Rhonda took her time in stroking him to full life till his member was dangling and pointing directly at her. “Wow!” She said, eyes round in astonishment. “Boy, you are big!” She whistled in awe, unable to detach her eyes from my object of interest. “Some men at thirty don’t even have this.” She commended then leaned forward to put it in her mouth. It was so strange and very exciting at the same time that Kingsley couldn’t stop himself from ejaculating a minute later.

Rhonda smiled, fetched a tissue and wiped his semen off her tiled floor. Kingsley was glad that it was over because he just couldn’t wait to get the money and go treat his father, but as he started to reach for his boxers, Rhonda said to him: “Now, that we have your first quick ejaculation and I’m glad we got that out of the way. Men who haven’t had  sex for a while and virgins tend to cum too quickly on the first round. I’m sure the second will last, hopefully. Take off your trousers and boxers entirely.” She instructed with a smile.

When Kingsley hesitated, she gave him a look, got up, walked to one of her handbags, pulled out a bunch of crisp notes in 1000 naira denomination, counted ten thousand naira and placed it on the bed before returning the rest of the money into the handbag. “There, that’s the money. I wasn’t bluffing when I said that I would give it to you. You just be an obedient boy and it’s all yours.” She enticed him with the money, hoping that just seeing it would make him more willing.

Seeing the money on the bed renewed Kingsley’s desperation. He began to think of all the things he could do with such money. After treating his father, he figured that he could go to the market, buy some soup ingredients and stock it up with enough beef and kpomo so that his mother wouldn’t have to lash out at them again about taking her own meat from the pot. Making up his mind, he slowly took off his trousers and boxers and sheepishly dropped them aside.

“Good…” Rhonda said now, pleased with his compliance. She took the exotic drink she had given him earlier from the floor and handed it to him. “Here, finish drinking this so it can help you relax.”

As Kingsley greedily gulped down the juice, all Rhonda could stare at was his dick. She loved the way his dick bobbed each time he took a gulp and she just couldn’t wait to have it buried deep inside of her. She loved the power she felt. She liked it that she could also make the opposite sex do whatever she wanted for money the way cruel men had used her body too because they didn’t want to help her for free. When Kingsley had gulped down more than half of the content, Rhonda took it from him and set it aside. “Have you ever had sex before or you are still a virgin?” She asked. “Tell me the truth.” She was skeptical because some of the secondary school students in Lagos were already so exposed that some of them were already indulging in threesome or gangbang to spice up their sex life.

Kingsley simply shook his head.

“Very well then, it means that I’m your first.” Standing up, she removed her pink singlet over her head and her heavy breasts dropped an inch or two down her stomach. Kingsley gaped at her boobs. Besides, a few stretch marks which had developed because of the weight of the boobs stretching the skin, they were fair, large and lovely and his eyes greedily eyed the thick brown nipples surrounded by a very wide areola full of tiny pimple-like lumps. “Come here.” She ordered him.

He took three steps forward until there was only an inch between them. He couldn’t lift up his head to stare into her face because he was rather mesmerized by her ample bosoms. “Do you like what you see?” She asked as she slipped both hands under her breasts and lifted them up then she began to fondle, squeeze and jiggle them and this caused precum to start leaking from the tip of his dick as he lusted after the massive boobs that were beginning to taunt him.


He watched her pinch one of her big nipples while she rolled the other one between her thumb and index finger. When she finally directed one massive breast towards his face, he found himself leaning forward to taste her nipple. When he hesitantly gave the nipple a lick, it was tasteless. Neither was it sweet nor was it bitter. He leaned forward for another lick and this time he managed to hold the nipple in his mouth. Rhonda moaned and closed her eyes, while below, she reached for his stiff member and began to stroke him again. It felt so good that Kingsley soon forgot all about his fears and what mattered now was the pleasure.

Mustering enough courage, he lifted one of the breasts with one hand and began to suck on the nipple while Rhonda’s hand came from behind, cupped the back of his head and pushed his face hard against her flesh. “Bite it.” He heard her whisper but he wasn’t sure if he had heard right until she said it again. “Bite it hard, Kingsley.”

