The new couple soon arrived at one of the best hotels in the city and checked in immediately since reservations had already been made days before. As they took the elevator to the fourth floor, Genevieve’s mood had improved; she had totally put the two incidents with Tamara and the elderly man behind her and she began to anticipate her first sex tonight. She was a virgin quite alright and had vowed that she would wait until her wedding night. It had not been easy keeping her virginity for twenty seven years, even though most times, her body had connived with her hormones to betray her, she had held fast to her vow.

She had even lost count of how many times she had almost submitted herself to the mercy of Nicholas whenever they had been so engrossed in smooching. Most times, her poor husband who was her fiance then, would be so hard for some action, that she would have no choice than to pity him and resort to give him a hand job in order to prevent him from having any blue balls. Not that he hadn’t tried to plead, persuade or goad her into succumbing to his sexual advances, but she had been firm and resolute in her decision, and when his trying to lure her to bed had gotten out of hand, she had stopped visiting him four months to the wedding. Anytime they needed to see each other, she insisted that they met in public much to Nicholas’ dismay, even though it was for the greater good. Well, the D-Day was finally here and it would definitely be worth the wait.

Nicholas who had his hands in his pants’ pockets as he stood akimbo, shifted his gaze from the elevator door to look at her. He had noticed the way she held the sides of the bulbous skirt of her gown and began turn her shoulders side to side with a smile on her face. She was like a child who was getting her first Christmas present and he was glad that she was in a good mood.

“What’s got you so happy?” He asked with a smile, “I mean besides today fortunately being our wedding day of course?” He quickly added.

“Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” She didn’t stop moving as she asked him, shooting him a sideways glance with a wry smile on her face. Most virgins would be nervous about their wedding nights but she was eagerly looking forward to their consummation.

He wanted to tell her that she sounded like Brain in “Pinky and Brain” animation series but he said instead, “Well, I can’t read minds, care to share?” He asked, grinning.

“You promised you were going to make tonight memorable for me.” She told him sweetly.

“Of course, yes.” He removed his hands from his pockets and strained her against his body, placing a gentle kiss on her lips. “Hope you won’t bail out on me when the time comes?” He teased her, his forehead resting against hers. He was however relieved that she had forgotten about the incidence with Tamara and he prayed that she shouldn’t even remember.

“As long as you promise to be a gentleman… I’m all yours…” She giggled and kissed him.

“I’ve waited for this day for a long time and I intend to make the best out of it.” He earnestly told her, but he had something else on his mind and was thankful that God didn’t give humans the ability to read minds or he would be in serious trouble right now.

Then she grew sober as she gave a deep sigh then stared deeply into his eyes. “I should really thank you for being so understanding and patient with me during the four years of our relationship. I know that it hasn’t been easy for you, but despite everything, you chose to go celibate for me. There are only few of your type out there who wouldn’t dump a woman because she insisted on no sex until after marriage. I’m grateful to have you as my husband, Nicholas and I promise you that I’ll do my very best to be the best wife you truly deserve.”

He swallowed hard and gave a rueful smile, touched by her words. He knew that he hadn’t been faithful to her, but she didn’t know that. How the hell did she expect him to cope without sex for four years? He was a man and a man could lose his sanity if he was deprived of the pleasure and relief of sex. Even though he had played the faithful boyfriend and fiance all this time, he had lost count of just how many women he had slept with during the course of their relationship. He had slept with a few patients who had openly shot their shots and perhaps also with seven or more female fans he had met on Twitter and there was no way he would let Genevieve find out that he had been cheating on her for four years and had not been practising any celibacy like she had presumed.

“You are welcome.” He finally said to her. “And I will make sure that I treat you like the queen you are.” He added, to ease his conscience. Well, now that they were married, he could tone down on his sexual escapades; well, maybe after today.

At that moment, the elevator stopped and the door dinged open. After they stepped out of the elevator, he suddenly paused as if he had just recalled something.

“What?” She asked, giving him a puzzled look.

“I forgot the drinks in the car.” He answered, scratching his head with a boyish smile that melted her heart all the time.

“So?” She indifferently shrugged a shoulder. “We could simply tell the hotel to bring up new ones.”

“No, babe, it’s your favorite and my mother specifically bought it for you. You know that it will hurt her feelings if she finds out that we didn’t use it for the celebration of our honeymoon like she wants us to… You know how mothers can get…” He sweetly insisted.

