“Sorry, the test was negative.” The family doctor, Mr. Charles told me and my heart sank. Muttering a thank you in a sullen tone, I rose and exited the office. I had mistook some signs to be symptoms of pregnancy but I was wrong. I really wanted to get pregnant. In fact, I would do just about anything to get pregnant.

Although my husband was a wreck in bed and barely satisfied my sexual needs but my yearning for a child of my own overshadowed his flaw. I didn’t care if I reached my orgasm or not or if he simply went into him and ejaculated after a few thrusts, leaving me unsatisfied and empty, what mattered to me now more than life itself was being a mother.

We have been married for six years and our courtship had been sex-free. Not that any of us was a virgin but I had sworn myself to celibacy and had been surprised and glad when God had brought my way a man who stated that no sex until marriage, but little did I know that it was not due to a religious beliefs but simply because he never wanted me to discover how terrible he was in satisfying a woman. No foreplay, no dirty words, just spread my thighs, let himself in and in less than two minutes, he was done, rolling off to turn his back to me and then you hear him snoring away leaving me sad, angry, unsatisfied and depressed.

On our first year, I had hoped that I would conceive within months but nothing happened. I made frequent visits to the hospital for checkups but my husband never agreed to follow me no matter what. He was told me that he was fine and I must be the one with the problem. The pressure from our families were mounting, especially from his mum who would call me almost every month to find out if I had conceived.

The society too wouldn’t give me a breathing space and soon people began to conclude that I was barren and I must have fucked up my womb while I was in college from excessive drug use or series of abortions. But that was not true. I have never aborted before nor abuse any drug but people will say what they believed anyway and other women including some of my friends seized opportunities to indirectly remind me of my childlessness.

I prayed. I cried. I fasted. I begged God for a solution but the answers weren’t forthcoming not until. I overheard my husband on the phone and realized that his mother had been pressuring him into getting a second wife. His friends were also secretly advising him to get a random girl pregnant since he married a ‘man’ for a wife. I was helpless. I was at the verge of losing my marriage soon.

One certain day, I decided to do a full and thorough clean up of the house and that was when I discovered a folded paper in the inner pocket of one of my husband’s old suit. I took it out and much to my chagrin realized that he had gone on a test without telling me and was diagnosed of low sperm count. So he was the one at fault all along and yet, people pointed fingers at me!

I stalked into the sitting room to confront him and he began to pleas and cry. He begged me not to divorce him and that he didn’t tell me before we married because he was afraid to lose me, but yet, I suffered accusations upon accusations while my husband who was the real culprit remained unscathed. I was furious.

I wanted to scream! Why would he leave me in the dark for so long and let me go through emotional torture on a matter that I was innocent about?! He told me that if I left him and even if he remarried and still could not get his other wife pregnant, people would surely know for sure that the fault was his in the first place and he didn’t want to become a laughing stock.

Fuming, I sat down and he came to me and told me that he wanted to ask for a favour and that he would have asked a long time ago but he didn’t know how to present it. And then my husband said that I could go out and her pregnant and he would happily father the child.

I was stunned but seeing the look on my face, he added, perhaps trying to tempt me: “I know you still have little feelings for your ex. If it has to be him, I wouldn’t mind, just don’t tell me when you eventually sleep with him, all I need to know is when you conceive.”

I couldn’t believe my ears. To say that I was shocked was an understamemt. “I will never do such a thing!” I bluntly told him.

He remained pensively quiet for a while then asked: “What about Jude?”

I gave him a look. “What about Jude?” I asked. Jude was his best friend.

“Do you…um…” he cleared his throat. “…um…do it with him? I trust him more and his health status is sound.”

“What!” I flared, jolting up to my feet. “You are asking me to sleep with your best friend in order to get pregnant?!”

He slowly rose up with a guilty look. “I know you’d very much like that we adopt but giving birth to a baby will convince people better. Nobody has to know. It will be strictly kept between the three of us, please Maureen.” He implored.

“I can’t do it and I won’t do it!” I said and stomped away.

©Angela Okoduwa


I was tensed as I watched Jude open the door and slip into the guest bedroom where I was reluctantly lying in wait for him on the bed. I was very nervous as he stared at me and I wondered what was going through his mind. He stood there for a while, taking in the sight of me with intense lust oozing from him that I cringed when I saw the bulge that had formed a tent in his pants. I was sure that he was just about eager to pounce on and devour me.

