Merit Madume’s POV

I walked into the apartment and tossed my handbag on the couch. Thelma who was eating fried rice and a big lap of chicken in the living room while she watched Big Brother Naija, barely glanced at me as she uttered, “Welcome.”

“Uhn.” I responded nasally and slumped on the sofa with a frown. My countenance had completely changed immediately I had gotten down the Cokers’ car. I hated Olivia Coker and I know that she didn’t like me neither. How can a woman that was almost twice my size keep such a handsome man all to herself. She didn’t even want me to have a conversation with her husband! The selfish bitch! I hated the way he had held her hand all through the drive. Was the man not even the slightest bit attracted to me? I asked, examining my dress. What did his wife have that I do no? I wondered. All these good looks just went for nothing.

“Uhm, this one that you came back from church late today, did you branch somewhere?” Thelma asked me with her eyes still fixed on the screen. Unlike me, Thelma hardly ever went to church, except for a wedding or on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve. She claimed that she needed Sunday to rest since her job was so hectic, so she stayed home all Saturdays and Sundays with an exception of whenever she decided to go for a jog in the estate

“I did not branch anywhere. I had to wait for a church member to give me a lift.” I said as I tried to figure out another way to get Mr. Coker’s attention.

She removed her eyes from the screen to look at me and her eyes widened when she saw the way I was dressed. “Babe, na like this you take go church? See all your bobi for outside na. In fact, the dress itself is too tight and short.” She complained and berated me at the same time.

“Abeg, no just start at all. There’s nothing wrong with my dress, besides, God is interested in the heart, not in the appearance.” I retorted in defence.

“Shiooor! Be deceiving yourself. If I was an usher, I would have sent you back home because there is no way I’ll let you into the church dressed like this. This is club outfit na, haba!”

I hissed. “Leave it like that. I don’t know who made you judge over me. You don’t even go to church, yet you have mouth to castigate me.”

“Yes I don’t go to church but I’d rather sit in my house than go to church just to snatch somebody’s husband.” She shot back.

I frowned now. “Oh, so you want to start using that against me, abi? It has gotten to this, right?” I eyed her in contempt. “Thelma, better don’t start what you cannot finish o. I’m not in the mood at all, so abeg, free me!”

She laughed now and observed me for a moment. “This one that you are not trying to drag my chicken with me today, did the pastor preach about fornication? Did he remind you that all fornicators will go to hell?” She teased me.

I placed a throw pillow on my lap, folded my arms under my chest then scornfully eyed her. “You dey craze!”

“Babe, talk na or did someone embarrass you in church?” Thelma pressed, a bit concerned now. “Why the sour mood?”

“Is it not that stupid woman?” I blurted.

“Stupid woman?” Thelma frowned, puzzled. “Who are you calling a stupid woman?”

“That Olivia Coker or whatever her name is sef. She was just blocking all my moves at her husband! I’ve not seen a woman that’s so selfish and insecure as she is! To top it all, she’s even rude sef!”

Thelma’s brow creased now as she tried to wrap her head around why I was so pissed. “Wait first, who did you say gave you a lift again?”

“The Cokers.” I answered. “but things didn’t really go as planned… That man was just all over his wife. You should have seen the way he opened the door for her, took care of her, held her hand throughout the drive and kept smiling at her. I wonder what that man saw in that fat woman sef? She’s not even fine. All na packaging!”

“First of all, Merit, Mrs. Coker is not fat, she’s chubby.” Thelma said to me, amused at my reaction.

“What difference does it make? She’s not as hot as me! Slim girls are the real deal!”

“Slim girls?” Thelma said with a mischievous smile now as her eyes assessed me. “You, slim girl? So if slim girls are told to step out, you too, you will follow them? You that you are using waist trainer to hide your big belly and giving yourself by-force figure eight. You had better go and take a good look at yourself before the mirror and stop deceiving yourself. You are not chubby but you are heading there if you don’t stop being lazy and eating anyhow too.” She bluntly said.

