Due to the habit of her mother and sister always sending her suitors away, Nene gave up and didn’t even bother going into any relationship anymore. She decided that if she would, it would only be when her sister was probably engaged or married. She continued her schooling but led a single life by turning down all the men who approached her. Adanna on the other hand continued to gallivant around without really accepting any one. In the course of two years, three more men came to ask for her hand in marriage but she and her mother embarrassed and kicked them out because they were not well-to-do like they wanted and Okonkwo could only fold his arms and shake his head in regret at his wife and daughter.

One Saturday afternoon, while Adanna was busy applying her makeup in the living room and also nastily chewing a bubble gum, her mother came into the house from outside where she had obviously gone to gossip and sat down.

“Chai! Ada!” Ginika began to praise her now. “There’s no denying that you look very much like me in my youthful days! Chaiii! Omalicha! This one that you are adding more to this beauty, do you have a date?”

“Date?” Adanna asked, smiling. “Mama, I’m just going out to see my friends o. Dorcas claimed that one of her new magas wants to take her out so she begged me and Chika to accompany her o, nothing else.”

“All the same, don’t forget to bring my own share o…” Ginika leaned forward and tapped her daughter on the knee. “You know that big fish you bought for me the other day and that long sausage with a lot of things inside…”

“Shawarma.” Adanna reminded her mother.

“Yes, shawarma, bring those two for me and God shall bless you abundantly.”

“Mama!” Adanna said now, locking her makeup box. “You like food too much!”

“Why won’t I like food? If only that rich men around my age will come for me, don’t you know how fresh I’d have become by now?”

“Maammaa! Don’t let papa hear this o! You know we will never hear the end of it if he heard what you have just said.”

“He won’t know jawe…who will tell him?” Ginika simply said then as Adanna began to apply some mascara to her eyelashes, she added: “I heard that Oscar is back o.”

“Which Oscar?” Adanna paused now to look at her mother.

“Oscar nau, the son of the minister who went abroad six years ago. I heard that he returned last week and he’s still very much single.” Ginika said the last sentence with enthusiasm.

“Ehn…and so?” Adanna shrugged her shoulder indifferently as she resumed brushing her lashes upward with the mascara brush.

“What do you mean by and so?” Gninika didn’t sound pleased now. “Don’t you want to marry the son of a minister or what?!”

“Mama, Biko, Oscar is not my taste.”

“Taste kwa? Are you mad? It seems you have forgotten your age. You are now thirty three and you are still talking about taste. Do you want to die in your father’s house?” Ginika angrily asked.

“Mama, one, Oscar is not very tall and I like tall men. Two, Oscar is not as fair as I want too.”

“It’s now that I know that you are a goat. Here you are talking about height and complexion when what you should be concerned about is marriage and wealth. Bia, this Oscar guy must not pass our family by o, in fact, you must do everything possible to make sure he marries from this family or I’ll never forgive you. I’ve said my own.” Ginika stated, got up and went into the room while Adanna made a face and soon finished up with her makeup.

As she checked herself in her hand mirror, she looked up when she saw Nene walk into the livingroom with a handbag on her shoulder. “And where is this one going to?” Adanna asked.


“I’m going to the hospital. My shift starts at 2 p.m.” Nene replied calmly. After what had kept reoccurring between her, Adanna and their mother, Nene now mostly kept to herself, always wearing a solemn expression all the time. Not that Adanna cared though.

“Going to the hospital…” Adanna murmured bitterly. “I still don’t understand why you get to have the good job while I end up being a teacher.”

“You have an NCE, remember? And I have a BSC? If you want to be something more, sister, it’s not too late to go back to school.” Nene shot.

“Me? Go back to school at this my age? If they were to choose by body, I’d better qualify because unlike you, I’ve bigger boobs and bigger buttocks. You don’t even wear makeup and it keeps baffling me how those men keep approaching you, or are they blind?”

“Look, sister, I’m in no mood for your trouble this afternoon. I’m going to work.” Nene simply said and walked away.