“You look beautiful.” He complimented. I had won what he had requested for and it was obvious that he was pleased because his eyes shone with delight.

After weeks of begging and incessant pleading from my husband, I gave up. I would wake up sometimes to find him crying in the middle of the night. I could not take the torture anymore so I threw in the towel. He so elated when I told him that even though I was not pleased with it and it was strongly against my belief, I accepted to do it just once and if I didn’t fall pregnant, then he should never mention it again. He agreed and immediately got on the phone with Jude.

When he returned to the room, he said: “Jude says he would like you on red lingerie and red heels!”

I frowned. “Why the hell would he request such? Is this some game to him?! In fact, I changed my mind. This is a bad idea. I’m no longer interested.”

My husband began to pleas all over again and I could help but soften and comply to his demands. I had no idea what they might have really discussed but it made me tensed. Adultery was not my thing and I couldn’t believe that I was going against my religious beliefs just to please my husband.
“Are you ready?” Jude’s voice interrupted my thoughts.

I glared at him then looked away as I swallowed hard and mumbled a ‘yes.’

“Maureen, I know that you are not cool with this but you know that I’m only trying to help you guys out here. I’m married and my wife doesn’t know about this, so let’s get this over with.”

“What is in it for you?” I asked suspiciously. My husband never knew but I knew that Jude had always had an eye for me since our courtship.

“Nothing much. Just four million naira and something minor that you don’t need to bother yourself about. Your husband is waiting in the sitting room downstairs now.”

“Four million naira?” I echoed in disbelief. We didn’t even have to spend quarter a million to adopt a child and yet my husband was paying his best friend to impregnate me. What the hell???

He began to unbutton his shirt now as he kicked off his shoes, his lustful eyes never leaving me. “My game, my rules, at least you owe me that much for doing you guys a favour.”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“I want you to do everything I ask. I have four kids and I know just the right positions that you’ll like. That said and done, let’s begin with you on your knees and your head on the pillow.” He stated.


I cringed and almost fled out of the room at that moment. This was crazy and impulsive. I had a feeling that I would regret this but if I had to make my mother-in-law happy and my husband a proud father, there was no turning back now. “Please switch off the light.” I said and he hesitantly obeyed while I mumbled under my breath for God to forgive me for what I was about to do. I stripped bare, climbed the bed and positioned myself the way he had asked me to, hoping that he was worse in sex than my husband. I was hoping we would be done in two minutes and we could call it a day and forget that something like this ever happened.

I felt a part of the bed sink as he placed a knee on it then felt his hands around my thighs. I squeezed my eyes shut and braced myself for what was to come but just when I thought he was going to plunge, instead I let out a soft gasp when I felt his mouth come in contact with the spot where no man has ever touched me with his mouth before. I shuddered.

©Angela Okoduwa


I moaned and bit into the pillow. I didn’t want to reveal that I was actually enjoying what he was doing. I felt both ashamed and embarrassed. I had heard tales about such sexual pleasures from my friends while I was in the university but the thought of a man going down on me was revolting.

At a point, I began to crave such experience but not when I married a man who only believed in pounding for two minutes and that was all. The room was dark and Jude would instructed on what position to take when he was done with the previous. As I laid there, I wondered what my husband was actually doing right now. I imagined him pacing the hallway and pausing before the door at intervals to listen.

My thoughts didn’t last long and I realized that I was crying. I was actually making no sound because I didn’t want Jude to be aware but the tears streamed out of my eyes. Why was I crying? I groped my mind for a reason and realized that I was crying because the pleasure was too much. The first tear had escaped my eyes after orgasm had taken over my body. I never knew this was how it felt like but I couldn’t do describe it. It was like heaven.

Jude was exploring my body in ways I never knew my body could be pleasured. Even though I tried to hold back from enjoying everything, it was difficult to because my body betrayed me. When he finally entered me, I didn’t need a lubricant like I always did with my husband. I held on the bedsheets to keep myself from holding him tighter to my body.