“That’s not even the case now, Thelma, before you stylishly start insulting me. The point is, I’ve to re-strategise, especially when the wife won’t be there.”

“Wait o, don’t tell me that you went flirting with that man in the presence of his wife?” Thelma asked with a start now.


“Yes, but I did it professionally.” I answered.

“Professionally indeed. You have guts o! Merit, do you have a death wish? What if she had embarrassed you? What if she decides to treat your fuck up?”

I flinched my mouth at her pulling a side of my nose upward in a sneer. “She can’t do anything to me.” I confidently said. “She gotta understand that side chicks too have to chop.”

“Then hustle in a legit way na. I have already told you that there’s a slot in the bank where I work. All you have to do is say yes and I’ll submit your CV on your behalf and put in a good word for you.” Thelma reminded me.

“Madam, Biko leave me. I’ve told you that this nonsense employment thing is not my thing. I don’t want to get old quickly from stress. Thank you for your concern but I’m not interested. If you want to help me, tell me what time this man leaves for work everyday or better still, give me the address of his office.”

“So you are still bent on winning this bet, abi?” Thelma asked me.

“This is not about the bet anymore, Thelma. I’m in love with this man. He’s just a gentleman and that kind of man doesn’t belong to that fat thing he chose as a wife. The more I study him, the more I’m convinced that this is the man God has made for me. This is the man my destiny is tied to and if I can just get him to sleep with me once…” I indicated by lifting a finger. “…just once and everything will fall into place. Imagine that pig having the guts to tell me that they are inseparable! Yen-yen-yen-yen-yen! I will shock her! I’ll so shock her and I don’t mind buying this online special package just to win him to myself.”

“Better don’t go and waste your money o. Who told that stuff works? And it’s high time you stopped body-shaming fat women! Don’t forget that your own mother is fat too.”

“Babe, that one no concern me. What matters now is getting that man at all cost. I’m willing to do just anything as long as the guy notices me a little.” I said and flinched a bit when a torrent of rain hit the roof and I knew that it was going to be a long heavy downpour. Getting off the sofa, I grabbed the shoes I had worn to church which I had borrowed from Thelma then I went into her room to return it to her shoe rack, then I walked into the kitchen to dish my food. I soon returned to the living room to eat my food and instead of focusing on the TV like Thelma, I took my phone and entered Instagram. Immediately, I went to Olivia Coker’s wall and discovered that she had not made any new posts so I moved on to Twitter and luckily for me she had made a tweet six minutes ago: Rain so cold, my husband and I had to cozy up. Love is a beautiful thing.

I stared at her tweet in disgust. She had already gained 783 likes, 62 retweets and 19 comments. Olivia Coker had one weakness and that was the fact that she couldn’t just shut up about her private life online, and this gave me an insight about what she did, what she was doing and what she was going to do. Unlike her husband who liked to remain under the radar, Olivia never failed in trying to flaunt on social media just how loved and pampered she was by her husband, and since she wanted to keep rubbing her happiness in people’s faces then it was high time some smart girl shared in or took that source of happiness from her, and I was determined to be that person.


Juliet Zubair’s POV

As I stepped out of my apartment on Monday morning, on my way to work, I found my arch enemy spreading her washed laundry on the empty lines and as usual, she was dressed in scanty clothes which I detested because I knew that she deliberately dressed like that to entice the men in the compound, especially my weak husband. She heard me approaching and greeted over her shoulder.

“Good morning, Juliet.” She said sweetly.

I frowned a bit when I noticed that she was also drying her undies on the line. “Aren’t you supposed to be drying your undies in your bathroom upstairs instead of drying them out here in public?” I asked stiffly without bothering to return her greeting.

She smiled slyly and said, “I do appreciate your concern, but I wonder which you are really worried about, Juliet, the yahoo guys or your husband.”

I glared at her now and took a threatening step closer to her. This lady did not know what I was capable of. She did not know whom she was dealing with! Not only was I bipolar, I also had anger issues and when I get very mad, only blood can calm my rage. “Listen you bitch, I know that you have been sleeping with my husband and I won’t hesitate to hide the fact that you are despicable human being who has no shame, and that I also hate you.” I hissed.

