Mathew moaned as Loveth continued to have sex with him, and as if he was impatient that she was not smashing him as hard and fast as he would have wanted, he suddenly wrapped his arms around her, turned her over on the bed, buried himself deep into her and began to ram her harder and faster like a man who had not had sex for years. He rammed her so hard until he felt himself climaxing. As he meant to pull out, she quickly wrapped her legs around his waist and locked him there and he had no choice than to cum in her. While he twitched and groaned out loud as he cummed, he had no idea that no semen spilled out of his dick even though he had the feeling that he was ejaculating. Spiritually, his semen was being gulped down by the demon who finally detached itself from Loveth’s body after sucking dry the entire sperm from Mathew’s balls and rendering him forever sterile.

Panting and smiling in satisfaction, Mathew pulled out of her and began to wear his trousers as he spewed praises of how she was the best sex he had ever had which after he promised to come back for more. Loveth smiled but said nothing all through. When Mathew was done dressing up, she walked him to the door and as he stepped out on the porch, he turned around to say to her:

“Um…can you please keep this a secret between us?” He pleaded.

“From who?” Loveth asked now. “From your wife or from your friend?”

He stared at her in surprise now. “My wife?”

“Veronica Maduka.” She told him his wife’s full name and he stared at her in shock.

“Who told you that?” He asked.

“The one whom you just had sex with.” She answered.

“What do you mean?” Mathew asked now with a sense of foreboding enveloping him now.

“It’s such a pity that you’ll never get to set your eyes on that whom lives within your wife.” She simply replied.

As Mathew was about to speak, he suddenly gasped in fear when something inside the house caught his attention now. There was a black distorted figure crawling upside down on the ceiling on all fours in a crouched position, and besides the haziness that surrounded it, its eyes were glowing red and shot instant trepidation into Mathew’s being.

“Oh my God!” Mathew exclaimed now as he began to slowly back away from the door. “There’s something on the ceiling behind you.” He said in a shaky voice, lifting a trembling finger to point at the distorted figure that was staring directly at him upside-down.

“That’s because you can only see it after it has drank from you. It has been here all along.” She replied and when Mathew shifted his gaze to her, he nearly tumbled down the steps when he realised that the once beautiful face and body he had admired had turned into something rotten and maggot-infested. Screaming his head out, he turned and fled as fast as he could, got into his car and zoomed off and while Loveth chuckled evilly, the demon morphed into a dark cloud of smoke, slipped out through the door and followed his latest victim to finish what he had started while Loveth gently withdrew into the house and quietly closed the door.

Back at the hospital…

“Before my eyes, I saw something move through the graveyard and into her grave, and after a few minutes, Amarachi appeared from her grave and walked away like nothing had happened. I was so shocked that I actually fainted on that spot.” The doctor finished.

“Why didn’t you tell anybody?” Felix asked.

The doctor snorted. “Who would have believed the gibberish of a four-year-old boy? They’d probably say that I had gone mad, so I kept all these to myself until now.”

Felix nodded in understanding then asked: “But why is she attached to a demon?”

“Demons are malevolent spirits and they derive pleasure from causing humans harm and death. Without a vessel like the human body, demons cannot function and that’s why this particular one took advantage of Amarachi’s bitterness and quest for revenge. It keeps her living a second time while it takes the lives of men who are weak or careless evough to sleep with her. This will continue because he can never be sated unless she detached herself from him.”

“But if she has avenged her death by bringing death to those who caused her death, isn’t she supposed to have crossed over to the other side?” Felix asked, baffled.

“The demon makes her a wandering spirit and a bait to man and that’s why she keeps reliving the role of a physically abused lover to draw the sympathy of men. Amarachi feels she died too young and her ultimate goal is to start a family of her own, thereby living her life almost to the fullest. Listen, all over the world, there are ghosts who died in one part of the country or the world then moved somewhere else where they are not known to start a new life. It could be by living the jobs of their dreams, starting a new family or trying to enjoy their lives as best as they can. When they are discovered by someone who is aware of their death, they instantly vanish and go start afresh again in a far away place. A man can die in Nigeria and move to Ghana to begin a new life. A man can die in Imo state and move to Katsina to start a new life or family and most people will never know that they are dead until they are discovered by someone who knows them from their former life.” Explained the doctor.

“So, what you are actually saying, doctor, is that, Loveth actually wants to start a family with me? Like she wants us to get married?”

“Probably. If you refuse, she likely might seek someone else but not everyone who sees or rejects a bitter ghost lives to tell the tale.” The doctor answered.

