Adanna was infuriated. Why should her sister keep getting all the good men? All the well-to-do men who had promised her marriage had all failed her after sleeping with her but her younger sister didn’t have to sweat it before men came calling. It was really beginning to get frustrating for Adanna and she was bittered. But Oscar was supposed to be hers na, after all, she had been the first person to visit him in the family. The only problem was that he was always acting busy and had hardly paid her any attention anytime she went to visit him. He was always either on the phone or was going out. But how come he was now sitting in the living room with his people to ask for her younger sister’s hand in marriage? And how could Nene have dated such a man for seven months and had kept it to herself? Was that not selfishness? Anyway, she finally decided that she wouldn’t let it bother her, after all, her mother has always got her back.

After Okonkwo welcomed his guests, he leaned towards his wife and said with a little feeling of dread: “Ginika, go and call Nene.”

Without a word, Ginika got up and exited the living room while Okonkwo began to pray that she didn’t end up embarrassing him as usual. When Ginika got into her daughters’ room, she saw both of them, each sitting on their own bed. While Adanna was lying belly-down, propped on her elbows and was going through her phone in a relaxed manner, Nene who was sitting up with a straight back, seemed tensed and kept wringing her fingers on her laps in apprehension. Exhaling after glancing at both daughters, Ginika finally spoke:

“Nene, your presence is needed in the living room!”

Nene’s eyes widened in surprise while Adanna quickly sat up in alarm, surprised that her mother had summoned Nene instead of her  as usual. Before she could protest, Ginika turned and left while Nene hesitated a moment before she followed her mother because she still couldn’t believe her ears. While Adanna fumed in the room as she restlessly got up and paced it, Okonkwo who was also surprised and relieved at what his wife had done consented to give Nene’s hand in marriage to Oscar even though he still had his misgivings about Oscar. Nene was elated. She could hardly contain her joy after the guests left that she hugged her father who happily patted her on the back while she hesitantly hugged her mother from the side who remained indifferent and kept a straight face without attempting to hug her back.

When all was settled and Nene went out on a date with her fiance, Ginika finally entered her daughter’s room again and saw Adanna sulking on her bed. “Adanna…” She called but got no reply. “Adanna, are you not the one I’m calling or have you gone deaf?” Iginika angrily asked.

“What?” Adanna suddenly snapped. “What is it?! Are you happy now that you have finally succeeded in ruining my life? You that I trusted so much that I thought that you were on my side, only to end up being betrayed by you! Since Nene is yours and Papa’s favorite daughter, no problem, but everybody should just leave me alone in this house. You people don’t love me! You don’t love me at all! You want me to die a spinster! No problem, I’ll die as one! But Mark my words, I’ll never forgive you people! I’ll never! Especially you mama!” She vented in a teary voice.

“My friend, will you shut up?! Shut that mouth of yours, you foolish girl!” Ginika scolded and when Adanna gave her a surprised look, Ginika continued: “Yes, you are a fool! And a big one for that matter! Didn’t I tell you to go after Oscar? Didn’t I? But no, you preferred going to fuck that stupid principal of yours who has a blind wife! People will be going for better things, but only you has a preference for nonsense! Instead of you to hunt men, good men with enough cash, you end up giving out that thing between your thighs for just shawarma and fish, can you see that you don’t have sense at all?! I wonder why you cannot be as sharp as I’m! When I was your age, I knew what I wanted and I went for it, but you, you were busy claiming that he was not your taste? Ngwa taste! Has he not grown way taller since he left Nigeria? Is he not even handsomer than before?! See his skin is even glowing and you this local champion, you were busy considering if he was your taste or not! Can you see that your sister is smarter than you are?! It is always easier for her to bring a man home, but your, it’s either okada man, nepa man, apprentice, mechanic or bus driver!”


“But mama, it’s not like I did not try to win Oscar to my side, he just never gave me any audience. And speaking about all the people that you’ve just mentioned, you might not know it but most of those men give good orgasm na.” Adanna grumbled.

“Orgasm kill you there!” Ginika cussed at her daughter, angrilly pointing a finger at her face. “Is it orgasm that you’ll eat? Is it orgasm that will take you abroad or buy me those George and hollandis wrappers that I like? Is it orgasm that will make me stand out amongst my friends?! You are very very stupid and you had better go have some sense or your father and I will be forced to marry you off to one of your lousy suitors! No more will I chase away all those good-for-nothing men since it’s obvious that that’s what you are good in attracting!”

“But mama, is that why you had to betray me like that?! After all these years and you finally succumbed to Nene. What happened to your promise to me? You promised that I’d get married first. You promised.”

