As Kingsley started down the narrow corridor between the fence and the block, he greeted an old woman sitting in a wooden chair in front of her room. She was turning amala in a hot pot while her wrapper hung around her stomach, exposing her fallen and deflated warriors. The old woman barely responded since she was too focused on what she was doing to really pay him any mind. As he got to the seventh door out of twelve, he sighed will himself when he noticed that there was no padlock which meant that occupant of the room was in.

Bracing himself, he knocked and waited, checking himself out to make sure that he was neat and presentable enough. A few seconds later, a plump lady who was fair in complexion opened the door and smiled in surprise when she saw him. She was actually fair in complexion due to the bleaching cream she was using which had made her red in some places and dark on her knuckles, elbows and feet.

Although, her hair was always on lowcut, she had little growth of sparse hair on her chin and a shadow of beard above her lip as if God had wanted to give her a moustache and had then changed his mind after remembering that she was female. She had little curly hair in her cleavage but could still pass for being pretty, especially when she smiled to reveal her gap teeth. She was Calabar by tribe and her name was Rhonda; although Kingsley doubted that was her real name though. Rhonda was rather new to the compound. She had moved into the compound two months ago but was despised by most of the women in the compound because she was considered a threat to their relationships or marriages. Rhonda was considered to be promiscuous and she didn’t care to hide that part about her because she didn’t care what other people thought about her. She brought in different men every week and despite the gossip and rumour in the compound and in the street, she still didn’t stop.

Kingsley suspected that most of the women didn’t like her because they felt intimidated by her large bosom and buttocks. They felt that she could easily snatch their shameless husbands away from them so most of them gave her cold shoulders and would make snide remarks at her in Pidgin, Yoruba or Igbo language anytime she was passing by. Rhonda was however undisturbed by all their drama. She had absolutely no interest in the men in the compound despite the fact most of them had secretly come to seek her services.

However, there was only one person she had interest in and that was Kingsley, and this had baffled the teenage boy very much until two weeks ago. Yes, he was just fourteen going on fifteen but he still couldn’t tell why a grown up woman like Rhonda who was in her late twenties would prefer him. How Kingsley had known that Rhonda had interest in him was when she had paid for the Pepsi and bread he had gone to buy for his father on a certain night, and during the raining season, she had also bought tins of beverages like Milo, Peak Milk and St. Louis sugar for him. After handing it to him, she would caress his jaw towards his chin as she left, deliberately shaking her full buttocks as she walked away, leaving the confused and naive boy gawking after her with his mouth open.

Well, at first, Kingsley had not really suspected anything because he thought that she was only being nice to him, but when he had gone to her room later that evening to thank her for the gifts, she had suddenly seized him and had deeply kissed him smack on the lips. This unexpected act had shocked Kingsley so much that he had fled immediately he had recovered from his shock. He had assumed that she was probably drunk and didn’t know what she had done but when Rhonda and kept trying to seduce him anytime they met outside by flicking her tongue at him as she squeezed one of her big breasts, he had realized that he was indeed really deep shit. Although, she was always careful to make passes at him when no one was around or watching and whenever the were people, she would simply pass him by as if she didn’t know him.


One night, while he was passing through the compound, she had just returned from work and after making sure that no one was sitting outside, she had grabbed his dick in his pants and had given it a squeeze. He still didn’t know what the woman saw in him that made her want him so bad. One, he was still very young. Secondly, he had no money to impress her with and thirdly, his waist was not even mature enough to pleasure her. Ever since the day that she had grabbed his crotch, Kingsley had avoided Rhonda as best as he could but today, he had decided to go see her because he was in desperate need to save his father and he had no doubt that Rhonda would give the money to him.

“This one that you came to my door today, hope all is well?” Rhonda asked as she opened her net gate and urshered him in.

Kingsley stepped in and she immediately locked the net gate, leaving the main door open, probably because there was no light and the weather was hot. She had only locked the net gate because she wanted fresh air to come in but at the same time, prevent mosquitoes from flooding into her room. “Good evening, Aunty Rhonda.” He greeted politely, standing next to the door and trying to hide his trembling hands behind him. What if she sent him away after asking for what he wanted, where else would he go to?

“Call me Rhonda.” She said with a small smile, placing her hand on his shoulder. She was taller and bigger than she was and she smelled sweetly. She sat down on her big mattress on the floor and patted the empty spot next to her. “Come and sit down.” She told him.

Kingsley was nervous as he hesitantly moved to sit down next to her. His eyes went to the varieties of handbags on the wall. He speculated that there were close to seventy handbags of different sizes, shapes and colours. There was a shoe rack that was almost as high as the wall of the room and they contained almost a hundred pair of shoes which most were heels. Rhonda was the only single lady who had a big generator, she had a tall fridge, an air-conditioner, a microwave and the floor of her room was tiled. She tried to live a very comfortable life that the others in the compound couldn’t afford.

“Let me serve you something cold. The weather is hot.” She said and before Kingsley could object, she reached for the fridge, pulled out a small exotic juice and handed it to him. It was so cold that Kingsley swallowed hard in anticipation. He wanted to gulp down the juice like a parched lizard who had been in the scorching desert but he composed himself and drank it slowly. The last thing he wanted was choking on something this sweet.

