“But what about the woman who sells pap in the compound?” Felix asked.

“Iya Monday Ologi?” Asked the midget.

“I don’t know what her name is but she’s fat and dark in complexion.” Felix answered.

“Na Iya Monday. She don die since two years ago.” Said the first youth. “In fact, na she burn this house when she dey try kill her husband after she find out say he don give one small girl belle for street. As the husband dey sleep for night, na im she pour am petrol, kon light matches for him body, na so the husband take die o but other tenants manage escape.”

“And the woman herself?” Felix asked.

“She die na.” The second youth replied. “As she try run, her wrapper hook for door. Before she free herself, run, fire don surround am. She die with her husband.”

Felix heaved a sigh of near despair now, then he asked: “What about the bike man?”

“Which bike man?” Asked the midget.

“When I came to this house yesterday, I saw an average-height man washing his bike. He is black, a bit skinny and has a big mole at the back of his head.”

“Shuuuu!” The second youth gave Felix a scrutinizing and suspicious look now. “Why be say na so so dead people you dey ask for na? Abi your time don reach??”

“Are you trying to say that the man I saw yesterday is also dead?”

“Abdullahi just die eight months ago… Na that house he dey live before, but after Mama Monday burn am down, he pack go one house like that for the next street. Abdullahi wey be say trailer fall on top am while he dey work, scatter him brain and remove the head of him passenger.” The first youth explained.

“I think I have heard enough.” Felix finally said, feeling very uncomfortable now. “Thank you so much for your time.”

As he started to hurry away, the midget called him back. “Oga, come na… Na so you wan take commot? We pause our game answer your questions wella and you no wan drop something for the boys?”

“Oh!” Felix paused now, pulled out a thousand naira note from his wallet and handed it to the midget. As he got into his car, the youths began to deliberate on how to split and spend the money, while after taking a last dreadful look at the house, Felix drove away.

Mathew got down the car, adjusted his clothes then bent to quickly to check his face on the side mirror close to the driver’s door. Straightening up once again, he held his palm in front of his face and blew his breath several times against it to test the smell, and when he perceived no foul odour, he nodded in satisfaction and confidently walked to the door of the third apartment. After glancing around the compound to be sure that Felix’s car was nowhere around the compound, he was about to knock on the door when it slowly creaked open itself. Surprised, he hesitated before stepping into the apartment, concluding that the door opening itself was only a coincidence.

“Hello!” He called out as he carefully made his way into the living room which he found deserted. “Hello! Is anybody home?!” He called out aloud from the living room, his head craned towards the kitchen as he waited for a response.

“In here.” Loveth answered from the bedroom.

Excited to hear a female voice like he had expected, Mathew approached the bedroom. He found the door half-closed, and when he pushed it open, he stopped short when he saw a lady sitting in front of the mirror, brushing her long hair. He could see her back through the transparent night gown she had on and could tell that she had no undies on.

“Hello.” Mathew said, adding a little huskiness to his voice.

Loveth turned to look at him over her shoulder then she suddenly gasped and jolted to her feet, turning around to stare at him as she protectively held the ends of her nightgown robe together, acting surprised to see him. “Who are you? I thought it was Felix.”

“Sorry.” Mathew stepped fully into the bedroom now. “I didn’t mean to startle you.” He apologized with a smile, noting that Loveth was very beautiful.

“What do you want?” She asked, still acting tensed.

“My name is Mathew and I’m Felix’s friend. I actually came to the area to visit a relative of mine so I decided to drop in and say hi to him. Is he home?”

“No, Felix is not home now.” She told him, relaxing a bit now.

“Oh! I should have called his number then…” Mathew said in false dismay.

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“You can wait for him if you want; he should be on his way baxk home by now.” She quickly told him.

“Nah, I think I should leave. I don’t want to be too much trouble by hanging around. And besides, you were probably busy when I interrupted.” He said, trying to hide how eager he was to stay back.

“Not really.” She answered coyly, stroking her fingers through her hair as she added in a cute voice: “I was bored and lonely.”

Mathew swallowed hard now as he tried not to look at the V-line between her hips. “I didn’t get your name.”

“Loveth.” She answered.

“Beautiful.” Then he glanced at the wall clock. He was wary of the fact that Felix might arrive soon and would be angry to find him in his house after telling him back at the office not to come. He decided that he had to act fast and smart so that he could leave before Felix arrived. “Can I sit?” He gestured with a hand at the bed and when she nodded, he crossed the room and sat down on the foot of the bed while she sat hesitantly down next to him with a small gap between them. “So…” Mathew began, as he nervously rubbed his knees. “Are you Felix’s girlfriend? He has never mentioned you before.”

“Well, I will be more than that to him soon.” She said confidently.