Genevieve chuckled. “Fine…” She drawled. “Go get it, I’ll be waiting for you.” She said sultrily as she took the key card from him. “Don’t keep me waiting…” She added then craned her head and kissed him. After promising to be back as quickly as possible, he got back into the elevator, pressed the button  and the door whirred shot.

Genevieve shook her head with a smile then turned and started down the hallway. Humming her favourite song in her head- “Immortality” by Celine Dion; she made her way through the desolate hallway looking for the room number 207. When she finally found it, she swiped the card against the magnetic reader of the door and it opened. She paused at the door and to stare into the lit room and her chest soared at the sight of the romantic decoration all over the place. Closing the door behind her, she walked further into the room, admiring it when she saw that a new white lingerie had been sprawled on the bed in the middle of a heart shape made from roses and she figured that only )Pheobe could have done that.

The atmosphere also had an alluring fragrance and she took a deep inhale before twirling around and slumping on the soft bed with her arms spread to the sides and her eyes closed. She was revelling in the moment when her eyes suddenly flung open then she sprang up to a sitting position. She knew that her husband would return anytime soon and she wanted to be ready when he arrived with the drinks.

Quickly getting up to her feet, she managed to reach for the zip behind her, unzipped her wedding dress and took it off, tossing the wedding gown on a nearby armchair. Taking off her undies, she moved to the mirror, removed off her artificial eyelashes and contact lenses then kept them properly where they ought to be. With this done, she slipped into a pair of bathroom flipflops and plodded into the bathroom to take a bath.

In the shower, her mind helplessly wandered and she began to imagine different scenarios of how her first lovemaking would feel like. She had so many questions that she needed answers to. Was it going to hurt all through the sex or was it going to hurt in the initial stage before morphing into sweet pleasure? This was what she had always thought about ever since she was fifteen years old. She could remember when she had had her first menstruation. Curious to know how the blood flowed out of her vagina despite having an hymen, one day after school, she had gone to wash off in the bathroom.

After locking her door, she had taken her big down her dressing mirror, leaned it against the wall on the floor, sat down in front of it then had spread her legs wide. Instead of asking her mother questions to sate her curiosity, she had decided to find out things on her own. She had placed two fingers on her vulva to examine her precious womanhood and she had spread the inner lips which were the labia minora apart so that she could see the opening of her vagina which was covered with a thick flap of pale pink skin called the hymen. She had noticed a tiny hole under the flap where her menstrual blood flowed out through and that had satisfied her teenage curiosity.

Thankful that she didn’t have a perforated hymen like she had seen on the internet, Genevieve had kept tabs on her body growth. She was aware of every change and even when she had her first stretch marks after adding a little weight, she had written the date down. Although, she never had any practical sexual experience or knowledge, she had made sure that she was not lacking in the theoretical aspect. She knew all that there was to know and thanks to the internet which made access to such information very easy. In fact, whenever she discussed sex with her friends or female colleagues, one would think that she was highly experienced in it because of her knowledge, but only her best friend, Pheobe, knew that she was still a greenhorn in the practical aspect.

It was not easy keeping her virginity as she went through adulthood in her early twenties and she had been tempted to masturbate a couple of times which she fought against with every will power in her body. She had heard and read about how most women got so addicted to masturbating that they found sex with men less appealing, because they were so used to pleasuring themselves and attaining their orgasms without any masculine help.

Genevieve didn’t want to have to battle with such addiction, hence she decided that she would wait till Nicholas could make her a woman on their wedding night which has finally come. She recalled how one certain night after they had returned from a date, he had begged her to give him head in his car since she wouldn’t give him sex, and she couldn’t help but smile at the memory of how he almost grovelled at her feet to make her yield. Chai, men! They were such babies when it came to sex. She had been shocked when Nicholas had even offered to buy her a new car if only she would just let him slid the head in.

“Just the tip…” He had indicated by pinching the tips of his index finger and thumb together. “Just the tip and I promise that I won’t move…” He had vowed, but she had only burst into laughter because of how ridiculous he had sounded. She couldn’t believe that men still used such silly tricky words in this century.

She had remembered how a friend of hers in secondary school had naively given in to the pressure of her University boyfriend after he had also vowed that he only wanted to test the sweetness of her vagina with the tip of his penis. He had been so convincing and sweet with it, and she had been so naive and gullible to believe him. And when she had fallen for his trick and let him put just the tip in like he had promised, the dude had lost control, thrown caution to the wind and had immediately buried his entire penis deep inside of her, spreading her wide and putting her in serious pains but he was too horny to care about her protests and sobs, and her attempts to push him off her had even gone unnoticed.