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Swallowing hard again, he gingerly began: “Um… Aunty Rhonda, sorry, Rhonda… I…I need some money.” He managed to say.

“You want to borrow money from me?” She asked in surprise as she fanned herself with a pink hand fan which was a wedding souvenir. Then she laughed out loud and asked: “I don’t know how much you want to borrow, but how do you intend to pay me back? You don’t have a job, remember?”

Kingsley nodded. “I know but I asked a contractor and he told me that a building will commence at the end of this month two streets away. I intend to go work there and pay you back.”

“Nah…” She shook her head. “You are too young and too handsome to be carrying pans of cement on this sexy head of yours. I don’t think I’m cool with that. I don’t want you looking rough. How much do you want?” She asked.

He hesitated, trying to at least estimate the amount his father would need for his treatment. “Let’s say 5k…” He more of asked than stated.

“I’ll give you ten!” She said and he turned to look at her in surprise.

“10?” He asked.

“Yes but you have do something for me in return and this will seem like I’m only paying you for services rendered to me.” She explained.

“What services?” He anxiously asked. “I’ll sweep your room daily and wash your clothes weekly if you want me to.”

She laughed again. “I’m not handicapped Kingsley, neither am I lazy. Looking good is my business and I can easily do those myself. Well, what I actually can’t do myself is this…” Her eyes lustfully moved down towards his crotch and she trailed off. Returning her gaze to his face, she stated huskily. “If you just agree to do anything I want, I assure you that you don’t have to pay me back.”

“What do you want me to do?” He asked, still confused.

“Hold on.” She said, got up and went to let the curtain which she had slung over the door fall in front of the net gate, making the room a bit dark. Then she turned and returned to the bed with a sly smile that made him quite uncomfortable. “Stand up.” She told him. He placed the juice on the floor and hesitantly stood up to face her. “How old are you again?” She asked as his eyes ran down his body lustfully as if scrutinizing him.

“Fourteen.” He answered.

“But you look quite too tall for your age, which means that you are growing fast. And from popular believe, tall guys tend to have the longest mambas. Why don’t we find out how true that is. Take off your trousers.” She suddenly ordered but in a soft tone.

“What!” He blurted, cocking his head towards her as if he hadn’t heard her right the first time and out of impulse, his hands crawled to cover his crotch protectively.

She smiled now. “What? Are you shy? Take off your trousers or do you need help?” She scooted to the edge of the bed and when she attempted to hold his waist band, he quickly stepped back out of reach.

“Why?” He asked, flustered.

“Why what?” She asked.

“Why do you want me to take off my trousers?” He naively asked.

“Do you want the money or not?” She sounded a little bit annoyed now. “Or do you think I pluck money off trees? I have to take off my clothes to make my money and that’s only what you are doing for me right now. Kingsley dear, you have to understand that in this world, nothing goes for nothing. Just as bosses sexually harass their female staff, that’s also how women also do and it’s called scratch my back, I scratch your back. Just let me see.” When she tried to reach for him again and he bent, her smile vanished. “See, if you are not interested, don’t waste my time, just leave my room!” Her countenance had completely changed now.


After thinking of how long his father had been suffering from the disease his mother had sexually transmitted to him and how long he would continue to suffer from it if he didn’t find a solution to it as soon as possible, Kingsley reluctantly and slowly unbuttoned and unzipped his trousers, letting it fall to his knees. The spark returned to Rhonda’s eyes again and she began to size him up with her eyes through his boxers. “Take that off too.” She gestured with a long red-painted nail. “I need to see what I’m paying for.”

Squeezing his eyes shut, he complied and let his worn-out boxer which he had patched and sewn in different parts fall to join his pants. When he felt his limp dick unfold and dangle to rest on his balls, he tightly pursed his lips in embarrassment.

“Well, you look quite normal for a fourteen year old. My fantasy has always been to have sex with a teenage boy and apparently, you’ll be my first.” She pulled closer and when Kingsley felt her hand on his dick as if she was trying to weigh his balls, he squeezed his eyes shut tighter and cringed inwardly. Oblivious or indifferent to his reaction, she began to slowly stroke him as she added in a sultry voice: “Well, let’s see how big you get when you come alive.”

Kingsley felt like wearing his pants and making a run for it but he could hardly move a muscle. The only muscle responding in his body was the amatuer rod between his legs. Rhonda was fifteen years older than he was and this felt really awkward. Of course, growing up in the rowdy part of Lagos, he knew what sex was all about but he was still a virgin. He lived in a ghetto-like area where sex and weed were the order of the day but he had never had any. He had been sent several times by men to buy condoms from the chemist and he had also stumbled severally upon couples having sex in dark corners of the street and he had seen one or two pornographic magazines in a friend’s house but he had never let anyone touch him this way, neither had he ever let anyone play with his John-Thomas before.

This felt completely wrong and even though a voice in his head kept yelling to him to leave, he remained rooted to the spot, especially when he had already begun to develop a funny feeling between his thighs and how his dick was growing stronger and longer in Rhonda’s hand with each stroking second that passed while he stood there, being an amateur gigolo for the very first time and having his dick brought too life by a woman who was twice his age all because of ten thousand naira.

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