“Do you know that Uche has promised to take me to Dubai for the weekend?” Amarachi told her friends, Jane and Suzie.

“Ehen! You don’t say!” Suzie who was chatting up random guys on Facebook whom she had selected by viewing their pictures to know if they were financially loaded.

Jane was the quiet one. She went to church almost everyday and didn’t have the kind of social life her friends had. In fact, people wondered how she came to be in the midst of such girls. She was meek, pretty and was very shy but no one knew some things about her, not even her best friends.

“Well, lucky you.” Jane said in her usual quiet manner as she clipped her nails. During a gist, she had almost nothing to contribute because all she did was nod or pipe in a word or two at intervals. Amarachi and Suzie even believed that Jane was a virgin because they had never seen her with a guy nor hear her talk about one.

“Babes, see this guy!” Suzie suddenly exclaimed in her usual way when she has found a possible mugu. “This guy carry!” She showed them the picture of a guy on Facebook. “See how the guy fine sef. See pink lips.”

Amarachi gave Suzie a perplexed look and asked, “Babe, which levels. I thought you said Banji was your last bus stop.”

“I know what I said.” Suzie answered then grimaced as she looked away. “But I cannot come and die, Banji is a horse!”

“What do you mean by horse?” Amarachi asked while Jane listened attentively.

“Babe, if I tell you how much the guy likes breasts sex ehn? It’s not even the sex that’s the problem, it’s the weapon of destruction that he possesses that’s the problem! Just last week, that guy almost shifted my womb. I was crawling all over the bedroom floor but this guy keot following me in doggy!”

Amarachi suddenly burst into laughter. “Babe babe! You don jam jam! I think say you be Shakira before na! That your hips wey no dey lie! Now wey you don see your match, you wan kon run? For where?! You die there!”

“Must you girls sleep with every guy you meet? Have you not heard that your body is the temple of the Lord?” Jane asked softly.

Both girls gave her a disgruntled look. “You don start abi?” Suzie said. “Better go join reverend sister.”

“As for me, no man will see my body until I say I do.” Jane stated.

“I do kee you there.” Amarachi said. “Na so you go take go marry person wey him thing no dey work! Madam, I must test what for confirmation before marriage.”

“Are you girls not scared for your life? What about AIDS?” Jane asked in concern.

Suzie chuckled, “AIDS dey look face na. I resemble person wey AIDS fit catch? Abeg, carry commot make it continue my gist.” She turned to Amarachi and said, “Anyway babe, chief said I should join him in Abuja this weekend, I’ll switch off my phone throughout my stay there but should in case Banji calls, tell him I travelled for a relative’s burial and I couldn’t tell him because it was an emergency.”

“Babe, you know I’ve got your back na. As long as you pepper me when you come back.” Amarachi said, making a gesture with both hands as if counting some money.

“Trust me na…” Suzie winked at her then relaxed into her chair and said, “Make I chat up this fine Bobo first.”

That evening, after the girls dispersed to their various locations, Jane logged into Facebook and went into Suzie’s wall. She scrolled through her news feed until she found what she was looking for- a picture of Banji. Using Banji’s username, Jane clicked and moved into his wall. Immediately, she went to his pictures and as she checked each, she zoomed on his crotch. She was curious to know if what Suzie had said about Banji was true.


One of the things that her friends didn’t know was that Jane was a chronic masturbator who had all sorts of dildos which she hid very well anytime her friends or anyone else came visiting. Jane didn’t just go for the average dildos, she went for the bigger sizes and her fantasy had always been to get screwed by a man who was big enough to fill up the space she had created with her dildos. The last time she had had sex with a fellow worker in her place of work, she had had to ask him several times if he had penetrated because she had felt nothing and the sex had been so disappointing since her vagina walls couldn’t even feel his toothpick.

After checking out Banji to her satisfaction, she decided that she needed to see him in person and confirm her friend’s claim. For all she knows, Suzie might even be exaggerating. Luckily, she had never met Banji before and since Suzie would be out of town with another man, there will be enough opportunity to make her plans work. After all, if Suzie couldn’t handle Banji because of his manhood, she could and she was not going to let this opportunity pass her by.

After Suzie travelled off to Abuja on Friday evening, the next day being Saturday, Jane dressed up her usual way. No make up, no earrings and a good scarf to go with her loose blouse and knee-length skirt. Taking her Bible, she took a bike to Banji’s house. She had gathered enough information from Suzie’s gists to know where he lived. When she reached the house, she asked the gateman what apartment Banji lived, after she was told, she made her way up the stairs to his apartment.

Banji opened the door after the third knock. He was shirtless as if he had been doing push ups inside his living room. “Yes?” He gave her a puzzled look.

“Good morning.” She gave him her best smile, holding the Bible to her chest. “I’m Lola.” She lied. “You are Banji, right?”

“Yes, how may I help you?” He asked.

“If you don’t mind and if you aren’t too busy, I’ve come to share the word of God with you.”

“Jehovah witness?” He asked.

“No… I’m just a common evangelist hoping to show the lost sheep the right path.”

He hesitated. “I ought to go out in the next thirty minutes though. Would you like to do it out here or come in?” He asked.

“Inside will be fine, thanks.”

“Okay…” He moved out of the way to let her in then closed the door behind them as he watched her go into the living room. “Please sit down.” He gestured at the couch. “What would you like me to offer you?”

“Anything will do.” She said and he left to get her a refreshment.