“So what do I do now?” Felix asked pensively now.

“I want you to pray on your way home. It’s very important if you are going to scale through this tonight. And when you confront her, try not to sound harsh, it only fuels their anger.”


“What about the demon?”

“You have to detach it from her?”


“When you get home, go to the coldest part of your apartment, open your Bible and place it on the floor. Then go on your knees, say a little prayer that’s genuinely from the heart and order it to leave in the name that’s above all names.”

Felix heaved a sigh now and even though he was very apprehensive about all he had been told to do, he got up, shook the doctor’s hand and left the office, and as he drove back home at night, several thoughts began to run through his mind.

Less than thirty minutes later, when Felix walked into his apartment, he found Loveth sitting on the tiled floor in the centre of the sitting room with her head down and her ankles crossed.

“You are back.” She said to him, looking all normal again with the sexy gown and makeup, gone.

“I expected you to be gone before I returned.” Felix told her.

“Where would I go to? I have nobody, remember?”

“Anywhere but here, just leave.” He stated

“You went to see the doctor, didn’t you?” She said bluntly now. Felix stared down at her surprise, wondering how she had known. “I should have killed him when I had the chance. It’s people like him that make things difficult for us.” She said to him, looking angry now.

“So all what he told me then is indeed true!” Felix stated. “I went to the house I picked you from and not only has it been abandoned for the past two years now, all those people I saw in it yesterday are all dead, including your so-called fiance!”

She smiled now. “Don’t get all riled… We can fix this, Felix.”

“How?” He asked.

“Just give me what I want.”

“I’m not going to do such, Loveth! I’ve told you several times that I’m not that kind of man. Why is that too hard for you to understand?”

She rose from the floor and approached him now. “Even though you already know who I’m, I promise that I mean no harm whatsoever to you. All I want are children and I’ll let you be when I have them.”

Felix glanced down at her lower abdomen and said: “You don’t even have a womb.”

She cringed at his words but smiled again. “Only humans need wombs to procreate. I only need your semen.”

“Why me anyway? Why out of millions of men in the world you chose me?! I have done nothing wrong to deserve this from you? I don’t even know who you are and our paths have never crossed before now! Why me, Loveth?” He asked.

She began to walk in slow circles around him. “Because I like you, Felix.” She stopped behind him and whispered against his ear now. “Everything you witnessed yesterday was planned. I directed you to take that detour simply because I wanted us to meet.”

“Meet? How did you even know me? We have never met before, Loveth. Never.” Felix asked.

“It’s simple.” She answered. “I choose wisely. I have been stalking you for two years now. I have watched every single thing that you have done ever since then. I know where you work. I know who your family is. I know your ex-girlfriend. I literally know everything there is to know about you, Felix, and the very reason it was so easy to get you was because you don’t pray before you leave home.”

Felix stared at her in surprise, and feeling guilty, he murmured: “I’m not really a religious person.”

“Neither are most of your pastors and Imams. Most of them get their powers from sleeping with my kind in the mortuary, using our body parts or drinking the water used to wash our bodies, while the greediest of them go to the malevolent spirits who rule the sea for powers. Most Nigerians who are ignorant of the fact that they can actually reach God themselves, rush to these men for miracles only to end up compounding their problems. Most of you still living do not even pray at night and that’s why demons who are sex predators like the Succubi and succubus invade your dreams to have sex with you, either by using the face of a lover or a crush or no face at all. One way or the other, some of you are unlucky and have drawn demons to yourself without even knowing it.”

“Is that why a demon attached itself to you?” He asked now.

She smiled again. “I can really see that the doctor told you a lot. I must say that I’m impressed. Anyway, I’ve had that demon with me even before I died because I was too fond of masturbating and watching pornography, and by thinking of any image while at it, that demon simply came in through the door which I had unintentionally left open but I wasn’t aware of it until my death when it came to full manifest and decided to use me as a seductress to bait men to their early graves. Every man I sleep with, a little part of the demon attached itself to them and they go from one misfortune or the other till they waste away.”

Felix glanced around now, swallowing hard in fear as he asked: “Is it here now? I don’t feel it. My apartment feels warm.”

“No, it’s not. It has gone out to claim a life that has been sold to it… But that doesn’t matter… What matters now is that we get married and start a family of our own. If you can do this for me, only then will my heart be peaceful enough to cross to the other side. Of course, I’ll burn in hell, but at least, let me leave a legacy on earth by having my own kids.”

“You have been dead for more than forty years now, how come you never found any man to do this with?”

