Mustering all the courage he could, Felix took one end of the sheets and threw it backwards with one forceful sweep, but he saw nobody else besides Loveth who was still moaning with her eyes closed, completely oblivious to his presence as she squirmed on his bed like a worm. Confused, Felix knew that he had not imagined the figures of the two people he had seen under the sheets, then why was he only seeing one person now. His eyes focused now as Loveth began to fondle her naked breasts and pulling at her father nipples, while her thighs remained wide open. Then he gasped and flinched when she suddenly squirted; pumping a long stream of liquid from her urethra till it slowly died down to small gushes.

Alarmed and even more scared, Felix moved around to the foot of the bed and that was when his eyes widened in shock when he noticed how Loveth’s very wet vagina parted as if something he couldn’t see was sinking into it, then closed up a bit as if whatever had sunk in was pulling out now. Felix did not understand any of this but as her vagina continued to act that way, he became certain that someone that he couldn’t see was penetrating and thrusting in and out of Loveth. He bent down and waved his hand above her body, hoping he would feel someone but he felt nothing but the cold air.

As he was about to pull Loveth’s leg and shake her awake, a firm hand suddenly grabbed the back of his shirt. Felix struggled and tried to break free from whoever was holding him from behind but he could neither see nor feel who the person was. The hand suddenly began to drag him out of the room, flung him on the floor of the living room then slammed the bedroom door shut. All Felix could do was gape at his door in horror. He couldn’t yet phantom who had thrown him out of the room but whoever it was had made it clear that it didn’t want him there.

For the rest of the night, Felix couldn’t sleep. He just sat on the couch, occasionally glancing at the door. He had dozed off a few hours later when he woke up to the sound of the door opening slowly. Waiting to see her walk out, he suddenly gasped in fear when he heard her familiar voice behind his ear:

“Hello Felix!”

Felix jolted out of the couch and spun around to face her, wondering how she had gotten there because he hadn’t seen her walk out of the bedroom. His heart was beating so fast as he stared at her in fear.

“Why are you trembling?” She asked. “You are staring at me as if you just saw a ghost.” She smiled.

“How did you get there?” Felix asked now, trying to compose himself.

“Does it matter?” She asked, lifted a leg and crossed it over the backrest of the chair till it was touching the seat and this position exposed her thigh.

Felix noticed something now: “Your injuries and your scars… They are all gone.” He said in disbelief.

“Oh!” She said as she checked her arms and deliberated lifted the shirt to check her waist and naked buttocks. “I heal pretty fast, don’t I?” She simply asked as if it was very normal to her.

“But that’s impossible.” Felix said.

“Not for me.”

“You didn’t even touch the drugs!” Felix pointed down at the drugs that he had on the centre table the previous night.

“They are useless.” She stated.

Felix swallowed hard now as he mustered enough courage to ask what he had been dying to: “Last night, my apartment was very cold and the ACs were not even on. Can you explain that?”

“Really? I didn’t feel it.” She simply shrugged a shoulder, crossed the other leg over the chair, pulled herself up and forward until she was sitting on the head rest. “I slept just like a baby after you turned me down.” She finished with a pout.


“You really didn’t feel it?” He asked.

“No. Maybe the harmattan is here already!”

“Really? This is just August, remember?”

“Is it?”

“It was very cold, Loveth. How come you didn’t feel it?”

“Are you sure that you didn’t just imagine it? If you were that cold, I could have made you warm.”

“No… I couldn’t have imagined such… And… there’s something else…”


“You were with someone last night, weren’t you?”

She smiled now, a bit sinister. “Was I? How would you know that when you didn’t share the room with me?”

“I heard you moaning. I saw everything! It was as if you were having sex with someone I could not see.”

She chuckled now, got down the couch and said as she started to walk to the kitchen. “I already like you, Felix. But there are some things you shouldn’t provoke. I will simply assume that you are only being paranoid.”

Felix walked towards the kitchen and stopped in the doorway. “Since you are healthy now and have recovered greatly, I think I should take you back to your fiance.”

She glanced at him as she pulled a bottle of water out of the fridge. “You’ll take me back to that monster after saving me?”