As Nene walked down the street and turned into the busy road to wait for a bus, an approaching car soon slowed down in front of her. When she bent to see who it was, she realised that it was the new doctor, Mike, who had just been transferred to her hospital a month ago. He was probably in his early thirties, tall, good looking and was rather very reserved, unlike the previous doctor he had replaced. They had barely spoken in the hospital except officially and this was the first time she was seeing him outside the hospital.

“Good evening doctor.” She greeted with a smile.

“Good evening Nene… I guess you are waiting for a bus, right?” He asked with a small smile.

“Yes.” Nene answered.

“How about I give you a lift. I’m also heading to the hospital.”

“No, doctor, I’d rather just wait for a bus.” Nene politely declined. “Taking lifts isn’t really one of my things.”

Mike chuckled and reached over to open the door. “I promise you that I won’t bite. I’m as cool as can be. Please come in, I insist.”

After hesitating for a moment, Nene finally obliged and got into the car while Mike pulled away from the curb and soon joined the traffic. As they drove to the hospital, they discussed, with him doing most of the questioning in order to know her better. When they got to the hospital, Nene quickly got down and walked into the hospital while some nurses who had seen her come down the car gave her curious and envious stares and her friend, Eva simply followed her in to the staffroom to tease her about it.

Adanna approached a gate now and walked into the compound. The car parked in the compound indicated that whoever she had come to see was home but she dreaded meeting someone else. Pausing in front of the main door, she knocked and waited. She had knocked two more times when she heard the female voice she dreaded.

“Who’s there?” Asked the woman from within.

Adanna was about to reply when she heard a man quickly answered the wife. “Don’t worry, honey, just sit down. I’ll get the door.” Soon, the door opened and the principal of the school where she worked, emerged, slightly closing the door behind him and Adanna had to take two steps back to create some gap between them.

“I thought you promised me that she wouldn’t be at home na.” Adanna complained in a whisper. “You told me that she’d be going to spend sometime with her mother this weekend.”

“I know but something came up and  plans changed. My kids have gone to their grandma’s place though. It’s just the both of us at home.” The principal whispered back so that his wife didn’t hear him.

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“How’s that my business. I’d have even been more comfortable if it were your kids. We’d have just simply locked them up in their rooms and do what we are supposed to do.” She stated with a frown.

“Don’t be angry na.” The principal said, trying to placate her. “I know that I’m at fault. I should have at least called to inform you about the change in plans.”

“Yes na. I can’t do anything in your house since your wife is around. Let’s just go to a hotel or something.” She said, arms folded under her chest.

“Okay, this is what we’ll do. I want you to come into the house as quietly as possible so that she won’t notice.”

“Meaning? She’ll see me na. How do I explain myself or my unusual visit?”

“You don’t have to. She won’t see you because she’s blind.” He told her.

“Your wife is blind?” Adanna asked in surprised now.

“Yes…” He replied. “She had a complication with her eyes eight years ago and has completely gone blind now. I’m still trying to raise the money to fly her abroad and have her eyes fixed.”

“Instead of wasting millions to help her regain her eyesight, why not use the money to marry a second wife who’s not a liability like me?” She suggested.

“Adanna, haba, you of all people should know that I can’t take a second wife. I’m an elder in my church, how do you expect people to look at me?”

“Oh, so it’s now that you remember that you are an elder right? Yet you have been sleeping with me for the past three months!”

“But my dear, you should understand na. I’m a man and even though I’m a deacon, it doesn’t mean that I won’t get tired of eating the same soup all the time. You on the other hand, you are perfect. You can do most of the things that my wife cannot. For example, she only allows me to do the missionary style and ever since she became blind, our sexlife has drastically reduced. My wife will not give me a blowjob, she claims that it’s against her Christian belief. She won’t even let me do something as simple as the doggy style, she claims that I’m trying to treat her like a slut. But you, Adabekee! You are one of a kind because you are a jack of all trade, and that’s why you are my favourite teacher!” He praised her and she began to blush.