This so-called boyfriend had given rapid thrusts as she had tried to push him out of her, and before she could say jack, he was convulsing on her and slamming deeper into her as he spilled his semen into her. Well, to cut long story short, that was how her friend had unfortunately fallen pregnant and ended up dropping out of school. What was more sad was that the dude had fled and never came back, leaving the poor stigmatized girl to nurse the baby all by herself with the reluctant help of her parents who wouldn’t stop blaming and shaming her for allegedly dragging the family’s name through the mud. Chai! Men and sex! They were like two sides of a coin and she just hoped that Nicholas would not stop craving her like he used to after he had consummated their marriage tonight; because men were odd creatures and she had heard about how some could instantly hate a girl they had been professing love to for months or years as soon as they succeeded in taking her to bed. She just hoped that her case would be different. She just couldn’t stand the thought of her husband finding her repulsive after their first sex. It would really break her heart and her act of keeping her virginity for this long would have meant nothing.

After a few minutes of showering, Genevieve smiled in anticipation when she heard the front door open and close softly. Presuming that that was her husband, she turned off the shower, grabbed and wrapped a white towel around her wet body then sashayed into the room as she said, “You came at the right time…baby…feast your eyes on your wife…” She paused at the bathroom doorway, took a pose against the door jamb and let the towel drop to her feet, revealing her wet nudity to him.

She wanted to ignite his passion for her by letting him feast his eyes on her body which was now all his to do as he pleased, since they were now legally married. Throughout their relationship and engagement, Nicholas had only seen her breasts which he had been opportuned to suck on very rare occasions, but he had never seen her below the waist before and she was glad that she had shaved off her pubic hair and had left it bare for him so that he could eat her down there unobstructed just the way he had always promised he wanted to.

“Perfect!” A strong voice very different from her husband’s which she didn’t recognize, answered instead and she swung her eyes up to see the elderly man press the tips of his thumb and index finger if his right hand together, placed it against his mouth then made an excellent kissing gesture at her. “Just perfect.” He started to slowly applaud her in admiration while he grinned in pleased manner.

Speechlessly shocked, Genevieve suddenly bent down and snatched her towel up from the floor, quickly wrapping it from the front to the back to cover her nakedness. She had gasped “Jesus!” in an exclamation after his first word, and now, she was enraged. “What are you doing here?!” She ruthlessly demanded. “How did you get in here! Get out!” She spat, feeling very embarrassed that the first man she had bared her nakedness to was not her husband. She felt defiled.


Meanwhile, two floors below, Nicholas made his way through the hallway, constantly throwing a wary glance behind him as if he was scared of being caught. He pulled out his smart phone from his pocket and checked the message that Tamara had sent him while he was en route to the hotel but he had not bothered to check it because of he feared that Genevieve might demand to see what the message was. But immediately he had gotten on the elevator, he had checked it and had seen that she had sent him the room number of her hotel. He couldn’t tell how it was possible that she could afford a room in such an expensive hotel but he concluded that if the lady could get him a Rolex wristwatch as a gift the she was definitely financially endowed.

Nicholas was on her way to her room while his beloved wife has just accidentally revealed her nakedness to a total stranger whom she had mistaken for him. He paused in the hallway and checked the message again so that he could remember Tamara’s room number. He had almost walked past it when he saw the door, retraced his steps, approached it and knocked. A moment later, the door opened to reveal Tamara who was clad in a red sexy lingerie. She beamed when she saw him then said as she let him in, “I almost thought you wouldn’t make it.” Her voice was sultry and he could see her fat nipples resting in the dark circle of her areolas which were filled with Montgomery tubercles. He swallowed hard and his dick began to stir in his boxers.

“I had to look for some excuse to get away from my wife, so I only have a few minutes before she gets suspicious and probably comes looking for me… she’s that caring crazy…” He smiled, wetting his lower lip and restraining himself from reaching out and grabbing those pair of big fleshy balls resting on her chest. He wondered why Genevieve had average boobs. If he could, he would tell her to go under the knife and get herself some big titties but he knew that Genevieve would pounce on him if as much as dared to complain about the size of her breasts. She could be feisty and cool-headed at the same time.

