Mercy’s POV

It was a busy day for me. I was the second wife of my husband and I lived in the better part of Abuja. I had just returned from the market and to say that I was tired was an understatement. What I wanted right now was to take a shower and crawl into my bed but that was not to be because I had to prepare the soup ingredients I had bought from the market before my husband returned home. He had specifically requested that I prepare his native soup particular to the Tiv tribe which I only prepared on special occasions. Well, today was a special day, because he claimed that we were going to receive an important visitor, a childhood friend who was like a brother to him to be precise. I didn’t know what the drama was all about. I didn’t know why he was this excited and wanted me to prepare his native soup simply because his friend was coming as if it was the governor we were expecting.

When I had suggested that the maid should go to the market and also prepare the food, he had strongly kicked against it, instructing strictly that the maid was forbidden to assist me in any preparations of the food. I was angry but there was little I could do. If I complained, he might simply cancel my next trip to Dubai, so I simply accepted my fate, hoping to get this over with. Immediately I got down from my car, the maid rushed out to greet me. I was too tired to respond to her greeting, so I simply acknowledged her with a nod of my head then instructed her to bring what I had bought in the market which was in the trunk of the car into the house. Without waiting, I walked into the house and went up the stairs to the master bedroom. I changed into light clothes after taking off my gold-jewelry. I lived a large life and there was no doubt that I was a beautiful woman. I was light in complexion and had a sexy mole close to my upper lip and nose. I had the curves any man could die for and that was what had attracted my husband to me.

Although, we have only been married for two years but he had told me to stick to birth control till he was ready to father a child with me. Although, I was not surprised because he already had seven children with his first wife who was overseas, four boys and three girls to be precise but I had a feeling that he was worried that pregnancy would take a toil on me and probably make me lose my beauty and curves. There was no where my husband didn’t take me to. I was like his trophy wife whom he loved to show off at the slightest opportunity. He was rich and spoilt me silly. Well, this was the very reason I had dumped my struggling fiance for him. Wealth was staring at me in the eyes and I couldn’t say no. My husband was eighteen years older than I was and I was just twenty-four but I didn’t care. Age was just a number as long as the man knew how to perform his duties both in bed and financially and my husband was very competent of both, the only lapse he had was that, he couldn’t go more than two rounds.

My distress however was why he couldn’t take his friend to be entertained by his first wife. Or was it because she was abroad and I was here in Nigeria with him? Maybe it was high time I told him that I wanted a house of my own in the country of my choice. I knew chief could do it but what I was skeptical about was if he would grant me my wish because he was too protective of me. He claimed that I was too young and beautiful and other young men would definitely chase after me whether I was married or not. I sighed now and after packing my braids in a rubber band, I went downstairs to the kitchen where I donned my apron, turned on the gas stove and began to cook. It took me two hours or more to get the food ready. When I was done, I quickly rushed upstairs to take a shower and put on a nice butterfly dress. Chief disliked me looking less appealing whenever he was having a visitor and since this visitor was so special to him, I had to look my very best.

As I applied my body spray and perfume after wearing my makeup, I called the maid and instructed her to go get the major guest room ready since we had three. She complied and left me then I sat on my bed and knew that my husband would soon be home. In half an hour’s time, I heard the horn blare outside and I rushed to the window to look out and smiled when I saw two cars and recognized the one close to the gate as my husband’s. I saw the gate keeper hurry to push the sliding gate open for them and the two cars drove into the compound. I smiled as I watched my husband get down his car and met his friend half way who had also gotten down from his car. The two men spoke in the Tiv dialect and shook hands the traditional way while calling each other’s titles and other appraising names.

I left the window and let the curtain slide back into place then I walked to the tall mirror to examine my looks before I went downstairs to greet them. By the time I reached the bottom of the stairs, they were already in the living room. I put on my brightest smiles as they turned at the sounds of my footsteps.

“Welcome home, darling.” I said in my sweetest tone.

“Aha!” Chief exclaimed, stretching a hand towards me. “There she is! There’s my angel!”

Feeling proud, I walked into his arms and he put his hand around my shoulder and said to his friend. “Mathias, meet my wife, the only woman that makes my heart beat faster, her name is Mercy and she’s from Akwa Ibom!”

