UNCLE, NO! (2)


As Candice wondered where Oiza was, the boy on the floor began to make an uncomfortable noise then suddenly began to cry as he itched the boil close to his temple which roused him from sleep due to the pain and discomfort it gave him in his sleep. Immediately, Oiza rushed out naked from the other room and came to an abrupt halt when she saw Candice awake and sitting. Their eyes locked and the shock evident on Oiza’s face was incomparable to the one one Candice’s. Oiza seemed ashamed as Candice’s eyes slowly swept her nudity from head to toe.

As the boy rolled to a sitting position and began to cry the more, seeking for a motherly attention, Uncle Omeza’s impatient voice came from the room. “Pet that boy or I’ll come deal with him myself!”

Sheepishly, Oiza walked up to the boy, scooped him up in her arms, hugged him against her chest and began to pet him as she blew breeze on the boil on his head through her mouth then rubbed some palm oil on it to probably soothe the ache it was causing the boy.

“Oiza!” Uncle Omeza’s irritated voice came again. “What are you still doing? Let’s finish this thing na! Drop that boy and force him to go to sleep! He’s such a brat these days, interrupting at odd hours all the time when his mates are asleep! Doesn’t he know that he’s no longer a baby?!”

Oiza sneaked an embarrassed look at Candice but swallowed hard instead of replying her father. She swallowed hard and quietly continued to comfort the boy.

“Oiza!” Uncle Omeza called again, more agitated than before. “Are you deaf? Are you not the one I’m talking to?” Soon, movement was heard in the other room like someone was getting off the bed and when Candice turned, she saw her uncle emerge naked from the other room through the curtains with his hard dick dangling between his legs and almost tapping against his big droopy balls. Candice’s jaw dropped open and Oiza simply lowered her head in more shame.

Shocked to find Candice awake, Uncle Omeza quickly tried to cover his dick with his hands but his attempt was futile because his hands could barely cover his long dick as he tried to bend it backwards and lock it between his thighs but his dick was so hard that it only catapulted back into view. Candice continued to gape at him and her uncle tried to speak but only stuttered then remained quiet. Unable to hold her urine at bay any longer, Candice sprang up from the old sofa and darted out into the dark to urinate at the back of the house.


When she was gone, Oiza sneaked one of her nipple into the boy’s mouth to further comfort him. “Why didn’t you tell me that she was awake?!” Uncle Omeza snapped in Ibira language.

“How was I to tell you?! I also met her awake myself.” Oiza replied.

“You are a stupid girl! She doesn’t understand our language. You should have simply informed me codedly! You could have given me a warning or a signal!”

“Papa, see there’s nothing to hide anymore. She already knows. There’s nothing we will say now that will convince that girl that all she saw is not true.” Oiza stated. “She might seem naive but she’s not stupid!”

“That’s exactly the problem! Don’t you know that if word about this gets out into the community, we will be disgraced, flogged, booed and banished from this village forever?!”

“You should have thought of that before taking my virginity when I was only twelve!” Oiza retorted.

Uncle Omeza glowered at her now. “And so?! Am I not your father? Who is taking care of you?! Isn’t it me?! Since your mother died, you should be grateful that I have not married a second wife all because I don’t want you to be maltreated! All I did is show you nothing but love and this is what you have to say to me?!”

“Love?! What stupid love?! Is this your love?!” She took the boy’s hand and shook it. “Is this your love?! See, papa, I’m not ready to go through that pain you made me go through again o during labour. I’m not giving birth to another baby. Everyone in the village already believes that this boy is your sister’s son and that we are only taking care of him because that’s what you made them believe after I vanished for a year and half. I wonder what will happen if they learn the truth that he’s indeed our child! Our own flesh and blood!”


“Will you keep your voice down?! Don’t be childish! I thought by now that you’ll have common sense and be more matured but you still talk like the child you are!” Uncle Omeza scolded in a quiet tone. “It’s obvious I need to pump more semen into you to make you mature and act like a woman. Let’s just go back to the room now since Mafo is already asleep.”

“Go to bed and do what?” Oiza gave him a disgruntled look.

“And finish up na.” He stated, stroking his semi-flaccid dick back to life. “Have I cum?”

“You are joking right?! Even after Candice has seen us?”

“Candice or candle, forget that girl. I will have a talk with her in the morning and buy her to my side with gifts and fatherly love, after all, I’m now her father and all daughters must honour their father and their mothers if they want to live long.”

Just then, Candice carefully stepped into the room and Oiza quickly snapped her nipple out of the sleeping boy’s mouth but Candice had already seen her and from all these, a lot of things began to fall into place. She now understood all what that was going on. She was however still surprised to see her uncle still standing there naked. She had thought that before she returned, he would have gone to grab a wrapper to conceal himself but it was obvious that he didn’t care.

“Where did you go to my daughter?” He asked.

Candice tried not to let her eyes drift to his penis. She simply focused blankly on his hair chest as she gestured over her shoulder with her thumb with a reply: “I went to ease myself at the back of the house.”

“Okay… Um… Don’t mind all that you see, my dear, it’s really nothing. We are actually a very prayerful family and some times, we pray naked, even when my wife was still alive and since you are now part of the family, I’m sure that you’ll come to understand the family tradition soon enough and maybe join us someday.”

“Okay sir.” Candice simply said not falling for his lies.

“Oya, Oiza,” He turned to his daughter and said, “Let’s finish this prayer quickly so that we can get back to sleep and not disturb your cousin. Put that boy down already.”


Oiza slowly rose without a word and gently placed the sleeping boy back on the mat on the floor. Then avoiding Candice’s gaze, she moved towards her father who placed a hand on her shoulder and guided her back into the other room after cajoling Candice to go back to bed and not allow herself be disturbed by their prayers. Immediately Candice was alone, she rushed to her bag, pulled out one of her tightest shorts and wore it under her skirt. The last thing she wanted was being forced into joining them while she was asleep. She laid down on the couch and threw her wrapper over her, unable to sleep.

Meanwhile, in the other room, Uncle Omeza instructed his daughter to go on her knees and place her chest on the bed while he knelt down behind her then glanced back to be sure that no gaps was open between the curtains and also to be sure that Candice was not watching them. When he had confirmed both, he told Oiza in their language as he pushed his dick into her from behind. “I’ll be muttering rubbish in our language, just be saying Amen, okay?”

“Uhm.” Oiza reluctantly answered as her father held her waist and pulled her ass closer to his groin and she could feel his hard pubic hair tickling her buttocks. As her father began to thrust in and out of her, Oiza began to chant “Amen” at intervals.

Candice might be fifteen but she was not deceived. She knew what was going on, the rhythmic squeaking of the spring bed gave away the activity happening in the other room and to shut the noise out and also Oiza’s false amen out of her head, she pressed her palms against her ears and squeezed her eyes shut, but now, she could not only hear the squeaking spring bed but also the noise of flesh slapping against flesh as her uncle fucked his daughter faster and harder while Oiza breathlessly continued chanting Amen.

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