“Ehn…don’t make my head swell too much. Know that I’m only taking this risk so that in case a new slot comes up for teachers that should be upgraded, my name should be on that list! In fact, I want to be vice principal if possible.”

“I know… Don’t worry, Ada, I promise you that I will do everything within my power to make sure that your name appears on the state government list, trust me.” He assured her.

“No problem… It’s getting late, so what do we do now?” She asked.

“Come in please…and be very quiet.” He told her as he backed into the house and she followed him. Once she was inside the living room, she saw his wife seated on the couch with a walking cane leaning close to her. She had her head cocked towards the TV as she listened to a preaching on a Christian channel.

“Honey, who was that?” The wife asked now, her eyes blankly staring at the ceiling across the living room.

“Oh, it was Joseph.” He lied while he pointed at a direction, showing Adanna where to find the bedroom and she stealthily made her way towards it.

“Joseph? What did he want?” His wife asked again.

“He only came to deliver a message to me.”

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“Okay…” Then she sniffed the air and said: “I can perceive a feminine perfume, is anyone in here with us?”

“Not at all… I can’t even perceive anything.” He said as he fanned the air around him to dispel the scent. “Let me turn the fan higher.” He said, going to turn the fan to the highest number. “Errm, honey, I want to quickly sign some files inside the room. I’ll return to join you as soon as possible.”

“Alright honey.” His wife simply said, returning her attention to the sermon on the TV.

As he edged towards the lobby leading to the bedroom, he quickly asked his wife. “Do you want anything? Water? Juice?”

“No…” She shook her head. “I’ll let you know when I need anything.”

“Okay.” He said excitedly, although trying to hide it then he quickly hurried to the room where he met Adanna sitting on the foot of the bed, waiting. “Oya baby, get up let’s do this thing fast fast.”

“Are you sure that she won’t walk in on us while we are at it?” Adanna skeptically asked.

“No… Besides, if she’s coming, I’ll know. She feels her way around with her cane, so I’m bound to know when she’s coming.”

“Okay o…” Adanna stood up and began to unbutton her shirt. “All I know is that I don’t want any word about this to get out o. I don’t want wahala.”

“I promise you.” He said, smiling as he began to unbuckle his belt. Once he was done taking off his own clothes as quickly as possible, he began to watch her undress. By the time she was done, he was already lying on the bed on his back with his legs wide apart and his stubby manhood pointing towards the ceiling. After quickly wearing a condom, he called to her: “Come and sit on me Adababy! Adabekeey! Come and sit on daddy!” He stretched his hands towards her, anxiously waiting to receive her.

She got on the bed and smiled as she straddled him. “You this man, good thing will not kill you!”

“I don’t mind dying this way.” He said and gave a low grunt as she guided his manhood towards her opening and sat down it.

“This one that you are not asking for blowjob today…hmm.” Adanna said.

“Ada, you have to understand that we have to skip some important foreplay because of my wife… Just ride me, and please, try and make no sound.” He told her as he glanced towards the open door. He held her buttocks and closed his eyes in ecstacy as she placed her hands on his chest and began to slowly ride him. His manhood was very fat but not long enough, but it occupied her very well. After having sex with him, she dressed up once again. As she quietly crossed the living room, his wife suddenly asked:

“Who’s there?!”

Startled, Adanna froze until the principal who was only in his boxers quickly came in to her rescue by going to sit with his wife, taking her hand in his. “Honey, I’m the one.”

“But I can perceive the perfume again.” She skeptically said while he quickly gestured at Adanna to leave.

“It must be your nose dear, I can’t perceive anything.” He tried to assure her as Adanna finally snuck out of the house, quietly turning to close the door gently.

“Okay, please go and take a shower. You smell funny.” She told him as she scrunched up her nose.

“Will do.” He said with a satisfied smile as he got up and returned to the bedroom. He picked the used condom off the floor and went into the bathroom to flush it down the toilet and shower.

To be continued…

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