I held myself back from blushing and I simply curtsied before his friend who examined me with al smile and said, “She’s very beautiful like you told me…Chief Tena, you really outdid yourself this time around!” I saw his eyes slowly run down my body but I read no meaning to it.

Both men laughed out loud and my husband continued, “My dear, this is Honourable Mathias, he’s a childhood friend and while in the village, we lived next to each other in our father’s house. He is like a brother to me! We are inseparable! Honourable Mathias has come all the way from Benue to see me.”

“You’re welcome sir.” I curtsied again then quickly excused myself to set the dining room while the two men discussed and tried to catch up on old times. I served the meal and invited the them to the dining room. Honourable commended my cooking skills, he was surprised that I had learnt to cook their native food and my husband simply beamed in pride. After the men were done and I cleared the dishes and asked the maid to wash them, I retired upstairs to finally take that rest that I’ve been dying to have. It was not up to an hour when my husband joined me. He sat on the edge of the bed and told me to sit up. When I did, he asked,

“My friend needs to rest now, is everything ready?”

“Yes.” I answered. “Jacinta already made the guest room.”

“Hmm…” He simply said then after a short pause of silence, he swept his gaze up and down my body and asked, “Don’t you have anything sexier than this to wear?”

“Sexier?” I glanced down at my body in confusion. “Chief, why do I need to wear anything sexier? I know that with the way you are exhausted, you are not going to touch me tonight.”

“I’m not the one who will touch you tonight, just go and wear that red one I ordered from the U.S. that makes your complexion stand out.” He said.

I drew my shoulders back, more perplexed. “Chief, what do you mean by you are not the one who will touch me tonight?” I asked.

He adjusted to look at my face then said firmly. “You have to entertain our guest tonight.”

I still didn’t get what he meant and I only frowned deeper. “Does he want me to prepare another meal tonight? What other entertainment? It’s already past 10 and I’m very tired.”

He gave me the look he gives me anytime I was not getting what he was trying to tell me then he said bluntly. “Mercy, according to my tradition, when a friend comes visiting, not just any guest, someone who’s like a brother to me, the proper way to entertain them is through pleasure, so, you have to sleep with Honorable tonight.”

“What!” I blurted out in shock and slowly began to shake my head in disbelieve. He must be joking of course.


I woke up with a start and was panting hard from the bad dream that I had had. I couldn’t remember what the dream was but I was so scared. Still panting, I turned to look to the other side of the bed and was surprised when I found it empty. Where was my husband? A voice cried out in my head. Thinking that he would be in the bathroom, I gently called out for his name but I got no response so I slowly got off the bed and walked to the bathroom. The door was slightly ajar and white light spilled into the room from the bathroom when I slowly pushed the door open to check if my husband was in there and hadn’t heard me when I had called his name the first time but I found the bathroom empty. Wondering where he was, I decided to check on my baby first.

Barefooted, I walked out of the bedroom and plodded down hallway to check on my baby in her room. I quietly opened and pushed the door in to find my baby sleeping in her cot and my nanny sleeping on the bed we had placed there for her so she could be close to the baby. My baby was only three months old and a few days and even though she had come through an unwanted circumstances, I loved her with all my heart. Sighing now that I had confirmed my baby was peacefully asleep in her cot, I decided to continue my search for my husband.

I checked the guest room and other empty rooms upstairs, even the one he goes too when he needed some alone time to work but it was empty too so I decided to check downstairs, as I quietly descended the stairs, I began to hear a sound but I couldn’t make out what it was. As I pulled closer to the living room, I realized that it was the sound of flesh eating flesh and soft moanings and from the sound, anyone who could tell that two people were having sex. Flustered about who could actually be screwing in my living room at this time of the night, I groped my mind for answers. The only people we had in the whole of this house were my husband, I, my baby, my mother who had come for omugo, my nanny, the cook, the gardener, the maid, the gate keeper and the house keeper who was a woman in her late fifties. The only people who slept in the main building were the house keeper, the nanny and the maid while the others slept in the boys quarters which made me wonder which of the male staff had had the guts to sneak into my living room to have sex on my couch.

