started to say.

Bayo smiled and only nodded but he could barely tear his eyes of Cassandra who towered above him with a few inches. “Please sit down.” He said gesturing at the sofa behind them.

“No… we didn’t come for that,” Cassandra gave a nervous chuckle “We actually have to be in school in the next three minutes.” She told him, wondering why he was not at work on a Monday morning since he was a banker.

Just then, Monica’s IPhone rang, she gave a wide smile as she stared down at her screen; one of her usual smiles which Cassandra had gotten accustomed to anytime one of her sugar daddies was calling. “Excuse me, I have to take this! I will be back!” She said and hurried out before Cassandra could even say anything.


Sighing in frustration, Cassandra sat down to wait for her to finish her call when Cassandra noticed Bayo leering at her. “Is something the matter with you?” she asked tersely.

His leer remained. “Want something to drink?”

“No.” she flatly said then looked away. Five minutes passed and there was still no sign of Monica. Bayo got up, left the sitting room and soon returned in only his boxers and tensed now, she gave him a flustered look then slowly rose to my feet, ready to leave. What man walked around in his boxers before a visitor?

“Where are you going?” He asked her, placing his hands on his hips and standing akimbo.

“Out!” she told him and headed for the door.

“It’s locked!” He said aloud and I paused to look at him.

“Locked? Where is Monica?” she demanded.

“She left.” He simply said.

More perplexed, she said: “Left? How? Why? Where did she go to?”

“It doesn’t matter.” He answered “What actually matters is what she brought you here for.”

“What are you talking about?”

He suddenly pulled a pair of handcuffs ringed with pink fur and pantyhose and a mouth gag attached to a ball. He threw them on the floor in front of her and said: “I want you to get out of your clothes and put those on.”

she was appalled. “Excuse me?!”

“I paid good money for you and I didn’t take a sick leave off work today just to have you ask me questions. I paid your best friend two hundred and fifty thousand to get you to do this with me. She told me you like being sexually dominated and it’s my fetish too.”

She could barely believe her ears. “What! Monica told you that?!”

He seemed impatient and irritates now. “Why the pretense? I’m sure that you are no different from Monica so don’t try to pull the wool over my eyes. Just get into those so we can get started. The three hours I paid for is already ticking!”


She was shocked. She tried to talk her way out of it but he wouldn’t reason with her, he was only interested in and determined to get what he claimed to have paid for. How on earth would she let a guy physically abuse her body in a sexual way? It was obscene. She was not into BDSM and she had no idea why Monica would do this to her.

Already out of patience, Bayo advanced towards her. She could already see the tent in his boxers and she sunk to her knees to plead with him and promised to meet Monica to give him back his money but back hand slap to her face split her lower lip and shut her up.

He stripped her off my clothes and force the stupid costume on her before he tied her up like an helpless animal and repeatedly had his way with her after inflicting several injuries on her. He would rest for a few minutes then pick off where he left off and this torture went on for hours that she passed out once.

By the time he was ready to let her go, she could barely walk. She was ashamed, broken, had a sore throat and had run out of tears. She put on her clothes and limped out of his apartment by 7pm in the evening and when she reached the deserted road, she contemplated whether to go to the police station, commit suicide or stab her best friend who had deceived and sold her off for money.

Note: There are a lot of victims out there who have gone through something like this and they were betrayed by those they trusted or were sexually assaulted by those they are familiar with. Watch who your friends are, not all of them have your best interests at heart. A lot of lives has been ruined this way while the perpetrators get away with their deeds 90% of the time, leaving the victims psychologically damaged for a long time.

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