“Ada, Oscar and his family are not people that one should turn away. If anything, they are a blessing to us, considering how rich they are. Since you were not smart enough to win his heart, at least be smart enough to make very good use of your second chance.”

Ada’s brow raised in a puzzled away. “What second chance, mama?” She asked now.

Ginika got up now, tied her wrapper properly and went to look out through the open door. When she was certain that there was no one around, she returned to sit on Nene’s bed and said quietly. “You can still take Oscar from Nene.”

“What do you mean?” Adanna was perplexed now. “Papa has already given his consent that they can get married, what makes you think that Oscar would want to change his mind about marrying Nene?”

“Ada, we’ll let Oscar and Nene get married quite alright but that’s where you come in. After their honeymoon, you are to move in with Nene all in the name of you don’t want her to really miss home, so you want to keep her company. That way, you can penetrate faster. I’ll tell you what to do and give you what to use and if you play your cards right, Oscar will be eating out of the palm of your hands in no time.”

“Really?” Adanna asked, eyes going round. “You mean it will work out that way?”

“Yes… What I’m going to give you has never failed me before. It works just fine, but I’ll have to take you to the dibia so that he can fortify you the way he did me. Once Oscar gets in between those thighs of yours, there’s nothing anybody can say that will make him look Nene at the same way again, that, I can assure you.” Said Ginika.

Excited now, Adanna eagerly moved to the edge of the bed. “So when is the wedding?”

“In two months time. You are thirty three and Nene is only twenty six, which means that after her husband kicks her out, she has no choice than to leave her home for you and return to her father’s house to wait for another and only then will I willing support her next marriage.”

“But what if Papa doesn’t approve?” Adanna skeptically asked.

“Don’t worry about that, Ada, just leave your father to me.”

“Haaa Nne!” Adanna suddenly stood up and happily wrapped her mother in a hug. “This is why I love you so much.”

“You see that I always want the best for you? So instead of frowning, go out and have some fresh air and be rest assured that all is well.” Ginika assured her, patting her daughter’s back with a smile. “Know that Oscar is automatically yours and nothing will change that!”

As Nene finished giving a patient his dose of injection for that day, she gave him his dose of drugs and some water to take it with. When he had swallowed it and she had helped him lie down on his back again, she carried the tray and started to walk out of the ward. As she walked down the hallway and was about to turn the corner, she almost bumped into Mike. Quickly catching and steadying the glass cup to prevent it from spilling the rest of its water or falling to the floor and breaking, she composed herself to look up at the doctor.

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“I’m so sorry…” Mike quickly apologized. “I should have been more careful.”

“I’m also sorry, I guess I shouldn’t have made a sharp turn just like that.” Nene apologized too.

“Where are you coming from by the way? Thought your shift was over.” Mike asked.

“Yes, but I quickly had to attend to the patient in ward nine and besides, Zara, my replacement is yet to arrive.” She answered.

“Okay…” He said, hesitating as he stared at her. “So, I heard you are getting married very soon.”

“Who told you?” She asked in surprise.

“My friend, your fiance told me. Congratulations by the way.”

“Thank you, doctor.” She smiled coyly.

“It’s Mike to you.” He said with a smile, walked past her and turned the corner.

While Nene stood there, trying to decipher the look she had seen in Mike’s eyes, her friend, who seemed to have been peeping, suddenly appeared.

“Babe-babe!” She said with a weird smile which Nene understood quite well. “You and this doctor Mike, ehn… This your attraction no be small thing o.”

“I’m not attracted to him.” Nene stated as she continued down the hallway.

“Taah! Don’t tell me that. It’s obvious that he likes you or are you that blind to see that this guy has been hitting on you ever since he was transferred here?” Eva asked.

“Eva, do you realise that he’s my fiance’s best friend? I don’t think he has such thoughts on his mind.”

“Deny all you want.” Said Eva, not convinced. “Most nurses are dying to get his attention, and let me tell you, if he as much as smiles at me, I’m going to fuck him.”

“Ha, Eva!” Nene said in disgust. “So you have not changed despite everything they preach in church.”

“Change for what na? Can’t a girl have fun anymore or it a crime to be sexually attracted to a colleague?”

“Talking about sex…” Nene said now as they walked into a Nurse room and Eva followed suit. “I hope you have stopped sleeping with that patient?”

“Who?” Eva asked.

“That Chief Mathias that was admitted two weeks ago.”

“My duty to him has ended na.” Eva said nonchalantly. “He was even dismissed last night, but do you know that that man gave me a token of one hundred and fifty thousand naira before his wife came and took him away? If only you’ll join me in this small runs, Nene, you’d have been a big girl o. Especially with this your beautiful body!”