Immediately, my mind went to the maid, Sonia. She must be the one of course. She was a serious flirt and all my efforts to get my husband to fire her had proven futile but I was not surprised at his refusal though. I decided that once I could catch her red-handed defiling my living room then I could fire her at once and get her replacement; someone I could trust. But when I finally reached the bottom of the stairs and turned the corner, the sight which greeted my eyes was the very last thing that I would have expected. I stood there, dumbstruck, watching the man and the woman on the couch. They were oblivious to my presence because they were too engrossed in what they were doing. The man was kneeling in front of the couch and the woman was half-sprawled on it with her buttocks shifted to the very edge of the couch while her legs were suspended in the air and the man was busy thrusting in and out of her while she moaned with her eyes closed.

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Tears sprang to my eyes. Why? Because it was my husband pleasuring another woman. He had never touched me for once and always gave the excuse that I was pregnant and he didn’t find it comfortable having sex with a married woman but here he was on his knees, having sex with another woman, not minding if the maid or housekeeper who lived downstairs could just walk in on them. How could he do this to me? How could they both betray me? Unable to stand the sight anymore as tears spilled down my cheeks, I cried out, not my husband’s name but the woman’s name: “Mother!”

Suddenly, her eyes flung open and they both turned to look at me in shock since they were already almost climaxing together. My husband was so shocked to see me that he didn’t know when he ejaculated inside my mother but pulled out too late to finish ejaculating on the floor. My mother quickly grabbed a throw pillow to cover her nakedness as her face was suddenly ridden with guilt but there was no need covering herself now or trying to hide anything from me for I had seen it all already.

To Be Continued…



I watched my wife angrily as she began to tear up and voice out her refusal. I felt like striking her but doing so would only chase her away from me quickly. I had a feeling that she had a high tendency to cheat and deep within me, I didn’t trust her one bit. I made her feel loved by providing all her needs and more but it was best if she had no idea that she was my fourth young wife, the other three had died; well, they had it coming anyway. The truth was I was not a Tiv man, I was from Eastern part of Nigeria. I had lived in Benue for ten years and it had helped me understand the local dialect to a large extent and since I married her without involving my family, she had believed that the fake people I had invited to our traditional marriage and white wedding were actually my people but little did she know that it was all an act and she had gullibly fallen for it without asking much questions. It just keeps baffling me why the young and very beautiful ones were the most foolish ones. Once you have the wealth to throw around or show off, they automatically swallow up anything you tell them, hook, line and sinker.

The truth is, I belong to a secret fraternity where my own quota was to marry young wives and my duty was to make sure that any member of the fraternity who visits me must sleep with my wife and since this men’s body were diabolical fortified, my wives end up dying and after their deaths, my wealth doubles and I quickly go in search of another young beautiful wife in another location where I’m not known. Of course, I had a family of my own before poverty and frustration pushed me to join the evil brotherhood. To avoid any problems, I had flown my family abroad where I bought a house for them and they lived the best kind of life there was. For no reason were they allowed to come down to Nigeria for I had forbidden them. To soothe my wife’s worries, I simply travelled to be with them once in a week every six months before I returned to be with my younger wife whose impending death was inevitable. My wife had no idea what was going on here in Nigeria and I wanted to keep it that way.

You must be wondering why I had lied to my young wife about my ethnicity. Well, it was only to compel them to obey me. It would have been easy if I could just cast them under a spell and order them to my every bidding but the Great One had forbidden me from doing so. He had vehemently emphasized that my wife must willingly have sex with other men or the charm to multiply my wealth wouldn’t work. Honourable Mathias who was waiting downstairs was also a member of the fraternity and the Great Oracle had requested for his own daughter. His deal was to make sure he slept with his imbecile first daughter every time she was on her period. Not only did he spoil the innocent girl who was barely sixteen silly, he protected her with his life because he knew that if anything should happen to her, his wealth would mysteriously vanish and he would lose his sanity.

The common misconception about Tiv men giving their wives out to entertain guests had so spread around the country that most people believe the myth. Even though it was not true and that Tiv men jealously guarded their wives with their lives and would amputate any man who came too close for comfort, I was willing to use this myth to my own advantage if that was the only way of making my wife do what I want. I stared at her now and she was still slowly shaking her head. In fact, she had angrily got up to lean her back against the wall near the door with her arms folded under her chest and her gaze averted.