“And I must commend him for having such great taste. He’s a very lucky man.” Mathew said, swallowing harder than before. He could see her fat nipples through her transparent gown and they were making it impossible for him to concentrate. What he really wanted to do was grab her boobs and fill his mouth with her nipples but he didn’t want to come off as a pervert, lest she screamed and kicked him out of the apartment.

“What about you?” She asked now as she gently placed a hand on his lap, instantly waking up his dick and this made him flinch. “Do you have a girlfriend?” She asked huskily.

Mathew sat up with a straight back now, trying to hide his erection that had stretched towards the left pocket of his pants. He couldn’t believe what was happening to his body or why it had reacted that way just from the light touch of her hand, but he was excited. At least, she was making the first move, which meant that he was bound to get lucky. How could Felix have resist such a stunning girl simply because he thought that she was too young? Well, if she was willing to let him in, he would do it with all the gratitude in his heart. “Oh, um…” He cleared his throat, trying to think straight now as his dick began to twitch in his pants. “I am very much single… Yes, very single…” He managed to say.

“Why? Are you saying that no woman was lucky enough to win your heart?” Loveth cooed.

“None at all. Women can be something else sometimes.” Mathew replied. “I must say that I’ve really been unlucky in relationships. My recent ex jilted me by sleeping with her boss simply because she felt that I could not take care of her needs. The previous ex got pregnant for some dude she used to claim was her best friend whilw the very first one left me at the alter, so since then, I’ve decided to take things slow and be mindful of who I commit my heart to.” He gave a nervous smile, hoping that he was convincing enough and that she would show empathy towards him.

Loveth only smiled back at the lies that kept spewing out of his mouth. She had heard men lie a lot to her or promise her impossible things simply because they wanted to have sex with her. Knowing that he was only playing the victim, she decided to play along. “Oh, poor you… Life has really be unfair to you.” She stroked the back of his neck and saw him shudder from pleasure. She knew that her master was impatient and wanted her to get straight to the point but she wanted to play it cool and not jump into having sex with him just like that.

“Yes…” Mathew pretended to be emotional. “It’s like you understand me well. Talking to you actually makes me feel so relieved. It feels like I’ve actually known you for years when we have only just met now.”

‘What a cliche.’ Loveth wanted to say but she said instead: “Yes, I indeed feel the same way, and I can also feel your sadness too.” She cooed and her hand slowly moved towards his erection now and began to slowly caress it through his pants. “That’s why I’ll like to make you happy right now. Let me ease you of your pain and you’ll never have to worry about it ever again.” As soon said this, she slowly slid down the bed to kneel between his knees, her eyes holding his in an hypnotizing way.  Mathew simply leaned back on his arms, already moaning as she undid his belt, slowly zipped down his fly and gently pulled out his dick. “Isn’t this why you are here?” She asked him now as she ran her lips around his shaft. “Isn’t your reason for being here just to sleep with me, dear Mathew?” Loveth asked, but he all he could do was moan. Slowly, she opened her mouth and swallow his dick while she saw her master sit upside down on the roof, rubbing his palms together in glee.

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When Felix returned to the doctor’s office, he had to wait for almost an hour till the doctor was done attending to some patients. When the doctor finally walked in, Felix stood up to greet him.

“I’m sorry for you keeping you waiting.” The doctor apologized as he slipped into his seat. When Felix sat down too, the doctor said: it’s already 7:55 p.m. and my shift long overdue. I had to stay back because I was expecting you.” He removed his stethoscope around his neck and placed it on his desk. “So, what did you find? I was expecting you to come along with the fiance like I told you.” He said.

Felix pursed his lips and shook his head before he finally spoke: “Doctor, he doesn’t even exist.”

“What do you mean by he doesn’t exist? I thought you rescued her from him last night.” The doctor asked.

“Everything was a hoax. Every single thing I saw yesterday doesn’t exist. The fiance, the neighbours, the house, everything!” Felix said in despair.

“I still don’t understand you, Mr. Felix. Are you saying that you can’t find the fiance or he moved out?”

“He’s a ghost, doctor.” Felix blurted. “The house has been abandoned for the past two years. All I saw yesterday was… I can’t even explain it!”

The doctor exhaled now and said: “I understand neither am I too surprised… I knew that something was just not right when I saw her yesterday. Hope you have not had any sexual relationship with her?”

“Not at all, Doctor.” Felix answered.

“Good… So do you now understand what I meant when I told you that she died forty eight years ago?”

Felix helplessly exhaled. “Do I have a choice? My life has taken such a spiral that I don’t even know how I got myself into this mess in the first place. All I wanted to do was help an innocent girl, little did I know that I was bringing a ghost into my life.”