Five minutes passed, fifteen, twenty, twenty five and that was when I felt him go rigid. Soon, we were done and he didn’t roll off me and slept off like my husband, he embraced me and pulled my head to his chest while his finger drew invisible circles on my upper arm. I didn’t know whether to thank God for letting me experience such pleasure for once in my life, or break down in tears that I had actually agreed to let another man bed me.

Soon, he placed a kiss on my forehead and scooted off the bed. He had his bath, got dressed and exited the room while I remained on the bed, hiding my nakedness under the sheets. I could hear him talking with my husband by the stairs and I could just imagine them shaking hands while my husband thanked him profusely.

I rose and walked to the window just in time to see Jude unlocking the door of his car. I saw him pull something out of his pocket, stare at it for a while before entering his car and driving off.

(Unknown to Maureen, Jude had been staring at his semen in a tied condom. She had had no idea that he had used protection.)

©Angela Okoduwa


After a few minutes, my husband solemnly walked into the guestroom. He seemed to hesitate for a while as if afraid to meet my eyes. After stuttering for a moment, he finally spoke, breaking the uncomfortable silence.

“So….how was it?” Then he quickly caught himself as he cringed at the thought of asking if his wife had enjoyed sex with another man. “I mean… I know it’s a weird question, I hope he was gentle with you? Well, it doesn’t matter, what does is that you should get pregnant.”

“Why did you not tell me that you were going to pay him for sleeping with me?” I coldly asked.

He swallowed hard. “Just a sort of compensation, honey. I’ll transfer 2 million to him tomorrow and another after you conceive.”

I was disgusted. Without another word, I brushed past him, walked to our master bedroom and had a shower. My walls came crumbling and the tears came gushing. I slid down against the wet wall to the wet floor with my arms wrapped around my body as I sobbed. The shower head continued to sprinkle water on me but I didn’t care. Not even a thousand oceans could wash away my guilt. I felt so guilty because not only had I agreed to defile my marriage by lying with another man, I had also enjoyed it and I wondered if God was ever going to forgive me for being such a wanton woman.

Well, that day slowly passed away with my husband trying to please and pamper me but I was lost in my own thoughts and wasn’t receptive. No matter how hard I tried, I just couldn’t get the orgasm I had had off my mind. Each time I thought of what Jude had done, my crotch moistened up and I bet I was going to be sentenced to eternal damnation for this.

That night, my husband asked me to quit my job. He stated that he wanted me to have enough rest and in order for me to conceive, he would not like me to stress myself. I sullenly agreed and went to bed. In the middle of the night, he began to caress me and I knew what he wanted but I shrugged him off. That was the first time ever that I had ever denied my husband his sexual right. I had done it because I didn’t want him to ruin the lingering memory of Jude’s pleasure with his sore one. I slept off, reliving my sexual encounter with Jude in my mind.

The next morning, after my husband left for work. I was home alone and it was indeed very boring. While watching Nat Geo Wild on the large sitting room TV, I dozed off on the sofa but woke up to someone secretly taking off my panties. I jolted awake and was about to scream when I saw Jude squatting close to me but my voice immediately ceased when he suddenly buried his mouth between my thighs.

Helplessly, I fell back on the sofa, unable to resist the pleasure that instantly coursed through my body. That was all it took for me to succumb and before I knew it, he was panting hard on me and I didn’t hold back to shame anymore, I begged him not to stop but when I felt him go rigid, he withdrew and ejaculated on the sofa and I gave him a look.

“Why?” I asked, almost angry.

Still panting, he fell back against the back rest of the sofa and managed to say: “I’m no fool, I presumed you and your husband wouldn’t let me have another chance if I impregnate you quickly. I had a deal with your husband about the money and now I’ll have a deal with you about the sex. You let me sleep with you for four weeks and only then will I give you what you want!”

“You two-timing bastard!” I yelled, jolting to my feet. “You think this is a game?! You just wanna walk in here and sleep with me whenever you want? What do you think I’m, a dog?!” I fumed. “How did you even know I was home?!”

He smiled slyly. “Your husband told me that you’d be resting at home from now on and I have decided to make the best out of it!”

“Get out of my house!” I pointed at the door. “Get out of my house now! This is all a stupid idea and I wonder why I agreed to it in the first place! If you don’t leave now, I’ll call my husband!” I threatened but he was paying no attention to me, he was lost, staring at my bosom which bounced at every angry gesture I made.