“What’s wrong with you?” I stated. “Why are you acting like a child? I expected you to be more matured and understanding about this!”

“There’s nothing matured about asking me, your wife, to go lay with another man!” She retorted.

I jolted to my feet. “Did you just speak to me in that manner? Ehn, Mercy? Did you just say that to me?” I flared, trying to express my anger as the head of the house.

“Ehn… I’m sorry…” She mumbled but a frown remained on her face.

Have I not tried? My wealth was already depleting because I had given her extra two years to her young life? I had kept her alive for this long! I was that generous! The first one had died only four months after marriage, the second lasted up to 7 months and the third died after a year but Mercy was lucky, this wss two years plus and she was still hale, hearty and very much alive. Because I knew of their fate, I made sure none of these women took in for me. I didn’t want to have children lying about whose mothers I had killed in a diabolical way. I had tied up all loose ends to drive away any suspicions from me. I had staged their deaths in different ways and had fled the state after their burial.

Sighing now, I approached her and said softly. “Honey, I know that this is too much to ask for but you have to bear with me. I didn’t ask for any of these to happen. If I had my way, I simply would have lied to him that I was not in town but like I said earlier, Honourable Mathias is a very good friend of mine and according to tradition, there’s no better way to entertain him besides this way.”

“Must it be me?” She stated. “Ehn? Must it be me? If you really want to entertain your friend, why not pick up all these aristos or call girls and have them take care of his sexual needs? Chief, I might have left my fiance for you but adultery is not even part of my agenda, I can’t do it.”

“I won’t be happy with you if you can not adhere to my words and do this simple favour for me. Honorable has all the connections that I don’t in the government house. How do you expect me to get more contracts if I can’t make you obey me as your husband and do this simple favour for me? I did not say that you’ll sleep with him forever, just tonight o… Just once and you’ll even forget that something like this happened.”

“Chief, me I can’t…” She said with a pout and her defiance and stubbornness was beginning to get on my nerves. “What will people say of me if word gets out there that i slept with your best friend? What do you want people to start calling me? How do you expect me to hold my head high among my friends when I walk? Do you know how much shame I’ll face? When I was getting married to you, you never told me about something like this? You never told me that you’ll be using me to sexually entertain your guests.”


I was shocked. How would I have known that my day of being caught was near. Her mother had laced her tea as usual, hoping she would sleep for long, how was I to know that she didn’t even take it. My heart felt like it was being wrenched as Queeneth’s tears-filled eyes shifted from her mother to me. I placed my hand under my dick, trying to collect the remnant of sperm that kept licking out. My story was a long one and I know that this time, she wait wouldn’t hear it. This was the third time she was catching me cheating on her and I doubted there will be any forgiveness this time. I had not slept for a long time with my wife because her mother’s sweet pussy had been serving my sexual needs. Even if I was to get both mother and daughter to have a threesome with me, I would still want to fuck her mother more. Jeez! That woman had the sweetest oldest pussy I had ever fucked. I don’t know how she did it but it always felt like I was fucking a sixteen year old girl. Of course, I couldn’t really compare hers to her daughter’s since I had never had sex with her before.

“Queen…” I started to feebly say, “I’m sorry…”

“Don’t!” She quickly held up an open palm, stopping me and I immediately went quiet. I heard her mother beginning to sob as she slid down on her knees besides me to beg her daughter.

“Both of you…” She hissed through clenched teeth in disgust as she waved a finger at us. I could see the  hatred in her eyes and feel the anger in her voice. “You two have been leading me on all this while, haven’t you?! You have been doing this under my nose and I never noticed! Not even once!” Then she raked her fingers backward through her hair and cried. “I can’t believe that I was such a fool! You!” She pointed at me. “Me thinking that I could trust you again was a big mistake! You can never change! You are simply a goat! And all you care about is your goddamn dick!”