“But you said you love him which means that you have no problem with what he does to you.”

“I don’t want to go back.” She said as she took a bottle of water out of the fridge.

“Then where are you going to stay?” He asked, eager to have her gone.

“Here. I like it here already.” She stated.

“Do you realise that you are engaged to be married bery soon?” He asked.

She suddenly approached him now and gently grabbed his manhood in her hand. “Is that why you keep resisting me, because you think that I belong to another man?”

Felix felt the same feeling again as the previous night and his erection quickly sprang to life in her hand. He took her hand away from his manhood and quickly stepped backwards, creating enough space between them. “I’m not interested in you that way, Loveth. I thought I’ve already made that clear.”

She scoffed. “Then what other way are you interested in me? Do you have a girlfriend?”

“No, we broke up five months ago and she’s married now.”

“Then do you have someone you are admiring?”


“What about me?” She flinched a brow at him. “I’m not good enough for you to keep?”

“You are just too young, Loveth.”

“And that’s the only reason?”

“Could you please stop with all the questions already?!” Felix suddenly snapped. “I’m-not-interested-in-you!”

“Fine…” She simply said then moved towards the electric stove. “Hungry?” She asked.

Felix wanted to tell her that there’s no way he was going to eat her food a second time after what he had seen the previous night, but he opted for: “I’ve gotta go prepare for work.” He walked away and when he returned, fully dressed, he found her in the sitting room, relaxing like she owned the place. Was this not the same helpless girl that he had rescued yesterday? Who was this person sitting in his living room and what the hell had happened in his house last night?! Felix just hoped that all this was a dream and that he would wake up from it soon.

As if sensing his presence, she turned to look at him now and smiled sweetly. He realised that she had loosed her hair now and what amazed him was how long and black her tresses were that she appeared more beautiful and alluring.

“A penny for your thought.” She said huskily.

“You need to go back to your fiance!” Felix stated. “You need to leave my house, Loveth!”

“Not when I’ve taken to you.” She answered in a seductive tone, unfazed by his words. “Let me tell you what our future will be like; you are eventually going to give in to my charms, have sex with me and we are going to have two kids.” She lifted two fingers for emphasis.

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“There’s no way I’m going to have sex with you, Loveth and I mean it!” He said firmly.

“Are you sure?” She asked. “I could make you take off your clothes with your own hands right now but I’m enjoying the chase and wait. I actually like the fact that you are playing hard to get, although, I had thought that you’d fall easily. Right now, I’d love nothing more than to get those pants off you and impale myself on your sweetness.”

Felix didn’t know why she sounded so bold but he was eager to get himself out of this trouble which he had found himself in. Who could he possibly tell about all this that would believe him? “I’m off to work. You can leave the key in the small flower pot outside the window.” He said as he headed to the door, hoping that she would have left before he returned.

“I’ll be waiting.” Her voice floated after him.

When she said that, he cringed and quickly closed the door. How had he gotten himself into this mess?! All he had wanted to do was to help a girl out, he had not bargained for any of this!

While at work, he could barely concentrate. It was as if he could hear her voice in his head. A friend and colleague of his who noticed how jittery he was, came over to his desk and asked:

“Dude, the air condition is on and yet you are sweating like you are sitting next to a burning firewood. Are you sick?”

Felix shook his head as he tried to relax into his seat. “I’m in big shit, Mathew.” He said in a low voice.

“Big shit? Dude, you hardly get in trouble. What’s it?” Mathew asked in concern now.

After a slight hesitation and making sure that no one else was listening, Felix explained his predicament to his friend. When he was done, Mathew burst into laughter. “You are joking right?” He asked.

Confused at his friend’s reaction, Felix answered: “Dude, I’m not joking! That girl is in my house right now as we speak!”

“Why are you so scared? Listen dude, you did a good thing by rescuing her from that scumbag, but that nonsense talk about the cold and seeing her having sex is just pure bullshit!”

“You think I made that out?”

“You were probably seeing things that weren’t there. Did you drink last night?”

“I was very sober, Mathew and I know what I saw. I can swear that didn’t imagine all that. I don’t know what threw me out of my own bedroom but that girl is definitely a witch!” Felix stated.

