I was exhausted.

But I was nervous too. I paused when I stepped out of my car then glanced down at my phone to find out that it was past 12 in the midnight. I was not nervous because of what I had done. In fact, to say that I had enjoyed my night was an understatement. I was nervous because I wondered if my husband was asleep or awake. What would he be doing now? How was he feeling? Did I really care? I searched my conscience and I realized that I didn’t really care. I felt no remorse whatsoever, after all, it wasn’t my fault that he was old school and no fun.

I had gone on a date with my ex who was every woman’s dream and I had laughed and laughed until my middle had hurt. I had a feeling that my husband knew that I had lied about hanging out with my friends, but so what? What was he going to do anyway? I wasn’t in love with him. I had only married him because he was rich, was in love with me and every one else was getting married too. I sighed as I braced myself for any confrontation. Quietly unlocking the door, I slipped into the dim sitting room and met my husband seated on the coffee table.

I paused and swallowed hard then tried to hide my nervousness by smiling sweetly as I crossed the room to hug and peck him with the words: “Hello darling!”

I had barely reached him when he held out his arm, indicating that I stop. I stopped on my tracks and my smile slowly vanished. “What’s wrong?” I acted innocent.


“Where have you been?” he pensively asked me. “Do you know Aidan cried himself to sleep after asking of you numerous times?”

I rolled my eyes. “I told you that I was going out to have a drink with my friends, didn’t I?”

“And what responsible married woman would return at this ungodly hour of the night?” he demanded calmly. Since we have been married, he had never raised his voice at me. He was calm, collected and was a good husband. He opened one of the biggest boutiques for me and had taken me to places around the world that I never thought that I would ever go to but when my ex appeared again, I realized that I didn’t love my husband as much as I thought I did initially.

“Don’t make a big deal out of this. I didn’t know it was already late. I’m tired and need to go to bed.”

“Did you go to the doctor for checkup?” He asked, letting the other topic go for now.

I made a face and averted my gaze as I mumbled. “No.”

He simply sighed but said nothing. He had been wanting me to get pregnant after Aidan turned seven but I realized that I didn’t want to have another bond with my husband. I didn’t want another child from him. In fact, the last time I had let him make love to me was seven weeks ago. Anytime he pestered me for sex, I’d rather offer to blow him. I knew that once he ejaculated, that was it.

“We need another child.” He finally broke the silence.


“But I’m not ready yet.” I stated as I sat down and began to take off my shoes. They were killing me. I had been dancing on them all night with Marcus, my ex. Unlike my husband who would never dance with me and finds it boring. My phone gave a notification tone and I went through it, realizing that Marcus had sent me an image on WhatsApp. I downloaded the picture and it was a picture of his dick. It was veiny and big and it made me shudder. I smiled as I read his words under the picture: I am hungry for you, babe.

Although Marcus and I was still having a platonic relationship but I couldn’t deny that I was eager to let him make love to me. I had only been restraining myself because I hadn’t made up my mind yet whether to go ahead with it or not. I had sat down countless times to compare my husband to Marcus. My husband was good-looking but not strikingly handsome, he was loving and caring. He helped me build my dreams, made me happy and I had no doubt whatsoever that he was in love with me but the ultimate problem was that he was NOT MARCUS!

Marcus was the fun guy, he was updated about the latest things. He was funny, sexy and handsome and he could read my emotions well. He never talked about my dreams but who cares, he made up for that by being romantic and that was good enough. I was hurting my husband but I didn’t care, all that mattered to me was feeling wanted by a handsome guy whom most girls would kill to have.


Abandoning my husband in the living room, I walked up the stairs to the master bedroom, slipped out of my clothes, walked into the bathroom and took a selfie of my nudity which I quickly sent on WhatsApp to Marcus. A few minutes later, he sent another picture of his dick with his semen oozing out and I felt special that he had masturbated with my picture. I kissed the screen of my phone and walked out of the bathroom to find my husband getting into the bed.
For the first time, I decided to seduce him into making love to me, not because I wanted him but because I wanted to pretend that I was making love to Marcus. With a sultry smile on my face, I approached the bed and went to my husband and he did oblige me, oblivious to my scheme.

Note: There are various married women out there in this situation of exes. Even fiancees and girlfriends. You are in a happy marriage or relationship but you do not hesitate to throw all that away when an Ex who once dumped you comes knocking. You hurt your innocent husbands or boyfriends to please some idiot who only wants to satisfy their sexual pleasure, it’s not too late to slam the door against his face.

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