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“I’ll simply screw your friend over there.” He gestured with his chin at Jennifer who was returning to the counter to place a new order. “She was practically soaking wet why rambling about the things not of interest to me. I could smell it, I can still smell it…” He ran his eyes down Evelyn’s legs. “You are particularly dry and it keeps me wondering how very immune you are to my charms?”

“You will watch what you say!” She muttered angrily. “The fact that you are a vampire doesn’t make you a god! If you disrespect these people one more time, I’ll have you thrown out this instant!”

Nigel quickly raised his palms in surrender. “Fine! I’ll cope if you insist… The beer?” He inquired and dropped his hands.

She frowned at him for a while and replied. “Coming up.”

As soon as she turned and headed to the counter, Nigel sighed and stared at the bulge in his pants which was half concealed by the table. “Ohh…what you do to me…my new dear.” He exhaled.

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