Complying, Kingsley pulled the nipple past his teeth and when he softly bit down on the fat nipple, he felt her shudder. Her breasts were so warm that he was eager to taste the other breast. He moved to the next one and sucked on it. At a point, he even tried to push the entire breast into his mouth but it was impossible, so he began to kiss and suck around the flesh, lick and bite it before returning to suck hard on the nipple. He never knew that sucking a woman’s breasts was this fun until now. On several occasions, he had seen some of the neighbours breastfeeding their infants but it had been repulsing to him until now. The only difference in this was that Rhonda’s breasts were devoid of milk.

When Rhonda had had enough of his greedy sucking and biting, she pulled up her mini skirt, sat on the edge of the bed and spread her thighs open. She was clean shaven and her vulva was glistening from her juices. Wondering what she wanted him to do next, Kingsley lustfully stared at her vagina and several questions ran through his mind? Was this where he came out from through his mother? Was this where his father entered at night anytime his mother permitted him to? But he couldn’t see any opening? Where was it?

Just when he was still baffled, Rhonda took his hand and pulled him close. “Now, just the way you sucked my breasts, you have to do the same to my pussy but with the exception of your teeth. This place is very tender.”

Kingsley didn’t quite understand what he was supposed to suck since there was no obvious protruding flesh like a nipple but he was willing to give it a try. He got on his knees while Rhonda lay back on the bed with her knees up. Kingsley stuck out a tongue and touched her labia and this time, there was a taste that he could describe. It was almost like a mild salty taste and it wasn’t that bad even though it smelled different from her breasts. Closing his eyes, he kissed her libia and parted them with his tongue and when Rhonda moaned a bit, that seemed to spur him on and he began to run his tongue around her pussy as if trying to clean her up.

He soon got comfortable and began eating her up like an expert. From her reaction, moans and how her toes kept curling, he could tell that she liked this very and he concluded that if doing just this meant that the 10k was his then he had better enjoy this while it lasted. As he sucked and licked her, his probing tongue finally slid down and found her opening. Putting his fingers to her vulva, he gently spread her labia minoras open to find the pink tunnel he had been so curious about. Where did that lead to and how deep did it go? He asked himself in his head. Curious to find out, he glanced up at Rhonda and discovered that she still had her eyes closed while she fondled her own breasts. 

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Swallowing hard and hoping that he wouldn’t be crossing his boundaries, he straightened up crawled closer between her thighs. Still holding the lips of her vagina open, perhaps scared that it might close up if he let go, he carefully pushed his hip forward until his erect dick was positioned before her opening. At first, he pushed the head of his dick in between the lips of her vagina but quickly pulled it out, surprised that it felt so great. He realized that Rhonda still had her eyes closed and he wondered if she was unaware of what he had done or was simply pretending not to be aware. Well, that didn’t really matter because Kingsley was willing to explore more.

Thrusting his hip forward again, he slowly pushed his dick into the opening until his pelvic came in contact with hers and he heard Rhonda give a long moan. Instinct guided him and he began to thrust in out of her but since it felt unconfortable still holding her vagina open, he let it go and the lips wrapped firmly around his dick like an anchor.

Without opening her eyes, Rhonda said to him. “I like it fast and deep.”

Relieved that she was aware and that she wasn’t angry about his intrusion, he held her thighs and began to plunge in and out of her while still on his knees. He had fucked her for almost seven minutes when he began to get a funny feeling in his scrotum and without really knowing what was going on, he felt himself twitching and releasing something deep inside of her. When he slowly pulled out his dick which was already going flaccid within her, he saw a think white liquid swell to the opening of her vagina before rolling down her ass crack. Rhonda sat up now, smiling. She grabbed a tissue and began to wipe at the liquid and at herself.

“You did a good job.” She commended. “Although, you are still an amatuer, but with time, I’ll teach you how to be better in bed.” She said, finally handing the money to him.