I was remorseful though, even though I would like nothing more than to bend her mother over the couch and take her in a doggy position right now, I still had to plead my way out of this. In case you are wondering how I got myself in this mess, she just said that I’m a goat, right? Well, you had better believe it. I’m a randy goat and I like to fuck! Not just fuck like every other normal man out there, I liked to at least sink into some pussy every day and for the last three months since Queen gave birth, I have been drilling her mother real good. Well, I wouldn’t have gone to her mother if the woman hadn’t hit on me. I know you must be wondering why I’m actually attracted to her mother or why an older woman could possibly attract me. Well, her name is Margaret and she is a single mum. Queen happened as a result of being gang-raped while in the university and up till now, Margaret never got married. The catchy thing about Margaret is that she’s hot. She is 47 and yet looked 30. When walking with her daughter, people often mistake them to be sisters not knowing that they were actually mother and daughter.


Well, the main story was that I had met Margaret first, three years back to be precise. I had walked into a wine shop to get a few bottles of wine and liquor when I had sighted Margaret cruising down an aisle, checking out the labels of new wines. The way her protruding behind was curved in her tight high-waist jean trousers was what got my attention first and I slowly let my eyes run down her body, imagining what I could do to her only if she would let me. After contemplating for a while and debating on whether to approach her or not, luck shined on me and she came my way. As she was coming towards me, her elbow seemed to hit a bottle of red wine and it was knocked off its shelf and shattered on the floor. I rushed to her aid as she stared down at her shoes and pants in surprise. The red wine had left several splotches on her body. An attendant hurried to us as Margaret attempted to bend down and start collecting the broken pieces of bottle. I quickly stopped her and simply asked her to leave it to the attendant. She was distraught about how she looked and just wanted to leave but I know that she only hesitated because she had no car and she definitely didn’t want to enter a public transport, looking that way so I jumped on this one opportunity and quickly offered to give her a ride home.

She had obliged and I quickly grabbed two bottles of wine and walked with her to the counter to pay. I paid for her bottles of wine and the one she had accidentally broken and then I paid for mine too. After that, I led her out to the car and helped her open the door like the gentleman I was anytime I was determined to get into a pussy. I drove her home following the directions she gave me and when I pretended that I was about to leave, she invited me in for a drink and I happily obliged but I didn’t betray how pleased I was. She was living in a two bedroom flat and it was cozy. As I sat on the couch, I looked around and noticed the framed picture of an eight year old girl on the wall and that seemed to make me nervous. I would have asked immediately but she had left me and gone to the bedroom, soon, she returned onky clad only in a white towel. She breezed by into the kitchen, telling me that the tap in her bathroom was not running and that it need to be fixed but what I wanted to tell her was “Your pussy needs to be fixed by me” but I kept mum. I didn’t want her to throw me out, it would ruin my chances too soon, so I asked,

“Um… Are you married?” The last thing I wanted was having her husband walk in on me. I heard her turn on the sink tap then began to wash her face.

“No, why?” She answered without looking back.

“The picture on the wall…” I answered.

She simply chuckled and said, “That’s my daughter. I’m actually a single mum.”

I seemed to relax now. I have always wanted to screw a mum and this was my chance to tick that part of my bucket list. Just then, I glanced towards the kitchen and from where I sat, I could see her directly but something else caught my attention. Her towel was so short that in her bent position, I had a direct view to her pussy. This lady had no undie on and just from the sight of the shaved pressed- together flesh of vulva between her thighs, I swallowed hard in anticipation and I felt my dick begin to stir in my pants.

To Be Continued…


I felt hot now as I watched her from where I was seated. Damn, this single mum was hot! My dick got harder in my pants and I knew that it would be embarrassing if she walked in here and saw a tent in my trousers. She might even think me a pervert and I would have lost the chance I might have had with her. So I decided that I had to act responsible for what it’s worth. I decided to continue the conversation so as to get my mind off having sex with her and that also meant that I either had to keep my eyes glued to the TV or somewhere else to avoid seeing what had caused my erection in the first place.

“So… Is your daughter at home or she’s gone to a friend’s?” I asked, imagining an eight year old waltzing in on me when digging her mother on the couch and I cringed.

I heard a smile in her voice as she replied me from the kitchen. “Nah, she’s not eight anymore. That is just a picture of her fourteen years ago.”

My jaw dropped now in shock and my eyes stubbornly drifted to look at her but thankfully, she was standing straight now and was wiping her face with a small towel which she placed on her shoulder and she turned to look at me. “Just how old are you?”