As he started to come for me again, I turned and fled but I didn’t make it up the stairs, he caught me half-way and was in me again. God, I was finished! I lost all my defenses!

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©Angela Okoduwa


From that day, once my husband had gone to work, Jude would automatically appear. He took me in the sitting room, by the pool, on my matrimonial bed, in the kitchen, on the stairs, in the hallway, you name it and all these time, never did he once ejaculate within me.

As for me, I was too taken away by all the pleasure to refuse him or end all the rubbish. We worshipped in the same church and even while in church, he wouldn’t keep his eyes off me. It made me feel so uncomfortable and I was nervous that his wife who was singing the hymn by his side would notice.

After church service, Jude and his family followed us home. We mostly did a get-together once in a while and Sundays was one of the days. While we left the children to play within the house with all the toys I had initially bought my unborn children five years ago which were not forthcoming, Susan, Jude’s wife offered to assist me with preparing lunch in the kitchen while the men watched a soccer game in the sitting room.

We got talking and I noticed that she was distressed. Putting aside our little chitchat, I asked out of concern as I filled a glass cup with water and started to drink: “Susan I have noticed how worried you look since we met at church, are you okay?”

She heaved a sad sigh as she chopped some vegetables then replied: “It’s Jude.” Susan was always free to tell me her problems but I never really returned such. “I think he’s cheating on me.” She paused now, placing a hand on her hip.

I almost choked on the water and quickly caught myself. After recovering from my coughing, I took a deep breath then asked: “What do you mean by he is cheating?”

“I know that my husband has always been a cheat chasing after university girls but it is worse this time. He has refused to sleep with me for the past three weeks and even when I manage to arouse him, he can hardly get it up because he has exhausted the life out of it and I’m left to go to bed like that, sulking…”

“Okay… but do you have any idea who your husband might be cheating on you with?” I cautiously asked.

“No, he’s very discreet about this particular woman this time. I have secretly gone through his phone at night, no call, no text, just a mighty depletion in our pack of condom at home. Whoever this woman is, may she not know peace for making me almost depressed.”

I swallowed hard at the mention of a curse and nervously scratched my nape. “So what do you intend to do?” I pressed.

She shrugged a shoulder as she began to rinse the chicken under the gushing tap. “Jude knows very well that I can barely go three days without sex and yet he has denied me for three weeks, I am thinking of calling up Nathan.”

I frowned. “Isn’t that your ex?” I whispered in disbelief.

“And so?” She whispered back. “Is it a new thing? See…” she came to me, wiping her wet hands against her apron as she whispered, wary of the men in the living room. “Almost every married woman out there is sleeping with another man other than her husband. It’s nothing new. Men think they are the only one who can cheat but we women too can and we are very good at hiding it.”

I simply nodded with pursed lips, scared that she will see the guilt in my eyes. Susan did have a point and I couldn’t chide her because I was guilty of infidelity too and worse, I was doing it with her husband.

She threw a glance towards the kitchen doorway and whispered. “You know I trust you a lot, Maureen and you have never let my secret out but Nathan is the father of my second and third born, I’m not even sure whom the father of the other two are.”

“What!” my eyes grew round. “How is that possible? How did you get Nathan to-”

She hissed. “My husband will be feeling like he’s Brad Pitt, but he’s just a learner compared to my ex. My husband can only make me orgasm once but my ex, mamamia! Just thinking of the mere fact now is making me horny o. Anyway, as for how Nathan got to father my kids, it happened one of those numerous times when Jude had to travel to another state on business. He takes six months at most and I know that the business doesn’t actually last for six months, he chooses to stay back so that he can frolic with different girls and I who cannot hold my body any longer and choose not to play the foolish faithful wife to a gallivanting goat rung up my ex and I had the best time ever.”

“But Susan, do you realize that you hold a very important position in church? What if you get caught?!” I asked, appalled at how daring she was. She felt no remorse whatsoever.

She hissed again. “Who church help? Every one has their dark secret.”

