Zainab, My Love (25)

Angry, I stormed to my car, drove off and went to see an elderly man. By the time I got to his house, I was composed. “Nnai, I heard that you are the owner of the incomplete duplex close to the market side.”

“Yes, I’m.” He nodded.

“And why haven’t you completed it?” I asked.

The man shook his head sadly and said: “My son who was sending me money to build it for him, died in a road accident and for the last seven years, that house has been like that.”

“I want to buy it.” I went straight to the point.

He gave me a surprised look. “Buy it? Why?”

“There’s a mad girl who has taken refuge there and has made it her home. All my efforts to get her to leave has proven futile. I want to buy the house, Nnai.”

“But my son, that house is very expensive. My son spent quite a lot building it.” The man said.

“Everyone has a price, just name yours.”

The man lowered his head and thought for a while then said. “Ten million naira.”

“I’ll give you twelve.” I said.

The man smiled in surprise. We shook hands firmly and he invited me into the house to finalize our agreement.

By the time I was done, I went to see Zainab. I bought her food and new clothes and had to beg her to eat them or wear them. She was very stubborn but she was fun to be with. I spent more time with her and would often come with broom to sweep and clean the room up. I bought a body spray and a bucket so that she could have her bath.

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As I spent more time with Zainab, my mother would yell and call me names saying that despite being to America, I still didn’t have some sense to stay away from mad people. She even found out that I had punched Father Kaka in the face and she began to wait and ask God to forgive me and that I was only acting under the influence of alcohol.

She tried to make me fast in order to atone for touching Gods anointed but I ignored her. I’d rather beat the crap out of that rapist than fast shit! That idiot took advantage of the love of my life and turned her into a baby-making machine, if anything, I should get him arrested but I had no evidence against him.

My mother soon forgot about the incident but all her efforts to make me like Ezinne failed and the golddiger finally gave up and returned to her father’s house. I was a doctor, so it was easy for me to monitor Zainab’s health but I was unaware of some things about her.

To be continued…

© Angela Okoduwa

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