“Because it won’t let me.” She said sadly. “Sometimes, I can’t even make my own decisions nor control my body… In the past forty eight years, you are the only man whom I have seduced that has resisted me so far. The other men simply jump at the offer of sex with me, some even rape me while others deliberately lure me to their beds through one means or the other despite all my efforts to save them from being victims. I have slept with pastors, other religious leaders, lecturers, policemen, bankers, doctors, men at the club, students, senators and other men in every walk of life.”


“And what happened to them all?”

“Some we kill and some we leave to suffer forever.”

“And what happens if I have sex with you?” Felix asked now.

“You want the truth?”


“If I can detach myself from my master, you’ll prosper and we will have a blissful marriage which will only last until after I have given birth to my third child, only then will I die again during childbirth and depart from this world forever.”

Felix sighed now. He understood her plight but he wasn’t ready to risk anything. He simply walked into his room and returned soon. She gasped in fear and quickly moved back when he stretched out a Bible towards her. “Take it.” He said.

“No.” She staed at the bible in fear. “I was warned to stay away from that.”

“Because you know what power it wields. Listen, I was blind to this part of existence in the world until I met you. I never believed that ghosts and demons existed until today. If you believe in the name that dwells in this book then He will set you free from your bondage.”

“No!” She cried out in fear, shaking her head. “I have committed so many sins that I can never redeem all that I’ve done. He whose name dwells in that book scares me.”

“With God, all things are passed away. All you have to do is let him in and you shall be set free!”

She suddenly turned her head to look at the door now, her chest rising and falling heavily. “It is coming back.” Then she turned to look at Felix again. “You indeed have a good heart, Felix, and just these two days with you have shown me that all men are indeed not the same. The bad ones may be many but the good ones surely still exist… I don’t have enough time to make things right with you, so I’ll let you go… But you have to promise me these…”

“What?” Felix asked.

“Pray before you sleep and do tje same when you wake. Do not carelessly have sex with just anyone. Stay away from premarital sex if you can. Study that book you have in your hand daily. Never hesitate to ask Him for forgiveness and please be kind to people.”

Felix nodded in acceptance. “I’ve got a lot to live for now that I’ve seen it all, and I shall heed your words.”

“Good. Do me a favour too.” She said. “Push your big standing mirror to that spot.” She pointed to a corner at the back of the couch. “My master sits there when it is not crouched on the ceiling. Place that book on the floor then go into your bedroom and start praying quietly. The mirror will act like a dimension and suck the demon through it and I’ll be rid of him forever through your prayers. Even though you might not know it, Angels also roam the earth just like demons do but we try our best to avoid them to prevent being subdued. They live in human bodies and scour the earth, helping those they have been assigned to. Your prayers will attract one to this house, he will protect you and not a hair on your head will be harmed by my master. Hurry! It is close now!” She said anxiously.

Felix quickly did as he was told. After placing the mirror in the corner and an open bible on the floor, he turned to go into the room when she said to him again: “And Felix, when you pray, please do not yell like those in the churches do. Go on your knees and pray in a composed way, He whose name is in the book is not deaf and can hear even the tiniest sound. Pray from the heart in a quiet manner and that will attract his angel faster… And Felix… thank you.” She finished with a sad smile. Felix quietly withdrew into the room, closed the door, got on his knees, placed his elbows on the bed then began to speak to God in prayers. He couldn’t remember the last time he had prayed so, it was a little awkward at first, but soon, he began to flow in prayers to God.

Less than five minutes later, there was a sudden strong wind in his room and his curtains began to fly crazily as the breeze howled in his room. His pillows suddenly levitated off the bed and were flung against the walls. The bed suddenly shifted from under him, scraping the floor and almost knocking hik off. His wardrobe doors flew open and his clothes flew one by one from their hangers and fell around the room. His shoes fell from their shoe racks, making thudding sounds as they hit the floor. The taps and showerhead in his bathroom began to turn on and off repeatedly. His walls began to crack, while the bulbs in the room flickered like crazy till one of them exploded, but Felix did not stop praying despite all these frightening occurrences that were trying to scare him out of his wits. He was so afraid, but he continued to speak to God, asking him to take control.