Unfazed by my words, Merit turned to smile at me. “You have no proof, baby girl. And you can’t blame your husband for fancying such a nice ass as mine, can you now?”


“I’m warning you, Merit.” I said coldly. “Stop daring me! For your own good, stay away from my husband! I do not share my man in anyway! The fact that I’m unable to sexually satisfy my husband doesn’t give you the right to lure him into adultery!”

“Adultery, uh?” Merit asked as she lifted a red thong between us, stretching it wide between her index fingers on both hands. “You husband likes to take this particular one off me slowly, using just his teeth.” She said with a smirk, intentionally taunting me and my fingers twitched at my side, eager to slap the stupid grin off her face but I tried my best to restrain myself, especially because I didn’t want to be late for work. My husband had gone to work earlier and I was relieved that he would not be returning until nightfall which meant that he would not have to see these nonsense she was spreading on the line.

“Know what? Keep having a field day, Merit. In fact, enjoy it while it lasts. I’m still gathering my evidence and once I can prove that you are sleeping with my husband, believe me, that day will be your last day on earth.” I threatened.

Merit drew back her shoulders in mild surprise and scoffed. “Are you threatening me? You know, since you are unable to give him children for the past three years now, maybe I should actually consider that and help you put my fibroid-free womb to use on your behalf!” She spat the words at my face and I flinched as if I had been stung.

If only I could throttle her, I’d feel better, but I couldn’t. At least not now. A day of reckoning would come when she would pay for all her sins. She’d either have to move out of this estate alive or she’ll be moved out in a body bag. I wonder how she had known that I had fibroid and how had she also known that I had complications in ny womb, and that babies never lasted long in my womb before being miscarried. In as much as I knew that she could have heard it from only one person, I didn’t want to believe that my husband had told her about my secret. He knew better than to do such. He knew what was at stake if he dared to cheat on me, or even think of divorcing me. I made him who he was today and without me, he would be a nobody. I came from an influential family and they had helped my husband climb up from the lowest rung of the financial ladder. All I just had to do was complain to my father and everything my husband owned would be gone in a flash, including the duplex my father was already building as a gift to us.

I knew that my husband only remained in this childless marriage because of the benefits he got from my family and I would never sit back and watch any slut come take him from him after raising him from zero to hero. No way! “Until then.” I said coldly to Merit, turned and walked away and I could hear her snickering behind me as I got into my car and drove off.

Peter Coker’s POV

Two days later…

It was raining cat and dogs and when I glanced at the wall clock, I found out that the time was already 12:22 a.m. The wind was howling crazily outside the window and the ventilated sitting room was cold. I sat at the dining room, trying to finish some office work which I had brought home. My wife was upstairs asleep in our bedroom and I had chosen to use this opportunity to finish my work with a mug of hot coffee close-by. As I worked on my laptop and files, I suddenly heard a loud knock on the front door. At first, I ignored it until it came again, more urgent than the first. Pushing my chair back, I got up and walked to the front door, wondering who could be out there in the rain and at this hour of the night.

When I reached the door, I asked in a loud voice, “Who’s there?”

“Oga, na me!” I heard my gate keeper’s voice.

Wondering what he wanted at this time of the night and in such a storm, I opened the door and the force of the cold and moist wind hit suddenly my face, making me squint and I was surprised to find my gate keeper standing on my front porch with the girl I had given a lift from church a few days ago.

“Merit?” I called to confirm and she nodded in response. “What are you doing here by this time of the night? Why did you come in the rain?” I asked, perplexed.

She was clad in a night gown and not only was she completely drenched to the skin, she was also visibly trembling.

“Sir, I’m sorry that I had to come here like this. I couldn’t stay back at my apartment. I was very terrified.”

“Is something wrong? Are you okay?” I asked in concern.”

“Sir, there are burglars in my compound.” She said, her lower lip quivering. “I only managed to escape and I had no where else to go to, so I came here!”