Immediately he was out of sight, she dug her hand under her blouse and quickly removed her bra which she threw under the chair since she had no handbag to hide it then she pulled her skirt higher so that her thighs were in view. She had no panties on and she was eager to show him her shaved showroom. When he returned, he handed her a cup of juice then sat down in the opposite couch. She sipped a bit and caught him staring at her chest. She could bet that he could see her hard nipples through her black transparent blouse. She saw him look away, controlling himself to tear his eyes off her breasts but it was not easy for him. Suzie was right, Banji had a weakness for nipples.


“So…” He gingerly began, trying to focus on her face. “What did you say your name was again?”

Just then, she slowly but deliberately opened her thighs as she answered huskily. “Lola.”

“Lola.” He repeated, lost in the sight of the beauty between my thighs. His mouth was practically open.

“So…you live alone?” She asked, starting up a conversation and hoping that he would forget her supposed purpose for being in his house in the first place.

“Yes…” He said, blinking several times. He could hardly concentrate. I could see a bulge swelling in his pants. Just what I wanted to see.

The situation was getting awkward for her and she knew that just throwing herself at him might repulse him and result to his kicking her out so she intentionally but pretended to accidentally spill her juice on her chest. “Oh my God!” She exclaimed as the yellow liquid soaked through her blouse and plastered the chiffon material to her breasts. He jolted from his seat and rushed to her. He tried to wipe her blouse while she pretended to be too shocked to clean up herself as she held the glass of juice up.

On impulse he started wiping her chest and she could feel his hands on her breasts as he continued being a chivalrous man in a rather seducing way. Her nipples grew so hard that they poked through the wet material of her blouse. When he wiped again with the back of his hand, his knuckles brushed her right nipple and she let out an innocent moan. He paused to look at her then swallowed hard. His hand hovered over her chest as if unsure whether to continue or not. The tip of the bulge in his pants had released a wet patch and she knew this dude was hard as fuck.

He swallowed hard again then straightened up. “Um… I probably should grab a napkin. I think that will be better.”

“No!” Jane quickly said, stopping him. “I’ll just wash the soaked part off.” Before he could blink, she took off my blouse over her head, letting her full boobs spring to life in his sight. His eyes grew wide and round and she pretended not to notice. She gave a nervous chuckle as she pretended to check her blouse for stains. “Thank God it’s black… Please show me to your guest bathroom.”

He pointed to a door facing the living room and she walked over to it and left the door open as she began to wash the soaked spot of my blouse in the sink. She knew he was watching then she feigned disappointment that the juice had also left a few stains on her brown skirt. Without wasting time, she unzipped the skirt and began to push it down her hips when she heard him clear his throat to get her attention. She turned and smiled shyly then cupped and squeezed her breasts. “I think I should just shower, my boobs feel sticky. Hope you don’t mind brother Banji?”

“Not at all…” He managed to say. “I’ll just fetch you a bar of soap.” If it was awkward for him that a total stranger was actually going naked in his apartment, he betrayed no sign. By the time he returned from wherever he had gone to for the soap, he was shocked to find her fingering herself with one leg placed on the sink while she watched herself on the mirror and moaned softly, biting down on her lower lip.

“What are you doing?” He stammered out a question but his eyes were fixed on her hard nipples.


“Oh! I’m sorry!” She gasped and pretended to be embarrassed. “I think I should just go. Thanks for your hospitality.” As she grabbed her clothes and attempted to sneak past the little space in the doorway where he was standing, her breasts flattened against his hard chest and the warmness of her nipples seared his skin.

“Damn it! That’s it!” He muttered and suddenly grabbed her and pushed her back into the bathroom. His dick was almost aching from all the torturing sights he had seen. She didn’t protest but acted surprise as he leaned down and grabbed a boob, seizing the nipple in his mouth. He could taste the orange juice on the left one but mostly on the fleshy body of her boobs. He licked every taste off till he could only taste her skin. Her hand had slipped into his shorts to wrap around what had terrified Suzie and she gaped in surprise when she realized that her hand couldn’t entirely cover the girth.

In response, his fingers slid into her and began to beckon her g-spot as he moved from one nipple to the other. She was shuddering in his arms as he worked her g-spot faster and faster till she let out a stream of liquid that gushed down between his fingers onto the bathroom floor. She had barely recovered from panting hard when he suddenly spun her around, flattering her warm breasts against the cold tiled wall. Spreading her thighs and making her just her buttocks to him, he guided himself through the button hole of his shorts into her with his balls still concealed by it. She winced as he pushed inch after inch into her, filling her up and she knew Suzie had had a good reason to be afraid. Banji was not only fat in size, he was long and curved in length.

Lucky enough, she was wet enough to accommodate him with a little discomfort. When he began to thrust in and out of her, he had barely taken ten pumps when she gushed over him again, even wetting his shorts and their feet. He gave her a good digging that way and by the time he was done, she could barely stand right. She couldn’t feel her legs, all what she could feel was his dick pulsing inside of her as it vomited its sweet juices and creamed her insides.

Sister Jane got dressed, promised brother Banji to that she would visit as often as she could as long as he kept their relationship discreet. When she got home, she was exhausted and it felt like Banji was still buried deep in her… The feeling of his mightiness lingered till late in the evening. She should feel guilty right for screwing her friend’s man, but she didn’t, after all, Suzie was also cheating on Banji, so why should she feel sorry for such a great sex. After she had rested well enough, she got on Facebook again and slid into Amarachi’s wall, searching for her boyfriend. She also deserved a man who could take her to Dubai and since her friends thought she was not capable of winning a man for herself, she could as well, show them that she could take their man behind their backs and get away with it.

Not so innocent after all, is she? After going through Amarachi’s Boyfriend’s wall and checking him out, she slipped into the bathroom, had her bath and prepared to go to choir practice after making a mental note to herself to visit Banji again the next day after church; his weapon was too good to pass up!

The End.


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