“Well, I don’t blame her for being so over-protective…she acts like a mother hen watching over her chick… Well, come in… You don’t want anyone to catch you now, do you?” Tamara said, stepping aside to let him in, then she closed the door. “If I were in her shoes, I might have done the same.” She added, admiring his ass as she followed him towards the bed. She had a thing for men with his nice asses. It gave her something to grab during the missionary position and could help her drive them deeper into her. “Make yourself comfortable and let’s make a toast to your new life as a married man.” She said with a hint of sarcasm in her words.

Nicholas sat on the foot of the bed and lustfully watched her as she poured them some wine. He noticed that her gown was so skimpy that it revealed the undersides of her thick buttocks and he could swear that she had no underwear on. As she turned around, he quickly tore his eyes away and pretended to be admiring the flower vase on a nearby table. She approached him with both glasses of wine and handed one to him. “To you, doctor Nicholas Dumebi.” She lifted her glass and he did the same. They clinked glasses and then drank.

After a sip or two, she placed the glass on a nearby small stool and said, “I will just go straight to the point without mincing words…” She boldly began. “We are both adults and so we should act like one. I’ve always admired you online even before meeting you in person and you know it. Anyway, I’ll be frank with you. I did not only come down to Lagos for your wedding, I came all the way down here to fuck you, but to avoid any problems later on, I’ll ask you too… Doctor Nicholas, do you also want to fuck me? I’m sure that you didn’t just come here to sign an autograph or thank me for my gift.”

Nicholas was impressed about how blunt she was and he wanted to scream that he had been fantasizing about her melon breasts ever since he laid his eyes on her during the reception but he didn’t want to sound too eager. His reputation was on the line if he behaved as if he was desperate to smash that pussy hiding between thick thighs. “I’m game for anything.” He said calmly.

She smiled.

“Condoms or no condoms?” He asked.

“You are a doctor and I believe that your health is your first priority. I can assure you that I’m clean and I want my sex latex-free.” She answered.

“I’ll have to take your word for it.” He answered, already too dazed from staring at her boobs.

“Let’s get to it, shall we? In as much as I don’t like the fact that I came all the way from Rivers for something that feels just like a quickie, the consolation is that I get to have you on your wedding night first before your wife does.” She approached him, squatted on her toes in front of him and took off his shoes. As she began to unbuckle his belt, he quickly started to shrug off his suit then instantly went for the buttons of his shirt as she pulled his already-erected phallus out of his pants and he let out a moan as she began to suck him. A moment later, they had exchanged positions and he seized the opportunity and went for her breasts. They were so large that his hands couldn’t wrap around one. While he pulled and twisted her big nipple, he feasted on the other one, biting, sucking, pulling with his lips till she was shuddering under him. As he continued to feast from one mound to the other, she reached down between them and began to stroke him to full life. Her eagerness made him abandon his favorite part in a woman’s body and he slid down her body and got down on her.

Anxious to get this done with so that he could return to his wife before she got angry at his delay, he tore his mouth from the juicy flower between her thighs, pulled her off the bed, positioned her in a doggy position on the foot of the bed while he stood behind her and was soon slamming her thick ass away while she moaned, spewed dirty words and toyed with one of her nipples with her long crimson nails. “Yes, doctor…” She moaned, “Slam it, doctor… Make it ache…make me shiver…let me be your helpless patient tonight… Inject my fucking pussy with your sweet organ…make it throb with passion…” She spewed.

These words seemed to get to Nicholas and it drove him to go harder and faster like the stallion he was rumoured to be, not even bothering if he would be able to get his dick up immediately or at all when it was time to give it to his wife and have his marriage consummated. As he slammed the juicy fleshy orifice of his horny Twitter fan who had travelled down to see him for on a medical dick appointment, he started to concoct the lies he would tell his wife in his head. He decided that when he returned to Genevieve, he would feign a headache, complaining that the whole wedding ceremony had sapped his strength and that he needed rest, then he would lovingly ask that their consummation be postponed. Doing this would enable him have more time to rest and after at least having six hours of sound sleep, he would probably give it to her before the break of dawn, rousing her sweet kisses and tender caresses. He chuckled quietly at his genius plan as he sunk his fingers deeper into the fleshy, thick buttocks of Tamara and he continued to stroke her slippery insides with passion while she urged him more with more dirty words that piqued his ego and performance.

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