I was confused now and didn’t even know how to feel. Silently, with my mind full of several conflicting thoughts, I joined in the cooking and we prepared white rice, stew, fried chicken and a bowl of salad. When we were done, I decided to go fetch the children while she cleaned up the children. I found two but when I asked them where their sibling was, I was told that he went out to play in the compound. As I went in search of him, calling out his name, I gasped when someone suddenly grabbed me from a corner near the air conditioner at the back of the house.

Much to my surprise, it was Jude, he had taken the back door when he had seen me step out of the house. He desperately began to reach under my skirt for my panties while I tried to prevent him.

“You have no idea how bad I have been trying to get you alone.” He said.

“Stop, stop, stop…” I protested. “Do you realize that your wife and my husband are actually in the house? Do you want to get us in trouble? And besides, your son can just come by and see us, please stop!”

©Angela Okoduwa


Don’t worry, I’ll be quick… I almost had a hard-on staring at you in church and if I don’t relieve myself right now, I’m bound to have blue balls.” While saying all these, he never tried to stop from getting under my skirt.

When I protested the more, scared of being caught by Susan, in case she decided to come looking for her son herself, Jude simply turned my chest to the wall, got my undies out of the way and humped away. It was while it was it that we heard the loud screeching of a car outside and an exclamation from someone, startled by the sound, Jude ejaculated inside of me, tucked himself back into his pants and hurried off to see what had happened.

I got myself together too and went out just in time to see Susan and my husband rushing outside the house and we found Jude on his knees, weeping with his bloodied son in his arms. We were soon gathered by a growing crowd. Susan refused to be consoled as she rolled on the ground, tearing her scarf off her head and wailing helplessly.

An onlooker told us that the child had been chasing one or the rabbits which we kept in the compound and often let them roam about. The rabbit must have escaped from the compound and in a bid to capture it, the boy had been knocked down by a car whose driver quickly zoomed off from fear of being lynched.

My husband grabbed his car keys, started the car and soon, we were on our way to the hospital. When the doctor examined the boy, he said immediate blood transfusion was needed. While Susan panicked about her son’s life and at the same time about her secret, Jude was tested but much to our dismay, his blood didn’t match. Desperate to save the boy’s life, my husband offered and surprisingly his blood did and while we were excused from the Ward so that the boy could be treated, I was already waiting for my husband with questions.

“How is it possible that your blood matched his?” I demanded and my husband stammered, unable to meet my eyes.

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Jude who had been fuming suddenly attacked him, shoving him to the floor and repeatedly punching his face. Susan and I tried to separate them but Jude roughly shrugged us away and continued to pummel my husband who was unable to defend himself.

Several orderlies rushed to break up the fight and when Jude yelled these words at my husband, my heart sank: “You frigging bastard! You think you can get away with it, right?! I have been waiting for this very day! You thought I had no idea that you screwed my wife while I was out of town! I had my suspicions but I just needed something like this to confirm that you had really gotten down with my wife! You conceited asshole! Always thinking your damn money would get you anything you want!”

“What!” my lips quivered as I glanced from Susan to my husband in shock. “Is it true? Are you David’s father? How? When?” I asked, my voice teary. I had had my suspicions about the boy. He had a striking resemblance to my husband but I had waved the thought off because I trusted my husband and Susan didn’t seem like his kind of woman.

Bleeding, my husband managed to say. “It happened seven years ago and I never intended for such to happen. I went to check on Susan during one of Jude’s many trips like he asked me to. I was a bit tipsy because I had just returned from the club. Susan hit on me, I can’t really recall but I woke up next to her, naked. It was only that once!” he pleased.

I turned to look at Susan who had a mixture of angry and guilty look on her face. “Susan, why?” I inquired. “You knew he was my fiance and we were planning to wed the next year. Why would you do that to me?! I thought we were friends!”

“Just shut your trap and stop acting the saint!” she spat and I was stunned by her reply. “Are you not also sleeping with my husband?! Here I was being a fool and confiding in you about my husband’s adulterous ways, not knowing that you were the culprit! You betrayal! You make me sick!” she indignantly spat in disgust.

I swallowed hard now. “What do you mean?” I nervously asked.

“You think I didn’t see you both digging it through the window behind the house? You should have seen your face?! You stupid barren bitch!”

My husband frowned in confusion as he stared at me unable to believe his ears. “You are still sleeping with Jude?”