“Me?” She smiled again. “I’m almost forty, thirty eight to be precise but I don’t look my age, do I?”

“No…” I managed to say as I stared at her in surprise. “You look more like in your late twenties.” I made a quick calculation and realized that she was nine years older than I was and I exhaled quietly.

“Well, that’s a compliment, thank you.” She said then glanced around her kitchen and said, “I didn’t even offer you anything. Want some tea?” I was about to ask why tea when we had bottles of wine when she quickly explained, “In case you haven’t looked outside, the weather has changed and I think it’s going to rain soon.”

I simply nodded my head not knowing whether to be grateful or otherwise. “Wine will do.” I said and she simply smiled and walked to a cabinet in the kitchen to pour me some wine. She was out of sight but I glanced at her daughter’s picture on the wall again and asked, “So where’s your daughter now?”

“In school.” I heard her answer from the kitchen. “She gained admission last year to study law in Unilag.”

“Wow, good.” I said and soon, she appeared with two glasses of drink. She handed the glass of wine to me and sat down in an arm chair, bending her legs under her as she sipped from her glass of juice.

“So what happened?” I asked. I could hear the wind howling outside as the sky got darker ready to relieve itself of the burden it bore. “Single mum and all? Who’s the fool who ditched you?”

She smiled again and I realized that she really loved smiling. Leaning to the side and supporting the side of her head in her palm, she grew sober and quiet now then finally said, “I was raped twenty-two years ago… Ever since then, I just can’t bring myself to settle with a man cuz I’m still hurt and I’m yet to get over the trauma, pain and shame that incident put me through.” She swallowed hard and I could tell that she was forcing herself to keep the tears that were threatening to spill at bay. I wanted to ask more about how it had all happened but I figured that perhaps, it would be better if I kept mum. Some people do not like topics about their terrible experiences to be raised and I didn’t come here to comfort anyone, I had come here to get laid.

She suddenly brightened up and said, “So, tell me about yourself. What do you do for a living?”

I explained to her and amidst my explanation, the clouds opened and it began to rain and as the cold breeze drifted through the open windows and circulated inside the house, I could see goosebumps appear and spread all over her skin, indicating that she was cold and I began to crave to give her some of my warmth. She adjusted on her seat and as she moved her knees, I caught a glimpse of her pussy again and I wondered if she had no idea that she had no undie on or this was just a deliberate act. As soon as I caught a glimpse of her down there again, I felt myself beginning to rise again and I quickly grabbed a sofa pillow and placed it on my thighs to conceal my erection from her.

We continued talking as it rained cats and dogs outside and I hoped that I would be bold enough to instigate what I had actually came for before the rain would stop because once it does, there’ll be no need to wait around anymore. We talked and got to know each other more and when she took my glass to refill it, I began to strategize on how to change the topic and make it a sexual one and perhaps that would give me the chance to help know her sexual likes and needs and boundaries and also help put her in the mood. Well, I guess that I didn’t have to stress myself that much because when she returned, instead of handing the glass of wine to me, she simply placed it on the coffee table and then approached me. I stared up at her, wondering what she was up to but she leaned down and took the pillow away from my lap and said,

“You don’t have to play so innocent. I know you have a boner in there.” Before I could reply her, she simply got on her knees in front of me and reached for my belt. I was surprised at how bold she was and as if trying to guess what I was going through my mind, she said, “Do not let the age difference bother you. I like younger men with hot dicks… Or do you mind that I’m older?”

I had never had a lady who was much older than me since I became an adult. The first and last time u slept with an older lady was when I was seventeen and it was my mum’s best friend, a widow. My mum had decided to travel to the village for a burial and had taken me to put up with her friend till she was back. Unfortunately, this woman’s younger children were in boarding schools while the older ones were in the university and I was home alone with her. The first thing that she had done that surprised me was when she asked me to come help scrub her back clean in the bathroom and as if that was not enough, two days after, I was watching TV in the living room when she came down in her night robe and called “Pascal?”

“Ma?” I lifted my head to watch her descending the stairs.

She shook her head and said, “I thought I told you never to address me as ma when we are alone?”

“Sorry ma, yes miss Maria.” I quickly corrected myself even though it sounded odd in my mouth.

