Zainab, My Love (12

I gave Zainab the food I had brought but I was unable to break the bad news of my going away to her. Just then I thought of eloping with her? But where would we go to? And also I was just a boy and I could not even take care of myself, let alone, Zainab.

I sighed deeply. I was in despair. I watched as Zainab ate and toyed with her torn wrapper. She seemed relaxed once again and was humming sweetly to herself again. After she finished eating, her kept her stick close to her and told her not to hesitate to use it if anyone tried to harrass her. She nodded and hugged it close to her body.

I later and left her and went to see my best friend, Kalu. I found him breaking firewood at the back of the house.

“Guy, how far?” He greeted me happily but I wasn’t really in the mood for pleasantries.

“I need a favour from you.” I told him. “What?” He set the axe aside and turned to listen to me.

“Can you help watch Zainab from time to time? Your house is closer to where she stays than mine is.”

He chuckled. “You are joking right? When did I become a mad girl’s guard?”

“You know you owe me one, Kalu. I have helped you in a lot of things. Besides, I won’t be asking you of this if I wasn’t going away.” I told him.

“Going away kwa, where?” He asked.

“I’m travelling with my uncle in three days time. I just want you to care for Zainab until I’m back. Is that too much to ask?”

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To be continued…

© Angela Okoduwa

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Angela Okoduwa

She's a passionate writer and has written novels on almost every sub-genre, ranging from romance, paronormal, thrillers, science fiction, fantasy , mafia and erotic. She's also a writer of short erotic Nigerian stories which have not only won many hearts but has also inspired and educated many readers worldwide. You can check out her works on Amazon

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  1. What an agape love. I wonder what would happen to Zainab

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