“If you are scared shitless, then simply ask her to leave your house. You can’t have some stranger making you so uncomfortable in your own house.” Mathew advised.

“I’ve done so but from the look of things, she’s here to stay! Not only is she adamant, she has been trying to seduce me since yesterday!”

Mathew laughed again. “Felix, this is probably God answering your prayers. Ever since you broke up with your girl five months ago, you haven’t had sex. Just have sex with this girl and get it done with. Get laid, man.”

“Dude, she’s just twenty-one!”

“So?” Mathew gave him a look. “Pussy na pussy, and the younger it is, the more enjoyable it will be. Smash this girl, jawe, no dey dull, my guy.”

“You must be out of your senses if you think that I’m going to have sex with that girl. I don’t even know her! I mean, it’s either that girl is a witch or she’s possessed and I want her out of my house as soon as possible. Another night with her and I just might go mad!”


“Dude, maybe you are too soft and that’s why she’s insisting on staying. Should I come help you scare her off?” Mathew suggested.

“Scare her off how?” Felix asked.

“This is Lagos, man. You gotta be mean if anyone is to listen to you. Act tough, stand firm, make your house very unconfortable for her and that girl will not hesitate to vanish. In fact, just take home a prostitute and pretend she’s your girlfriend, maybe that will hasten her leave.”

“She already knows that I don’t have a girlfriend.” Felix stated.

“Guy, na wa o. Why you go tell girl wey you hardly know that kain thing when no be say na fuck you wan fuck am. See, just go home and kick her out of your house, sefini!”

“Well, guy, I don’t know… I’m being too careful here cuz I can’t tell what she’ll do if I upset her.” Felix answered. “That girl is just not the same helpless person I had rescued. This one is bold and she terrifies me! See…” He leaned closer and whispered his next words now. “Thay girl simply touched my knee and my dick came to life immediately. I have never felt so hard before in my life. It was as if a new energy charged my dick to the fullest point it can ever get.”

“Guy, just fuck this girl. Maybe, that’s what she wants. If you won’t fuck her, just let me fuck her for you. If na winch, make she winch me but from what you have just told me, e mean say this girl touch alone na fire!”

“Have you shame?!” Felix said in, suddenly appalled by what his friend was saying now. “Is this how you go around sticking your dick in every thing in skirt?”

“Ogbeni, forget that one! Have you not done one night stands before?”


“No wonder. Your life must be very boring. I’ll help you get rid of this girl once and for all. Just give me go ahead.”

“Don’t bother…” Felix dismissively waved his hand at him. “I’ll figure a way out. I might have to go fetch her fiance so that he can come get her himself. For now, that seems like the only plausible thing to do.”

“Good luck with that but I think my doing it will be more quick and effective.” Mathew said, then walked back to his desk.

Immediately he left, Felix’s phone began to ring. Realising that it was the doctor, Felix received the call. “Good afternoon, Doctor Ibrahim.”

“Good afternoon, Mr. Felix. How is the day going?”

“Going well, doctor.” Felix managed to answer as he loosened his tie.

“Alright… How’s the girl… um… What’s her name again? Uh… Loveth! How’s she doing?” The doctor asked.

“She’s fine.” Felix answered, restraining himself from telling the doctor that her wounds had completely healed miraculously. “She’s at home resting.” He simply added.

“Where are you, please? Are you home with her?”

“No, I’m at work, is there a problem?”

“Well, I can’t say for now… Can you come to the hospital after work?”

“With her?” Felix asked.

“No, you alone please.” The doctor replied. “I have some information that you might want to know.”

“Uh…Okay… Doctor…” Felix nodded. “I’ll be there at six when I get off work.”

As he finished his call and tried to get back to work, Mathew who had overheard him, began to plot in his mind on how he would take advantage of this opportunity. He made up his mind that he would go to Felix’s house to go check out who this horny unwanted guest of his was while he was away at the hospital. How on Earth will a man see a horny beautiful girl and not want her? In this Lagos, no dulling! Smiling to himself, he also focused on his work again, looking forward to closing time.

To Be Continued…

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  2. Sleeping with a spirit.

  3. Sleeping with a spirit.

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