Soon, he everything quieted down and returned to normal again and Felix felt a sort of peace he had never felt before wash over his entire being. It was as if a holy hand had been placed on his head to soothe his fears. He felt a presence by experiencing great joy, and even though he couldn’t see whoever it was, but he knew that he was not alone. A few minutes later, after the presence had left, Felix stood up and tentatively walked to the living room. His tall mirror was shattered all over the floor like something powerful had flung it across the living room, but his bible was still in good shape. Most of his plates and cups were broken and the pots and cooking utensils were strewn all over the floor. As he looked around for Loveth, he saw that the living room door was wide open and Loveth was no where to be found besides the tshirt she had been wearing which was laid neatly on his centre table. Going on his knees again, Felix glorified God. He got up after a few minutes, closed his main door and swept up the broken glass and ceramic. Ever since that day, he never saw Loveth anymore. Two weeks later, after his Mathew waa fired from his job at the company, Felix learnt that his friend, Mathew, had committed suicide by intentionally driving off third mainland bridge into the lagoon after acting strange for days and claiming that he was seeing things and hearing voices in his head.


Four years later, Felix got down the car with his two kids and his wife. As they started to walked towards the fast food building, Felix suddenly froze when his eyes locked with Loveth’s who was stepping out through the doors. Besides still looking very beautiful, she had two children now. She was walking towards his direction with a man’s arm wrapped around her waist while they laughed like two lovers. As she drew closer now, he noticed that she was heavily pregnant and she was trying so hard to compose herself. Somehow, he sensed that she was afraid; but afraid of what?

“Hey.” Loveth smiled, stopping and glancing at Felix’s wife. “Long time.” She said to Felix.

“Hey…” Felix could only whisper, still stunned to see her.

Loveth waved at Felix’s wife then glanced down at his two daughters and said, “Wow, this must be your kids, they are beautiful.”

Felix nodded as he stared down at Loveth’s two children too. One was three and the other was one and a few months. Loveth had not changed much besides some weight which she had added, probably due to her pregnancy. “So are yours.” He managed to say.

“Oh! Pardon my manners. Meet my husband, Deacon Timon and these are my children Elizabeth and Moses…” Then she said to her husband: “Honey, this is Felix, the man whom I told you about.”

“Oh!” The man smiled now and leaned forward to shake Felix’s hand who was still flabbergasted. “My wife, Juliet has told me a lot about you.” The man said and Felix threw a surprised glance at Loveth at the mention of a new name. “I really must thank you for all you have done for her. I’ve been meaning to thank you but she told me you moved.”

“What do you mean?” Felix asked, confused.

“If not for you, I never would have met this beautiful woman here. Since she came into my life, things have been going very well for me. I’m glad that God revealed her to me by making me go through a street where I saw a scoundrel who used to be her fiance beating her up and I knew that I had to take immediate action. That big step which I took four years ago gave me the most beautiful woman ever who blessed me with such beautiful kids.” The man explained proudly.

Felix glanced at Loveth again and discovered that even though there was a big smile on her face, she was pleading with him with her eyes not to give her away, so Felix simply forced a smile and said to the husband: “You are indeed lucky.”

Grateful that he had not said otherwise, she sighed and visibly relaxed now. Soon, the two families bid themselves goodbye and went their separate ways. As Felix and his family walked towards the door of the fast food building, he glanced over his shoulder and saw that Loveth was standing near her husband’s car now, staring at him over the roof of the car as she waited for her husband to unlock the door; and from that distance, he heard her say “Thank you.” without moving her lips then she caressed her bulging stomach and added with a sad sigh. “My time is almost up too.” Felix stared at her, feeling her sadness from the distance but had to look away after his wife called his attention. After a last glance at Loveth, he finally guided his family into the building without another word.

Author’s Note: Despite our shortcomings, God still loves and forgives us. He has given so many people grace and yet we falter one way or the other. Even though his mercies endureth forever, do your possible best to obey his commandments.

Somw people who have felt or have had an encounter with ghosts and malevolent spirits and not all of them have lived to tell the tale, although few have not been lucky. Somw of us have also felt the presence of angels and good spirits and we know how at peace we felt when they were around. It could have been the spirits of deceased loved ones or friends and we knew that somehow, they are watching over us.

You might not believe it but there’s another world out there for the non-living/ immortals. Not only do the dead walk amongst us, most people who are in or have been to boarding schools can testify to this.

If you just finish reading this and you learnt a thing or two, pleaae go on your knees and ask God for forgiveness, protection, good health, happiness, but most importantly, thank him for the gift of life. Most people will do anything to have your health, even the wealthy, but you were selected to be part of the healthy and Living. Glory be to God


© Angela Okoduwa

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Angela Okoduwa

She's a passionate writer and has written novels on almost every sub-genre, ranging from romance, paronormal, thrillers, science fiction, fantasy , mafia and erotic. She's also a writer of short erotic Nigerian stories which have not only won many hearts but has also inspired and educated many readers worldwide. You can check out her works on Amazon


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