“What! Burglars in this storm?! How did they get into the estate? What happened to the security?” I asked in concern after dismissing the gate keeper.

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“Sir, I think they intentionally decided to rob in this storm because they know that the security personnel will be unable to patrol tonight.” She answered.

Noticing that she was shivering badly and not wanting to keep her further out in the cold, I ushered her in and closed the door. “Maybe I should call the police.” I suggested.

“Sir, that won’t be necessary, they will be long gone before the police gets here in this storm.” She said.

“That’s true.” I answered, reasoning with her. “Maybe, you should just spend the night here then. I can’t let you go back in this rain; but first, I’ve to seek my wife’s consent. Wait here.” I said and walked up the stairs. I got to the master bedroom, explained things to my wife and she sleepily gave her consent and shooed me away so I’d stop disturbing her beautiful sleep. I walked to the closet, grabbed a pair of pyjama and a big towel then returned downstairs. A small pool of water had already formed around her feet where she was standing. “Here, have this.” I handed the items to her. “You have to get out of those wet clothes before you catch a cold. There’s a guest room down that way, you can change and pass the night there.” I pointed the direction to her.

She hesitated. “Sir, please I don’t think I want to be all by myself, I’m still very scared. It’s obvious that you are working late…” She gestured with her chin at my files on the dining table. “Please, permit me to spend the night in your living room. Knowing that you are not far away will make me feel safe, please sir.” She pleaded.

I hesitated as I briefly contemplated her request. My wife didn’t like anyone sleeping in the living room especially when there were three available guest rooms. I sighed finally and said, “Fine, but please make sure you get off the couch very early. I don’t want my wife coming to find you sleeping on it.”

“I promise sir, thank you sir.” She thanked me profusely, bending her knees a bit, curtsying.

I left her, went to the kitchen to grab a mop then returned to mop up the pool of rain water she had left on the floor. I left to return the mop back to the kitchen, as I was coming out of the kitchen, I suddenly slowed down, almost freezing on the spot as my eyes immediately fell on her full naked breasts. She hadn’t seen me yet because she still had her wet gown over her head while taking it off, and she was only clad in sexy panties with thin straps hugging her hips. As I turned to quickly to the kitchen so as to give her the privacy she needed, she spoke,

“Sir?” She was wiping her body with the towel now.

I paused then partially turned but kept my eyes on the wall in front of me. “Yes?” I asked as I swallowed hard.

“Please where can I keep my wet clothes?” She asked softly.

“There’s a laundry basket here.” I managed to say and before I could blink, she was heading my way. Her nipples had probably grown so hard from the cold, and as she walked past me in the narrow hallway, she slightly brushed her left nipple past my upper arm. Quickly, I moved to the dining room and sat down, trying to collect myself. So many thoughts began to rush through my mind. Was she not ashamed? She had walked past me almost fully naked save for her panties. I tried to focus on my files but I could hardly remember what I was working on. She soon appeared, and from the corner of my eye, I saw her move to the sitting room, slowly took off her panties with her ass turned my direction and I couldn’t help but sneak a look. I was astounded at how carefree she was, undressing when she knew that there was a stranger around. Trying to ignore her, I forced my eyes on my files and tried to sip my coffee but it had gone cold. The image of how her nipple had brushed past my arm came flashing back and I shuddered at the thought of it and how warm it had felt.

Soon, I saw her slip into my pyjama shirt which was however oversized on her and dropped to her upper thighs. Just when I thought that she would slip into the pyjama pants too, she simply laid on the long couch where I could fully see her then she turned to lie on her stomach and placed the side of her head on her arms which she had made as a pillow. In this position, I could see the underside of her buttocks under the pyjama shirt, and the flesh of her vulva squeezed between her thighs, and that was when my unruly gentleman betrayed me. It began to slowly rise and lengthen in my shorts and I clenched my fist on the table and tried to control my thoughts so that it could return to its limp state, but what Merit did next scattered all the restraints I was already mustering. This girl was indeed out to destroy me.

(This is the last free chapter.)

To be continued…

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