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She approached me now and I noticed that she was holding a beautiful shaving stick. “Do you know how to shave?” She asked me.

I nodded. I had shaved my growing beard and armpit several times and I was good at it, besides giving myself a few cuts sometimes which healed fast though.

“Good.” She said and undid the cords of robe and my eyes widened when I realized that she was totally naked under the robe. She was a tall woman and still had all the curves but her big boobs were a bit saggy and she had a few stretch marks. Out of nowhere, I felt something stirring in my groin. I had never had sex before. All I had had was a single kiss with a girl that was crushing on me in school and that was it. Any other sexual thought I had about a woman was all in my head, in the imagination I made.

She sat down now, sprawled on the chair and widened her legs that I could see her pussy. She had a low growth of pubic hair which barely concealed her big clit. Then she beckoned me over, handed the shaving stick to me and instructed me to shave her very slowly and that I shouldn’t rush it. Like the curious boy I was, I obediently knelt down before her between her legs, uncovered the head of the shaving stick and began to slowly shave off the hair that had spread up to her abdomen. I could hardly concentrate because of how brownish her beautiful nipples stood out against her light skin. Soon, as I slowly shaved her while she watched the TV behind me, I released that something was getting harder in my free shorts and there was no denying that it was my dick.

It grew harder to the extent that it started poking the chair just below were her pussy was open to me. I tried not to focus on it but the feeling to just shove it into something was great. I continue shaving her and what was more torturing was how she moaned anytime I gently pulled aside her inner labia so that I could shave off the hair in the corners. My thumb innocently rested on her clit now so that I could shave around it and she began to squirm and moan a little from my touch. I had no idea whatsoever why she was reacting that way but I liked the sound of it. By the time I was almost done shaving every nook and cranny of her vulva, I was hard to the extent that it hurt and my dick was no longer poking at the sofa anymore, it was pushing hard against it and creating a wet patch of precum on the surface of my shorts.

I soon began to sweat and as if she knew my dilemma, she took the shaving stick from my hand, blew air on the blade to send off any remnant of pubic hair but I knew that she would sterilize it once she returned to her bedroom. Glad that it was over, I started to excuse myself, ready to rush to my own bathroom to jerk off in order to have some relief but she stopped me by grabbing her massive breasts and fondling them. I knew I was going to go nuts if I waited around any longer but she was just getting started. Taking my hand, she held my middle finger and index finger together and directed it to her vagina. I was still wondering what she was up to when she slid my fingers into her wet and warm vagina and instantly, I lost control and suddenly ejaculated inside my shorts. The feeling was so intense that I rested my head right on her pubic area to collect myself.

Noticing what I had done, she smiled and said, “You are a bad boy.”

I lifted my head to look up at her and my dick began to harden almost immediately again. She reached down and wrapped her hand around my dick through my shorts then said, “I think I’m going to enjoy your stay here while it lasts, now finger me, my darling boy.”

I began to thrust my fingers in and out of her and she pulled my head closer to suck on one of her nipples. That was the first time I had ever done anything like this and soon she was moaning and my fingers were so wet with her juices and she almost flattened my face against her big boob in a bid to ask me to suck her harder. Soon, she pulled my wet fingers out of her pussy, grabbed me gently by my dick and pulled me closer. “Slot that into your aunty.” She said.

I hesitated. It felt weird. What if she told my mum that I had sex with her? I was scared. What if her older sons found out that I had sex with their mother, then they’ll come after me and beat me into a pulp. When she noticed that I was hesitating, she reached down and yanked my shorts off my waist then stroked my dick till it was stronger and longer then she guided it into her vagina. I let out a loud moan of pleasure when I was enveloped by the heat of her vagina. Trusting my instincts, I began to thrust in and out of her. I was trembling so bad that I feared that I would faint and it didn’t take me two minutes before I ejaculated inside of her. I saw a frown cross her face now in displeasure. Then rising to her feet, she tied the cords of her robe and said down to me, “I thought you were man enough! When you are ready to stop cumming all over the place, you know where to find me.” With this, she turned and ascended the stairs, leaving me embarrassed and dumbfounded.