By the time Kingsley finished, he got into his pants, counted the money and happily shoved it into his pocket, promising Rhonda that he’d come the following day. Rhonda bid him goodbye and locked her door since it was almost her bed time. As Kingsley neared his block, he heard his mother yelling. He dashed down the block and when he got to the room, he found his mother sitting on his father’s belly and dishing out painful slaps to his face while his father tried to shield his face with his arms. As his mother dealt his father more blows, she rained down insults on him, calling him all the names she could think of. As if that was not enough, she got up and began to kick him in the side while he pleaded with her to stop. When Kingsley could not bear it anymore, he rushed into the scene and shoved his mother away from his father.

She stumbled and fell heavily into the chair then she turned to fix a death stare on him. “Kingsley, did you just push me?!” She asked in shock. “Your own mother?!” Her eyes were almost narrowed into two angry slits.

“It’s high time you stopped oppressing papa!” Kingsley spat. “What has he ever done to you for you to treat him this way?! What?!”

“Oh! So now you have grown wings abi? Not only do you talk back at me, you now have the guts to fight me too, abi?!” She barked.


“I did not fight you. I just wanted you to stop.” Kingsley grumbled as he tried to help his disoriented father off the floor. “I don’t know why you are so wicked, mama. Papa doesn’t deserve any of what you do to him. He has never even laid hands on you before but you keep abusing him physically.”

“May thunder strike you dead right where you stand!” She swore in rage, pointing at him. “May you turn out to be as useless as your father for having the guts to push I, your mother, who carried you for nine months in my stomach! In fact, for this nonsense you have done, no food for you and your father for the rest of the week. Since your father has poisoned your heart against me, let him feed you himself! Like father, like son!” She hissed as she properly tied the wrapper around her waist then stormed out.

Kingsley turned to find his father wincing in pain as he tenderly placed a hand against his side. “I think your mother has bruised my ribs again.” He said in pain.

Kingsley heaved a sigh and asked: “What happened again? I was barely gone for an hour!”

“Never mind, my son. It’s bygone now.” Kayode dismissively said.

Angry, Kingsley asked. “How long are you going to continue to stay in this torture called marriage?! If you can’t divorce her, can’t we just pack our bags and leave?! Is it until she kills you?!”

“And go to where, Kingsley? Go to where? I’m only an okada man and I hardly make enough to take care of this family. Your mother is the one paying the rent and footing other bills. In as much as I hate to admit it, we can’t survive without her. To rent a room here in Lagos is expensive. Where do I start from?”

Kingsley heaved a sigh again. He knew that his father was right but he was tired of seeing his mother put them through hell because she felt she was the bread winner of the family. His mother ran a beer parlour and she had a lot of customers but she had refused to let Kingsley come help her out in the shop because she believed that he would steal her money and give it to his father. Apart from her abusive nature, what Kingsley detested most about his mother was her infidelity. Although, he hadn’t caught her red-handed yet, but he had a strong conviction that she was not faithful to his father. Kingsley had on several occasions seen the way she related with her customers in a flirtatious way and the sight was disgusting to him. His mother had no iota of respect for her husband or marital vows even in public and this made him resolve that he would never marry.

He stared at his father for a moment then said: “Papa, please go get dressed, we are going to the clinic.”

“To do what? Do not worry about the bruised ribs, I’m already used to it and with time, it will subside.” He assured his son.

“Papa, I’m not talking about the bruised hip. I want your infection treated once and for all.”

His father paused briefly. “I don’t have the money for that, Kingsley. Let’s just wait for the alagbo woman, I’m sure she’ll come around soon. If she does not, she will tomorrow.”

“Papa, I don’t think taking any herbal medicine will treat this. Your condition is getting worse by the day. Please get dressed, let’s just go to the clinic. You don’t have to worry about the bill, I’ll pay.”

Kayode stared at his son in surprise. “You’ll pay? With what money? Have you started stealing?”

“No, papa. I can assure you that I didn’t steal this. Just get dressed. I’ll be waiting for you outside.” Kingsley replied and quickly stepped outside the room so that his father would have enough privacy to change his clothes and also to avoid further questioning from his father.

To be continued…

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