“Well, your being on that street yesterday was no coincidence, Mr. Felix, she chose you.”

“Chose me?” Felix was puzzled now. “How would you possibly know that?”

“I have the power to perceive ghosts, Felix. I have had this gift since I was four years old and I never told anyone until now. Even my wife doesn’t know about this. This gift has been a part of me and my profession as a doctor has exposed me to meeting more of these ghosts. When a patient dies, I alone can see the spirits. As I speak to you right now, there are close to a hundred and thirty ghosts still wandering around this hospital now. Some of whom had died during child birth, some of whom are elderly women who are confused and don’t even know that they are dead, some of whom are accident victims who died tragically and some of whom who once worked in this hospital as doctors, nurses or cleaners.

Now back to that girl in your house, her name is not Loveth like she told you and I, her name is Amarachi. We used to live on the same street in Niger state. Her father who was a soldier had been transferred to that state, while her mother, a tough vibrant woman tried to meet ends meet by making kunu while she also sold other petty things to survive. Amarachi was molested and sexually abused as a child by men old enough to be her uncles. Men were eager to take advantage of her because she was very beautiful. In fact,  Amarachi was so unfortunate that she was always getting into one scandal or the other and her mother always tried to bring her out of it.

Despite all these, Amarachi was too  inquisitive and wanted to explore her youth to the fullest. At sixteen, she fell in love with a man who was fifteen years older than she was when she was still in secondary school, and because she couldn’t bear the hardship at home, she ran away from home and went to live with her lover.

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Amarachi was desperately in love that her lover who immediately took advantage of her emotions and naivety by stopping her from continuing with her education. He cut her off from communicating with her friends and every one else and she thought that he was only doing this simply because he cared. Soon, he became violent and began to hit her. Sometimes, he would beat her severely until she could barely move, and since he was always locking her up in the house, even when he was going to work, Amarachi could reach no one for help.

One stormy night, it was said that her boyfriend beat her so severely simply because she had refused him anal sex. To prevent him from killing her, she ran out of the house into the night rain. He chased after her but she made away, vowing never to return after raining curses on him. As she wandered the dangerous streets, she was cold and helpless and had no where to go, so she sat by the road, hoping a good Samaritan would take pity on her and give her some shelter from the rain, but that was not to be because most people that passed her that night simply ignored her or didn’t care enough to help her.

After two hours of sitting in the cold rain, a car containing four mean-looking men pulled up and when they offered to give her a ride, Amarachi refused. These guys tried to sweet-talk her into getting into the car with them but she remained adamant. As she began to walk away, shivering, the men grew desperate, snatched her and forced her into the car. The next morning, four streets away, Amarachi’s body was found, dumped naked near a bakery. The kidnappers who were ritualists and body-part hunters had carved holes into her body, removing her heart and her womb and publicly leaving the rest of her to rot.”

“Her family were devastated, but there was nothing that could be done since the killers were not known. Amarachi was later buried amidst tears and sorrow then everyone dispersed to their various destinations. As a boy, I felt that something evil was going to happen since Amarachi had died such a painful death and also because I had noticed black crows gathering in the sky during her funeral. People who die painful deaths or in unjust ways, find it hard to cross to the beyond because they believe that their journey on Earth is incomplete and they are scared to leave the world they are already familiar with.

While their spirits roam the earth, Some who are very bitter and seeking revenge might work hand in hand with a demon to wipe out all who had wronged them, thereby unleashing their wrath on all man, but unfortunately, most of their victims are promiscuous men or men who cannot resist beautiful women… And you can find them easily all around Lagos. Men who are willing to have one-night-stands with women they barely know and men who just won’t give up until they have lured every woman into their beds. You can find these demon-possessed ladies in the night clubs, in the universities, in workplaces and especially the church. They go there to hunt and most of the men who survived the sexual encounter are already living-dead cuz nothing good will ever amount from them except they are delivered and unfortunately, they share this misfortunes with their wives and girlfriends.”

After sucking Mathew’s dick, Loveth rose to her feet, placed her hand on his chest and slowly pushed him to lie on his back. Taking off his clothes, she straddled him then as she sat slowly sunk herself down his shaft, her master quickly flitted into her body, taking charge. Mathew moaned aloud as his dick disappeared inch by inch into her. Her vagina felt so cold but he didn’t care. She was just too beautiful to pass off. Unknown to him, several jaws of sharp teeth wrapped around his dick as she began to slide up and down his shaft while her boobs gently bounced on his chest and being greedy, he lifted his back of the bed to suck one of the cold fat nipples into his mouth while the painless jaws of sharp fangs began to spiritually suck out his essence, letting him enjoy the sex without interruption.

To Be Continued…

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