I have heard my friend discuss and laugh at quick ejaculation and I didn’t want to be tagged as a one-minute man. I thought of going up to her room to apologize to her but changed my mind. Then I simply took my smart phone and went straight to Google to browse on quick ejaculation. I looked up the causes and solutions but when I found nothing satisfying, I simply entered my WhatsApp and chatted up one of my friends up who was already a pro in sex. Luckily, he came online a few minutes later and I explained my dilemma to him but kept out details of who I had sex with. He simply gave me the names of drug to get and I hardly hardly said thank you when I hurried out to get them. The woman in the chemist shop kept giving me a kind of look wondering what a young boy like me wanted to do with sex-enhancement drugs but without her asking me, I quickly told her that it was my uncle who sent me. She believed me and handed them to me and I paid her and left.

When I got home, I hurried to my room to have my bath but I was scared to take the drugs after I read the side effects. What bothered me was what if after I took it and Miss Maria refused to let me have sex with her then I was done for. All of a sudden, that seemed to kill my morale and I gave up on taking the drugs. As the days passed, I realized that Miss Maria changed towards me. She was no longer friendly towards me or sat to chat with me. Even after cooking, instead of serving my food as usual, she would simply serve hers and tell me to go dish mine myself. But how could someone just change because of sex??? But I tried my best to pleasure her just that the pleasure was too much for my dick to handle and it had betrayed me twice. Things grew tense in the house and I couldn’t wait for my mom to return from the village so that I could go back home.

One day, I decided to take the drugs and see if it worked and I decided that even if I had a boner and Miss Maria wouldn’t let me screw her, I would simply wank and get my relief. After dinner, I bid her good night but she didn’t answer, she just kept her eyes glued to the TV like I didn’t even exist. Saying nothing more, I went to my room to sleep but before getting into bed, I took the drugs and slept off. More than an hour later, I woke up feeling so uncomfortable and was sweating despite the working fan. As I tried to find the source of my discomfort, I looked down to find my dick straining so hard in my boxers. Shit! I was fucking horny and my erection felt painful. I jumped off my bed, dashed to my bathroom, grabbed my bar of soap and switched on the sink tap to get it wet then began to stroke my self with my soapy hand. It took fifteen minutes and I finally ejaculated but there was a problem, my erection refused to weaken and I knew that i was in for a serious trouble. Wetting my hand with the bar soap again, I resumed stroking my dick a second time and in less than twenty  five minutes, I came again but when I realized that my dick still stood erect, I became hopeless. I began to panic and I rushed into my room to put on a very tight pair of jean trousers but when the pain only got worse, I quickly took it off and also with my boxers and tried to sleep that way but still I was very restless. I grabbed my dick and squeezed, groaning a bit and trying to bend it but it was as if I was only torturing myself.

I quickly picked my phone and called my friend after dialing him twice, he picked on the last one. “Guy, how far?” He sounded sleepy.

“Doug, my dick dey pain me o. (My dick hurts.)” I complained without the slightest hesitation.

“Na how many you take? (How many tablets did you take?)” He asked me.

“Na four o. (I took four).”

“Ha!” He exclaimed. “You wan kill yourself, bro, na two you supposed take na. Konji go finish you be that because how you wan take invite girl over for this kind time? (Do you have a death wish? Bro, you were supposed to take just two. You’ll be tortured by horniness because how do you intend to invite a girl over at this time of the night?)”

“Doug, I don masturbate twice, the thing no wan come down o. (Doug, I have masturbated twice but my erection has refused to die down.)” I explained, gently squeezing my dick to ease the pain.

“Guy, na to go ashawo house now o… Na dem you go still see by this time. (Guy, you have to go to a brothel because prostitutes are the only one you can find by this time.)” Then he yawned and said. “Me I wan go back to sleep. (I want to go back to sleep.)”

Before I could say something, he ended the call and I angrily slammed my phone on the bed, laid on my side and squeezed my dick between my thighs, yet no relief. I sure couldn’t go out by this time, if the security men caught me, I was in trouble, so I was at loss of what to do. An idea struck me now, and I decided that I had to go to Miss Maria to help me out. Maybe if she stroked me herself, I would get my relief, after all, I cummed twice around her in quick successions. Not bothering to wear anything, I left my room naked with my dick in my hand but when I got to the living room, she was not there and the TV was off so I decided to go meet her upstairs in her room.

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