©Angela Okoduwa


I couldn’t find my voice and it was Jude who cockily answered: “Oh yes! Surprised! Your wife is incredible compared to this dried up bitch I married! She’s always wet and ready and I wonder why she could never be satisfied sexually despite having such a responsive body! Well, I don’t blame her, I knew this was bound to happen. You think your infertility is ordinary? News flash, I’m responsible for your low sperm count because I have been lacing your drinks with drugs whenever we hung out or clubbing which kills off your sperm. I have been planning this for years and when you had no child after six years of marriage, I knew you were desperate and because of your ego, you were bound to come to me for help. I did not sleep with your wife once, I have slept with her every single day for the last three weeks to get back at you for what you did!” He gloated. “Now you know how it feels!”

“You bastard, I’ll kill you!” My husband yelled. It was his turn to attack Jude and as he pounced on him, the orderlies and other visitors or nurses waiting in the lobby who had seen and heard all our shame enjoyed the show while some of them tried to break off the fight.

I was weak from within. I quickly leaned against the wall behind me for support, unable to believe what was happening. All along, I had only been a pawn in a stupid revenge game. I was too shocked to speak that I trembled. When I could actually pull myself together after a few minutes, I could hear Jude and Susan yelling at each other. Jude ordered Susan to go home and pack all her things and that he didn’t want to meet her when he got back because he knew that she was a slut.

Pale and devastated by the revelation, I took off my wedding ring and threw at my husband and walked away. I was done with this marriage. He began to plead and started to come after me but I paid him no mind and quickly walked out of the hospital. I rushed home, gathered the things I could which mostly included my clothes and accessories, I was bent to leave before my husband returned. As I packed, I wept. I felt so used! I was a fool!

I soon got in the car with my stuffs and left the house. Well, I moved to live with my younger sister who had a flat and refused to speak to my husband when he came around. He told me that after he had taken custody of David, his son with Susan, Jude and Susan got a divorce after Jude spent the almost all the two million naira on genotype test on the remaining three children and realised that none of them were his. While Jude took to drinking, his wife attempted to move in with her ex but was turned away by her ex’s fiancée who had come to visit and spend two weeks with him.

It’s been almost four weeks now since I left my husband and I gave missed my period. I took a test through a pregnancy test kit and much to my dismay, discovered that I was pregnant. I tried to recall how it had happened since Jude had always withdrawn or used protection and then it got me, he had accidentally ejaculated in me, the day his son or my husband’s son had been knocked down. Now I’m caught between the deep blue sea and a hard place. I didn’t know whether to abort the pregnancy or not.

Putting away my pride, I called my husband and told him. He begged me not to abort it. He stated that he was ready to take responsibility for the baby. With much persuasion from my parents and his family whom we hid the truth of our split up from, I returned to my husband’s house.

I had my baby. It was a girl. I cared for both children, although it took time for David to take to me and I occasionally took him to see his mother who was now wallowing in squalor and regret, but had now opened a beer parlour where she continued her promiscuous ways with some of her customers.

My husband went for treatment and unknown to me, he started reading online on how to pleasure and satisfy a woman. When we finally made love, I had my usual expectations but was disappointed when he began with foreplay. Was this my husband? I wondered.

He touched me in places he had never touched me before and even performed better than Jude and I was overwhelmed. Although I didn’t get an orgasm the first day because he was still getting the hang of this new sexual style but I had high hopes now.

We had to go through a lot to discover that he was actually not a two-minute man and that Jude made him so. He was finally treated and now, we have three more children and we are now a family of seven. You should see my mother-in-law playing with the children. Little does she know the hell we went through that almost destroyed our marriage just to please and give her grandkids.

Well, as I am typing right now, I have got to shut my laptop. My loving husband just drove in from work. The children are in school and I am home alone. Each time he comes home from work in the afternoon, I know what he wants and I am definitely not missing out. In fact, I have stopped wearing undies in the afternoon, except when the kids are home. I’ve got to go now.

Thanks for reading my story and remember, infertility in a marriage is not always the fault of the wife. Oh goodie, I can hear him calling my name now from downstairs, bye. Oh, hold on, lest I forget, do not try any of this at home, not all husbands can handle the fact that you slept with another man, even though it was their own idea in the first place. In the long run, they might just haunt you with it.


©Angela Okoduwa

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