She was bleeding. Not because she was on her period but because something had gone wrong down there and the pain was unbearable. She could not even start to describe how she felt but one thing was certain, her loins was on fire. She was still blowing air through her mouth and trying so hard not to close her legs as she wept on the car seat that had been pulled backward so she could lie on it.

She placed a hand over her mouth to stiffle her voice. She couldn’t risk being seen by anyone. She tried to pull her skirt down but the simple gesture brought a lot of pain to her as if someone had inserted a thousand needles in between her legs and whimpered and squeezed her eyes shut.

Soon, she heard footsteps and the passenger door opened.
“Anita, get up, I’m back.” An adult male voice said.

“Uncle, I can’t stand.” She cried.

He reached for her arm and with ease pulled her out of the car and made her pain worse. She was just 11 years old and had not even seen the first sign of any growth on her chest. They were as flat as a boy’s but her buttocks were shapely, probably because she took after her mother’s plumpy figure.

He had two sachets of water with him and he squatted in front of her, tore one of the end tips with his teeth and spat it to the ground then told her to stand with her legs apart as he began to wash the blood off her legs. Her stained panties was still lying on the floor inside the car.


As he washed her, he soberly said to her. “When you get home, I want you to smile as if nothing happened. You are not to tell anybody what happened, not even chinenye your younger sister. If you do, you will have boils and you will die. Anybody you tell will also die. Do you want your mummy to die?”

In trepidation, she shook her head quickly and soon a wave of new tears flooded her face and her small body shook as she sobbed and kept chanting that she didn’t want her mummy or her younger sister to die.

He was pleased with himself. He was a family friend and actually worked as a security guard in a bank but had been a friend to her family for six years. Anita was only a child, 11 years to be precise but her buttocks were almost as big and shapely as her mother’s and certainly looked promising in the nearest future.

For months he had entertained this thought of touching her but hadn’t been able to get the opportunity to. Well, he was trusted by the family and when her mother had asked him to go help her fill the gas, he had insisted that Anita come along and on their way back home after filling the gas cylinder, he had driven into a lonely bush path, told her a lot of sweet things and had used her innocence and naivety against her.

He had reclined her seat backward, asked her to remain still and having brought along a jar of vaseline, he had coated her with more than enough and had forced himself into her despite her cries and protests. He had experienced pure esctasy and having sex with this child had been just the way he had imagined and even more. He had even been daring enough to spill his seeds in her but what did it matter? Not that she could get pregnant anyway.

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Smiling within him, he calmed her down and assured her that none of her family would die if she kept what had happened a secret. Eager to have more, an idea struck him.

“Ani, when is your mother going to work?” He asked.

She swallowed hard. “Eight in the morning.”

“Are you resuming school tomorrow?”

“No, mum said we should wait till next week that nothing serious will be going on in school.”

He smiled broadly. “Good, I’ll come 9 o clock in the morning but you’ll make sure you leave Chinenye in the sitting room watching Nickelodeon while you and I go up to your room so I can make you more brilliant.” He fixed his appointment then added. “… And do not bother wearing any underwear, it gets in the way the time, I wonder why your mother buys you tight panties…” He murmured the last part more to himself in displeasure.

“Okay uncle.” She sniffled.

“If you keep doing it, you’ll become smarter and you’ll never die and you’ll go to heaven like every good child does.” He spewed out lies.

“Okay uncle.” She innocently nodded.

“As for this, I’ll keep it for you.” He grabbed her stained underwear, pushed it into one of his jean pockets then asked her to get in the car. When he joined her, he zipped his fly down letting his new erection spring out then he ORDERED her. “Play with it with your hands and mouth.”

And meekly, she obeyed while he reclined in his seat with a sigh of pleasure and pushed her head lower.


Note: A lot of kids out there are being sexually molested daily and they can’t speak out because of they have been threatened by their abusers or they are simply scared of their parent’s reaction. Parents be vigilant, most children are defiled by individuals known to the family.


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