“If your big girl requires me to open my legs to patients, thank you, I’m not interested.” Nene said as she fetched some water in a disposable cup from the water dispenser and drank it.

“Dey there dey dull yourself. Anyway, when are you going home?” Eva asked now.

Nene glanced at her wrist watch. “In the next thirty minutes, let’s just hope that Zara arrives before then.”

“Hope you are still following me to my place sha? Because I know you, ever since you got engaged to that Minister’s son, you hardly spend time with your friend these days. You’ve totally changed.”

“Haba…” Nene pouted with a smile. “It’s not like that na… You are still my best friend and no one can replace you.”

“Not even Oscar?” Eva asked.

“Not even Oscar.”

“Well, I believe you, and since we still have additional thirty minutes before we leave the hospital, let me go do something important, I’ll be back.” Eva said, rushing to the door.

“Where are you going to?” Nene asked now. But when Eva paused and smiled sheepishly, Nene understood immediately and began to slowly shake her head. “No, no, Eva, I thought you promised me that chief would be the last one?”

“Ehn I know, but this new guy is rather irresistible. Ha, Nene, you needed to have seen his dick when he was brought into the hospital.”

“I don’t understand.”

Eva fully turned now to explain. “This patient was brought in two days ago with a mad erection that refused to go down.”


“Why? What happened to him?”

“He said his girlfriend laced his drink with sex-enhancing drugs and left him locked up in his apartment to teach him a lesson.”

“Why would she do such a thing?” Nene asked, puzzled and curious.

“The babe had had enough of his infidelity. She claimed that he sleeps with anything in skirt. She said that she has forgiven him countless times and he keeps promising that he’d change. She said that she even forgave him when he slept with two of her friends but when he still went behind her back to sleep with her cousin, that was the last straw that broke the camel’s back and she decided to teach him a lesson by lacing his drink with sexual-enhancing drugs then locked him up in his apartment so that he suffered and had no means of getting the relief since he wouldn’t learn to control his thing.”

“He should have called somebody na.” Nene said in pity.

“Babe took his phone with her so that he wouldn’t be able to do that. He even had to crawl to his window to call out to his neighbour who was just driving in from work several hours later and it was this neighbour who forced his door open and brought him to the hospital.”

“That’s wickedness on the girl’s part and as for the guy, he had it coming. But Eva, why are you sleeping with him? I thought you only go for patients who have something to offer in return like money.”

“Yes o…but each time I go and check this guy in the morning, he welcomes me with a morning boner. This guy’s erection is crazy and babe, I couldn’t just let him leave without tasting it o. I did four rounds with him yesterday.”

“Four rounds?!” Nene exclaimed. “Eva, what if you get caught?! You know that not only will you be fired, your license be revoked too.”

“Babe, you should know me better na. I’m always careful with this thing and besides, the only person who shares the ward with him is an old woman and she’s almost always asleep! Nobody will find out.”

“What if the other nurses catches you and report?”

“Report who? Am I the only one doing it? Out of the fifty three nurses in this hospital, at least half are into it. Yewande is a pro, Chinasa does it too, Effiong, Anita, Jubilee, Osas, Joyce, Tamara and fat Rebekah are all doing it!” Eva said indicating the names with her fingers. “So, who will dare go and report me when almost everyone is guilty of the same thing?!”

“You see? It’s people like you and the others that make people give nurses a bad name. I just hope that you’re using protection in all these nonsense that you are doing, Eva.”

“Protection? I told you that I’m allergic to condoms na, have you forgotten? It makes me itch seriously.”

Nene’s eyes grew round now. “So you mean that you have been doing raw with all these men?”

“Yes na.”

“Are you not scared for your life? What if you contract a disease?!”

“Then why am I a nurse? I take their samples first and go run a test before I do the do. I’m not that foolish to just jump on it.”

“Hmnnn… God will help you!” Nene finally said.

“Amennn ooo, my sister! God will help us all!” Eva said, dipping her hand into the pocket of her uniform and checking her phone. “Abeg, just flash me when you’re ready to go.” She said and quickly hurried out.

She soon got to the ward and found the patient fast asleep. Glancing at the old woman and acknowledging her with a greeting, she moved towards the bed of the male patient and drew the curtains together to conceal his part of the ward from the old woman. She didn’t bother waking him up, she just went on her knees beside his bed, pulled out his manhood from his patient-gown and began to suck him till he was rigid, and soon, he woke up to smile at her.

“Nurse Eva.” He said.

Happy that he was awake, she got up now and began to unbutton the front of her uniform. “I need a quickie… My shift is almost over.” She whispered sultrily. “So, let’s do this sharp-sharp.”

To be continued…

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